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SmartPLS 發佈消息

  • SmartPLS Version, released 2023/02/27
    • Improved: New PLS-SEM sample model 'Employee retention'.
    • Improved: Background color of charts can be changed on export.
    • Fixed: Minor bug in BOOTSTRAPPING algorithm.
  • SmartPLS Version, released 2023/01/31
    • Improved: Improved, and added more sample projects.
    • Improved: Automatic sorting and alignment of indicators in graphical model.
    • Improved: Improved translations for better language consistency.
    • Fixed: Minor stability issues.
    • Fixed: Using a binary data column as weighting vector, caused stability issues.
    • Fixed: Indicator sort order other than "Alphabetic" was not stored and reloaded.
    • Fixed: Buttons in the comment dialog dissappeared, when large texts were entered.
  • SmartPLS Version, released 2022/12/13
    • Improved: Improved "Corporate Reputation" sample project.
    • Fixed: Some wrong labels in the Comparison Viewer.
    • Fixed: The update function was broken in versions and for Windows operating systems.
  • SmartPLS Version, released 2022/12/10
    • Improved: Improved "Corporate Reputation" sample project.
    • Fixed: Missing connection arrows (e.g. for moderators) are now shown.
    • Fixed: Settings of the last executed algorithm are now memorized.