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Super Decisions 分析網絡程序法(ANP)軟體

Super Decisions 分析網絡程序法(ANP)軟體

  • Super Decisions 分析網絡程序法(ANP)軟體
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    Super Decisions為一種功能強大的決策軟體,主要應用於分析網絡程序法(Analytic Network Process; ANP)的相關研究。運用超級矩陣(Supermatrix)將相互依賴的影響程度運算求出,不僅使ANP更貼近人類的思考模式,更讓原本制式化層級架構變成類似「變形蟲」般的複雜網絡,以利研究人員能夠更貼切地描述問題的特性,甚至去思考「先有雞還是先有蛋」等邏輯性問題。
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Super Decisions

The Analytic Network Process (ANP) is the most comprehensive framework for the
analysis of societal, governmental and corporate decisions that is available today to the
decision-maker. It is a process that allows one to include all the factors and criteria,
tangible and intangible that have bearing on making a best decision. The Analytic Network
Process allows both interaction and feedback within clusters of elements (inner
dependence) and between clusters (outer dependence). Such feedback best captures the
complex effects of interplay in human society, especially when risk and uncertainty are
The ANP, developed by Thomas L. Saaty, provides a way to input judgments and
measurements to derive ratio scale priorities for the distribution of influence among the
factors and groups of factors in the decision. Because the process is based on deriving ratio
scale measurements, it can be used to allocate resources according to their ratio-scale
priorities. The well-known decision theory, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a
special case of the ANP. Both the AHP and the ANP derive ratio scale priorities for
elements and clusters of elements by making paired comparisons of elements on a
common property or criterion. Although many decision problems are best studied through
the ANP, one may wish to compare the results obtained with it to those obtained using the
AHP or any other decision approach with respect to the time it took to obtain the results,
the effort involved in making the judgments, and the relevance and accuracy of the results. 
ANP models have two parts: the first is a control hierarchy or network of objectives and
criteria that control the interactions in the system under study; the second are the many
sub-networks of influences among the elements and clusters of the problem, one for each
control criterion.


Super Decisions為一種功能強大的決策軟體,主要應用於分析網絡程序法(Analytic Network Process; ANP)的相關研究。運用超級矩陣(Supermatrix)將相互依賴的影響程度運算求出,不僅使用ANP更貼近人類的思考模式,更讓原本制式化層級架構變成類似「變形蟲」般的複雜網絡,以利研究人員能夠更貼切地描述問題的特性,甚至去思考「先有雞還是先有蛋」等邏輯性問題。

Super Decisions與微軟作業系統間有良好的相容性,不但擁有互動式對話方塊與圖形化的呈現方式,也能將圖片資料加以匯入,更能將結果輸出至Excel進行後續分析,有效節省運算統計時所需要的時間,使得研究人員能夠兼顧研究結果的品質與分析時程的掌握!

超級決策軟件工具由博士 Thomas Saaty開發的網絡分析法。該項目是由ANP的團隊,致力於創意決策基礎。
ANP模型有兩個部分:第一部分是控制層次結構或目ANP模型有兩個部分:第一部分是控制層次結構或目標和標準網絡,用於控制所研究系統中的相互作用; 第二個是問題的元素和集群之間的許多影響子網絡,每個控制標準一個。

該超級決策是決策支持軟件 實現了AHP和ANP。

在層次分析法(AHP)和網絡分析法(ANP)使人們有可能包括 無形資產決策。

AHP / ANP是最有效的綜合方法,用於將判斷和數據相結合,以有效地對選項進行排序並預測結果。

AHP / ANP是最有效的綜合方法,用於將判斷和數據相結合,以有效地對選項進行排序並預測結果。

這些是基於數學和心理學組織和分析複雜決策的結構化技術。它們是由Thomas L. Saaty開發的。



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