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NLOGIT 6 計量經濟學軟體

NLOGIT 6 計量經濟學軟體

  • NLOGIT 6 計量經濟學軟體
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    NLOGIT 6 includes all the features and capabilities of LIMDEP 11 plus NLOGIT’s estimation and analysis tools for multinomial choice modeling.
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NLOGIT 計量經濟學軟體

NLOGIT: Superior Statistical Analysis Software
Complete Statistical Analysis Tools
NLOGIT 6 includes all the features and capabilities of LIMDEP 11 plus NLOGIT’s estimation and analysis tools for multinomial choice modeling.
NLOGIT software is the only large package for choice modeling that contains the full set of features of an integrated statistics program.

The Power of NLOGIT
NLOGIT 6 provides programs for estimation, simulation and analysis of multinomial choice data, such as brand choice, transportation mode, and all manner of survey and market data in which consumers choose among a set of competing alternatives. Since its introduction nearly 20 years ago, NLOGIT has become the premier statistical package for estimation and simulation of multinomial logit models including willingness to pay and best/worst modeling. NLOGIT is the only program available that supports mixing stated and revealed choice data sets.
Superior Analysis Tools for Multinomial Choice Modeling
Our NLOGIT statistical software provides the widest and deepest array of tools available anywhere for analysis of multinomial logit models, including nested logit, generalized mixed multinomial logit, heteroscedastic extreme value, multinomial probit, mixed logit and more. A unique simulation package that allows you to analyze alternative scenarios in the context of any estimated discrete choice model with any data set, whether used in estimation or as hold out data for examining model cross validity.

Features of NLOGIT 6 include:
With over 200 built-in estimators, you can analyze:
  •   •  Four level nested logit models
  •   •  Random parameters mixed logit
  •   •  Latent class
  •   •  Multinomial probit
  •   •  Panel data - fixed effects MNL
  •   •  Stated choice experiments
  •   •  Willingness to pay
  •   •  Heteroscedastic extreme value
  •   •  Best/worst modeling
  •   •  Random regret
  •   •  Attribute nonattendance
  •   •  Estimation and simulation 
and much more

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