NeuralWorks Predict 類神經網路預測系統-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

NeuralWorks Predict 類神經網路預測系統

NeuralWorks Predict  類神經網路預測系統

  • NeuralWorks Predict 類神經網路預測系統
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    NuralWorks Predict是在建立、預測和分類的應用程式當中最先進的工具。Predict結合了類神經網路技術、基因算法、統計和模糊邏輯來求最佳解或接近最佳解。
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NeuralWorks Predict  類神經網路預測系統

NuralWorks Predict是在建立、預測和分類的應用程式當中最先進的工具。Predict結合了類神經網路技術、基因算法、統計和模糊邏輯來求最佳解或接近最佳解。

NeuralWorks Predict is an integrated, state-of-the-art tool for rapidly creating and deploying prediction and classification applications. Predict combines neural network technology with genetic algorithms, statistics, and fuzzy logic to automatically find optimal or near-optimal solutions for a wide range of problems. Predict incorporates years of modeling and analysis experience gained from working with customers faced with a wide variety of analysis and interpretation problems.

Predict requires no prior knowledge of neural networks. With only minimal user involvement it addresses all the issues associated with building robust models from available empirical data. Predict analyzes input data to identify appropriate transforms, partitions the input data into training and test sets, selects relevant input variables, and then constructs, trains, and optimizes a neural network tailored to the problem. For advanced users, Predict also offers direct access to all key training and network parameters.

In Microsoft® Windows environments NeuralWorks Predict can be run either as an add-in for Microsoft Excel to take advantage of Excel's rich data handling and graphing capabilities, or as a command line program that offers powerful batch mode processing. In UNIX and Linux environments, NeuralWorks Predict runs as a command line program.

New in Versions 3.0 and 3.1!
•    Includes facility to create Self Organizing Maps (SOMs) to identify clusters and associations in data
•    Improved performance due to removing code for "thunking" layer previously required by now obsolete operating systems
•    Now available for 32- and 64- bit UNIX, and selected Linux platforms (Command Line only).
•    Revised and updated Tutorial and documentation.
•    Better visualization of processes.
•    Menus for Excel add-in have been re-arranged for better consistency.
•    New packaging and packaging design.

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