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PDF-XChange Pro 9.5.366 發佈消息

  • PDF-XChange Pro version 9.5.366.0 2022/12/12
    • Added a GroupPolicy-permission to add/delete/renew license keys by the user Prefs > Registration page.
    • Fixed an issue with the position of newly created sessions.
    • Fixed compatibility issues when redacting annotations.
    • Fixed an issue with potentially wrong colors in the user interface icons with some color profiles associated with specific monitors.
    • Fixed an issue with Merge Pages on some specific documents.
    • Fixed an issue with pages autoscroll when the SelectText tool is used.
    • Fixed an issue with the Find-feature: it didn't clear itself when the Find-popup was closed (via Esc key or X-button).
    • Fixed a broken Advanced section in the Search pane.
    • Fixed an issue with Copying multiline text on pages when the 'Add line breaks after each text line' option is turned off (Prefs > PageText).
    • Fixed an issue with showing context menus when using a stylus on toolbars and other windows.
    • Fixed an issue with showing special context menu for items on toolbars when customization mode is enabled.
    • A minor fix for better support of custom colors for selections on pages.
    • Improved scaling annotation when doing a page resize.