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SimaPro 9.5 發佈消息

  • SimaPro 9.5 - 2023/04/12
    Changes to data libraries
    • ecoinvent 3.9.1, allocation, cut-off by classification (other system models available as additional libraries)
    • Agri-footprint 6.3, economic allocation
    • Industry data 2.0 (updated data from worldsteel; new dataset for LBP from Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE))
    Changes to impact assessment methods
    • New method | Environmental Footprint 3.1 (adapted)
    • New method | EN15804 + A2 (adapted)
    • New method | Mineral resources dissipation (Poncelet et al. 2022)
    • Minor method updates and corrections
    You can find more information in the What's new in SimaPro 9.5 and the SimaPro methods' manual.


    A few new features have been introduced, including:
    • Removing unused database and project parameters in the copy tree and export (as CSV) functions
    • Deselecting libraries not being used in your project(s) (under File > Database Management). This will save considerable time when opening projects and loading processes. Note: for multi-user installations, this feature is only available for the for Manager
    • Filtering on obsolete processes after scanning project(s) (via Tools > Projects to Libraries Links Manager)
    In addition, a few small improvements and bugs have been resolved. These include,
    • Improvements in the database packing process
    • Improvements in Silent installation
    • Clearer warning messages when license deactivation fails
    • When exporting to Excel, the option to export to Excel97 (XLS) has been removed (format XLSX remains).
    • Selecting/deselecting multiple rows when replacing database parameters
    Would you like to install or update to SimaPro 9.5? Please check our installation & update instructions.