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File Security Manager 檔案保密工具

File Security Manager  檔案保密工具

  • File Security Manager 檔案保密工具
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    它可以用於在Windows XP家庭版中管理文件和文件夾的權限-訪問控制。在微軟Windows XP家庭版中沒有可以用於執行安全任務的工具
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File Security Manager  檔案保密工具

它可以用於在Windows XP家庭版中管理文件和文件夾的權限-訪問控制。在微軟Windows XP家庭版中沒有可以用於執行安全任務的工具
Modern network-ready and secure operating systems provide us with concept of Access Control. It means the ability to grant different access permissions to individual resources (like files and folders) for different users of the system, local and network ones. For example, a certain file can be permitted to be read but not written to.
Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide tools for controlling access with Windows XP Home version (although this capability does exist within the Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Home provides small tool - "cacls", but there are no GUI (grapchical interface) for this tool and you can not disable simple file sharing and make available security tab if you use Windows XP Home.
Nevertheless, if you are Windows XP Home user, you can use File Security Manager software to obtain the control over all NTFS permissions.

How File Security Manager works.
File Security Manager integrates itself into Windows Explorer and lets you set permissions for files and folders quickly and easily. You can either follow the simpler way to doing this by using the wizard (which provides useful presets).
You can also modify the "ownership" of a folder or file (set yourself as owner). File Security Manager also provides the useful features of "secure file deletion", which means the file you delete cannot be restored and Advanced file attributes editor, which can be used to assign any (even unavailable within Explorer) attributes. During all security tasks you perform you can use File Security Manager as a fast file manager: e.g. copy, move files and folders.
These features makes File Security Manager the best Computer Security and Access Control Software for Windows XP Home and even other operating systems.
File Security Manager includes the following features to help you manage file and folder permissions and perform other security tasks :
  •   •  Take ownership of a file or folder.
  •   •  View effective permissions on files and folders.
  •   •  Secure Deletion of files and folders - this means that files and folders can be deleted permanently, without ability to recovery.
  •   •  Set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions on a network drives.
  •   •  Security Navigator which can be used as a very fast file browser. The Security Navigator is integrated into Windows Shell by default.
  •   •  Security Editor which can be used to Set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions, take ownership and view effective permissions.
  •   •  Security Wizard which helps you perform available security tasks. This Wizard simplifies your work with file and folder permissions and allows to see verbose information about secure deleting process.
  •   •  Easily set any file and folder attributes like "Hidden", "System", "Readonly", "Archive".

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