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XLMiner 2018

XLMiner 2018

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    XLMiner™ is a comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel. Data mining is a discovery-driven data analysis technology used for identifying patterns and relationships in data sets. With overwhelming amounts of data now available from transaction systems and external data sources, organizations are presented with increasing opportunities to understand their data and gain insights into it. Data mining is still an emerging field, and is a convergence of fields like statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
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Version 2018 Now Available for Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016

  • Powerful data exploration and visualization features, in additional to its data preparation, data mining, and time series forecasting methods.
  • Support for Microsoft's PowerPivot add-in, which handles 'Big Data' and integrates multiple, disparate data sources into one in-memory database inside Excel.
  • Support for Excel 2016, and the new PowerPivot add-in that ships with the new Excel. 

XLMiner 資料採礦軟體

Data mining in Excel
XLMiner® for Windows is the only comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel, with neural nets, classification and regression trees, logistic regression, linear regression, Bayes classifier, K-nearest neighbors, discriminant analysis, association rules, clustering, principal components.XLMiner Version 3 is now available, with new time series analysis, plus the ability to save models for later review, plus the ability to score saved models to new data.

XLMiner comes in 4 editions. All require Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) and Excel 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
     • Demo edition (functional 30-day web download)
     •  Education edition
     •  Professional edition
     •  Academic Research edition
The Academic Research edition is virtually the same as the Professional edition, except that purchasers must be on the faculty of a college or university. To learn about the capabilities of the different versions, click here.

Online course in data mining
Statistics.com offers online courses in data mining featuring, some of which illustrate the use of XLMiner. Click here for more information

Suggested text: From Wiley Books, Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner, features XLMiner and provides both a theoretical and practical understanding of the key methods of classification, prediction, reduction and exploration that are at the heart of data mining. In addition, it presents a business decision-making context for these methods and uses real business cases and data to illustrate the application and interpretation of these methods.

Data Pre-processing with Talend Open Studio
An important, and time consuming part of data mining is the work required to get data into proper shape to permit data mining algorithms to work. Talend Open Sutdio is an open source program that helps with this-click here to read more and here to download.
Data Mining Add-In For Excel
Are you interested in data mining, but lacking access to costly data mining tools? 
Looking for a package that's comprehensive yet affordable? 
XLMiner offers a full repertoire of techniques for classification, prediction, affinity analysis, data exploration, and data reduction. It is in use at
     •  Northrup Grumman                         •   Monsanto
     •  National Institutes of Health           •   ExxonMobil
     •  Westing house (Savannah River)    •  US Army
     •  JD Powers                                          •   FDA
     •  NASA                                                 •  Experion
     •  Bell Atlantic                                       •  National Inst. of Standards & Technology
     •  Pitney Bowes                                     •   Fidelity Investments
     •  Centers for Disease Control             •   Blackstone Group
     • more...
The educational version (used at at MIT's Sloan School, Bowling Green State Univ., Duke's Fuqua School, Georgetown's McDonough School, Indiana Univ., UCLA's Anderson School and elsewhere), is highly affordable - as little as $49 per student. XLMiner combines Cytel's accurate and reliable algorithms (implemented as DLL's) with Excel's familiar interface and workspace, and includes facilities for sampling from and scoring to large databases. Works with Excel 2000 and later.
Read a comparative review of XLMiner (along with SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS Clementine, GhostMiner and Quadstone) in The American Statistician, November 2003. "...easy-to-use...an excellent, inexpensive add-on that greatly expands the capabilities of Excel."

XLMiner Features
  •  Partitioning into training, validation, and test datasets 
  •  Multiple linear regression with subset selection 
  •  Logistic regression with subset selection 
  •  Discriminant analysis 
  •  Naive Bayes classification 
  •  Classification and regression trees 
  •  k-Nearest neighbors 
  •  Neural networks 
  •  Association rules 
  •  Principal components 
  •  k-Means clustering 
  •  Hierarchical clustering
  •  Time series
  •  Save models for later review
  •  Score saved models (separate XLMcalc module)

GeneHunter 遺傳演算分析軟體

由WardSystems Group, Inc.開發,用於類神經網路與遺傳基因演算的軟體。GeneHunter是利用最新型的遺傳算法, 來優化問題的一個強而有力的軟體解決方案。eneHunter 加入一項於Microsoft Excel 的優化程式,能將使用者來自Microsoft Excel所產生的問題最佳化, 另外也可從Microsoft Visual Basic或是VisualC 的連結程式庫做演算。


GeneHunter 遺傳演算分析軟體
GeneHunter 遺傳演算分析軟體

Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

Comparion Core is a collaborative web application for decision makers. Its easy to use, intuitive workflow allows teams to define decision criteria and identify potential solutions. Comparion Core tracks all participants’ judgments, data, and comments— allowing the team to focus on objectives, analysis, and results.


Comparion 決策支援分析軟體
Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體

Presentation®是神經科學的刺激傳遞和實驗控製程序。它可以在任何Windows PC上運行,並以亞毫秒的時間精度提供聽覺,視覺和多模式刺激。使用fMRI,ERP,MEG,心理物理學,眼動,單神經元記錄,反應時間測量,其他性能測量等,演示功能足以處理幾乎任何行為,心理或生理實驗。 Presentation是世界上最受歡迎的實驗控制軟件,具有94046個註冊和211032次下載,並且可以計數。 Presentation®軟件,一個用於神經科學的精確而強有力的刺激方案呈現和實驗控制系統。


NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體
NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體




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