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GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

  • GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體
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    GraphPad InStat是一個較不笨重選擇到典型的耐用統計程式。與InStat,甚而一個統計新手在幾分鐘能分析數據。試著用InStat作為統計分析工具,不會所有忙亂。 InStat採取更加親切,更加柔和的方法…所有提示對使用者以淺顯的英語是和簡單步驟。程序指南用戶通過一個四步過程; 定義數據類型,選擇一個統計測試,並且提出結果…用戶通過這些步容易地駕駛,對清楚和完全輸出…分析清單是一個創舉…這麼小的CD,卻是有效的包裹高度推薦進入的數據。
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GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

GraphPad InStat is a commercial scientific statistics software published by GraphPad Software, Inc., a privately owned California corporation. InStat is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.
InStat is designed for statistical novices. It helps you pick an appropriate test by asking questions about the data. It presents results in simple paragraphs, with a minimum of statistical jargon. InStat's help screens review the use of each test and explain every portion of the results, and provide unique analysis checklists to confirm that the data have not violated any assumptions of the test, and that the test answers the right question.
Program features
  • • Program features
  • • Up to 1000 rows and 26 columns of data.
  • • Mathematically transform selected data (i.e., log, reciprocal, logit, etc.).
  • • Transpose rows and columns.
  • • Copy results or data to the clipboard, or export as a text file.
  • • Print graphs on any printer or export as Windows Metafile (.WMF) or PICT (Mac) files.
  • • Annotate your data and analyses using a built-in notes editor.
  • • InStat files contain analysis choices as well as data so you can quickly rerun the same test with new data.
  • • Combine 2 columns (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to create a new column.
  • • Import comma or tab delimited files.
  • • Import indexed (stacked) data, entire tables or selected rows and columns, filter selected data.
  • • Export the data table as a text table, or as indexed (stacked) file.
  • • Exclude selected values. They appear on the data table, but are treated as missing values by the analyses.

GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

GraphPad InStat是一個較不笨重選擇到典型的耐用統計程式。與InStat,甚而一個統計新手在幾分鐘能分析數據。試著用InStat作為統計分析工具,不會所有忙亂。
InStat採取更加親切,更加柔和的方法…所有提示對使用者以淺顯的英語是和簡單步驟。程序指南用戶通過一個四步過程; 定義數據類型,選擇一個統計測試,並且提出結果…用戶通過這些步容易地駕駛,對清楚和完全輸出…分析清單是一個創舉…這麼小的CD,卻是有效的包裹高度推薦進入的數據。


InStat通過統計分析護送你來克服學習曲線。你將在幾分鐘內掌握這個程序 - 真的。

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