Symantec File Share Encryption 檔案加密軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Symantec File Share Encryption 檔案加密軟體

Symantec File Share Encryption 檔案加密軟體

  • Symantec File Share Encryption 檔案加密軟體
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    Symantec File Share Encryption 以 PGP 技術為後盾,讓使用者及群組能在筆記型電腦、桌上型電腦和檔案伺服器上自動或手動加密檔案與資料夾,以確保檔案共用安全無虞。檔案與資料夾可依照政策自動加密,或透過簡單的拖放介面手動進行。
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Symantec File Share Encryption 

Symantec File Share Encryption 以 PGP 技術為後盾,讓使用者及群組能在筆記型電腦、桌上型電腦和檔案伺服器上自動或手動加密檔案與資料夾,以確保檔案共用安全無虞。檔案與資料夾可依照政策自動加密,或透過簡單的拖放介面手動進行。

Key Features
• Users can easily share encrypted files and folders with other authorized users, improving data security without impacting productivity.
• Once encrypted, files and folders retain their encrypted status, regardless of movement, including cloud environments.
• Simple drag and drop, file-folder interface.
• Software is installed on the client, not the file server.

• Address compliance requirements – enforce separation of duties by keeping data private within entitled communities.
• Leverage policy-based encryption – specify applications that require encryption of files for automatic policy enforcement.
• Simple integration – use existing directory services infrastructure for policy integration without changes to existing business processes.

Protect Data in Collaborative Space – Including the Cloud
Shared file servers have emerged as central collaborative tools in today’s workplace and many companies now offer cloud based file sharing, enabling users to access shared information anywhere. Without proper protection, this shared data presents an easy target for those looking to maliciously gain sensitive information and an easy way for sensitive data to accidently leak. Organizations must have confidence that data stored and shared in this way is secure and only accessible to authorized users if they are to be used as true productivity tools.
File Share Encryption protects data on PCs and enables teams to securely share documents on internal and cloud based file servers by automatically and transparently encrypting files and folders based on either manual or centralized policy. This approach ensures only authorized users can read or modify files, fulfilling partner and regulatory requirements for information partitioning and security.
File Share Encryption extends file server access controls to include strong end-to-end encryption, allowing content owners or administrators to specify access rights for specific groups, individuals, applications, or file locations.

Persistent File Encryption on Desktops, Laptops, Network, and Cloud Servers
With File Share Encryption, authorized users can save and share encrypted files, with no change to their applications or business practices. Administrators are able to set encryption policy so content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and audio are automatically encrypted when produced from selected applications or sent to specific folders. Once encrypted, files and folders can be moved without jeopardizing their encrypted status, ensuring only authorized users have access to sensitive data.

Confidently Access Your Data Anywhere With Your Mobile Device
File Share Encryption for iOS enables mobile users by allowing them to securely access encrypted files directly from cloud based file servers. Users tap the File Viewer application on their mobile device and access their files as they normally would. Symantec File Viewer can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

The Power of Symantec Integrated Solutions
By combining File Share Encryption with Symantec Data Loss Prevention, organizations are able to solve the problem of exposed data on desktops, laptops, network and cloud servers. Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent integrates with Symantec File Share Encryption to automatically encrypt files as a protection measure. This limits the potential of a data breach and ensures data protection policies are consistently applied without requiring staff to take special action.
The Encryption Insight integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention Network Discover helps organizations inspect files previously protected by Symantec File Share Encryption in order to discover confidential information.



Nemasis - DAST

Nemasis DAST scans the websites and web applications outside-in and identifies the vulnerabilities and security issues within them in the running state. It runs on operating code to detect issues with interfaces, requests, responses, scripting, data injections, sessions, authentications, and more.


Nemasis - DAST
Nemasis - DAST

Gateway Email Encryption 網路式電子郵件加密軟體

保護您電子郵件中的資訊 (無論是正在傳輸或處於儲存中狀態)。 Symantec Gateway Email Encryption 提供集中管理的電子郵件加密功能,無論收件人是否擁有電子郵件加密軟體,均可保護您和客戶及合作夥伴之間的電子郵件通訊安全。利用 Gateway Email Encryption,企業就可以減少資料洩漏的風險,同時確保遵循資訊安全與隱私權的相關法規。


Gateway Email Encryption 網路式電子郵件加密軟體
Gateway Email Encryption 網路式電子郵件加密軟體

Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 防毒防駭軟體

全球的網路使用者因為卡巴斯基提供其所期望的偵測能力, 迅速的病毒分析時效以及高品質的服務而選用卡巴斯基實驗室防毒, 防駭客, 防垃圾郵件以及防間諜軟體產品. 我們提供針對 Windows, Linux, Novell 以及對於所有常見的郵件系統的防護. 我們的得獎產品是已經獲得 ISCA 和 West Coast Labs 的認證 .


Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 防毒防駭軟體
Kaspersky 卡巴斯基 防毒防駭軟體




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