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Nvivo 14.23.2 發佈消息

  • Version 14.23.2 - 2023/07/11
    • Improved: Collaboration cloud with NVivo 14 to support team members to disconnect a shared project from the cloud.
    • Resolved: Assorted bug fixes.
  • Version 14.23.1 - 2023/04/12
    • Resolved: Bug fixes related to NVivo 14 collaboration cloud projects.
    • Improved: Performance for effective collaboration.
  • Version 14 - 2023/03/18
    • Added: With NVivo 14, you can send data from your cloud projects in Citavi Web or Citavi Desktop to NVivo. The imported data can then be used to query and visualize to identify patterns for your research.
    • Added: An enhanced user interface in the NVivo 14 client enables Project owners to upload projects to collaboration cloud and manage team members from within the desktop application. Team members can work on cloud projects across Mac or Windows application, and their changes are automatically synchronized to the shared cloud project.