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PVsyst v7.4.5 發佈消息

  • PVsyst v7.4.5 2023/12/8
    New features:
    • - Meteo: Solargis API TMY available amongst other options at site creation.
    • - Databases update
    • - Meteo: more details are now displayed when importing weather data from a CSV file with many errors

      - Shadings: when importing a PVC file in the southern hemisphere the 180° rotation is no longer checked by default.
    • - Databases update
    • - Meteo: more details are now displayed when importing weather data from a CSV file with many errors

      - Shadings: when importing a PVC file in the southern hemisphere the 180° rotation is no longer checked by default.
  • PVsyst v7.3.4 2023/04/21
    • - Bifacial systems: daily irradiance plots for very long summer days do not lead to a crash anymore
    • - Losses: the mechanism to propagate mismatch values to multiple sub-arrays is working again
    • - Detailed losses dialog: the selection of aging tab after viewing the losses graph doesn't crash anymore
    • - Detailed losses dialog: some values were not registered correctly
    • - Shadings: PV tables are now properly tilted when importing a 3D file and applying a 180° rotation
    • - Shadings, zone tool: it is no longer possible to modify the values of the fields if no zone is selected
    • - Simulation: simulation does not crash anymore when removing backup generator for standalone systems
    • - Simulation: sporadic crashes after exiting 'System' or 'Detailed losses' do not happen anymore
    • - Simulation, ageing tool: several issues related to the user interface have been fixed
    • - Simulation of bifacial systems in batch mode: the height parameter is now available also for 3D drawings made of individual tables
    • - System: selection of inverter power limitation to active or apparent power is now mutually exclusive.
  • PVsyst v7.3.3 2023/04/04
    New features:
    • - PV module: cell size automatic detection. New help pages about the PV module internal structure.
    • - Bifacial system definition, reflected radiation on the rear side: it is now possible to define a large shading factor for the rear side (structure shading factor)
    • - Databases update
    • - Database, PAN files: information when the IAM or low-light performance are over-evaluated
    • - Database, Solaredge optimizer: reactivation of the rule limiting the optimizer number difference between strings to less than 2000 Watts
    • - Optimizers: reviewed the Mismatch definition (null, or small if only two modules are in series)
    • - Performance: operations on projects with large ground objects are now faster
    • - Shadings: importing ground data from a CSV file is now much faster
    • - Shadings: increased accuracy of ground image position
    • - Shadings: added the possibility to rotate all objects by 180° around the origin of the scene when importing DAE/PVC/3DS files
    • - Simulation in batch mode: it is now possible to choose the energy and irradiation units that will be used in the output file
    • - Simulation in batch mode: it is now possible to change the table length.
    • - Bifacial system: the graphs and animations in the bifacial model window are now working as expected
    • - Electrical shadings, partitions: rectangular multi fields no longer have zero electrical shading
    • - Energy management, power factor: complete revision. The PNom mode [kVA or kW] is now defined from the inverter data
    • - Horizon (far shadings): the calculation of the horizon shading has been corrected for times the sun passes the horizon line. This may slightly change the simulation results
    • - License: the button to load a license file is now activated when the user confirms a manual synchronization request
    • - Meteo import: the files reading is now secure when the time is expressed in decimal values
    • - Module layout: several resizing issues of polygonal fields are now corrected
    • - Orientations, unlimited: cell width is not overridden by the simulation anymore
    • - Report: correction of a text overlap in the "Carbon Balance" section of the report
    • - Report: cost differences in economic evaluation are now highlighted again when using the project comparison tool (error specific to version 7.3.2)
    • - Report: the units in the inverter summary section and the main inverter section are now the same
    • - Report: the author or user default value is now correctly managed for new reports
    • - Report: the report is now correctly refreshed when a change occurs in the cover page options
    • - Shadings: importing some DAE files doesn't crash anymore
    • - Shadings: correction of an error that occasionally occurs when transforming any objects into ground objects
    • - Shadings: X and Y are now displayed on the correct axis in the building reference in the southern hemisphere
    • - Shadings: shadings animation is now working properly for one minute steps in the southern hemisphere
    • - Shadings: sensitive area is now correct and does not change when restarting PVsyst
    • - Shadings: PVC files with decimals are now properly imported
    • - Shadings: no more overlaps in the status bar when reducing the size of the 3D scene window
    • - Simulation in batch mode: occasional problems with the column separators in batch parameter files have been fixed
    • - Simulation in batch mode and optimization tool: the height parameter does not disappear anymore if monthly albedo values are used
    • - Workspace: the link to the workspace in the file explorer now works even for deeply nested folders.
  • PVsyst v7.3.2 2023/02/08
    • - Aging tool: reviewed the whole tool, simplified the manipulation, improved the results display
    • - Circuit: grouping of inverters in the single-line diagram is now easier
    • - Pumping: specific drawdown or maximum flowrate is now computed automatically if other variables are specified
    • - Pumping: save and load model buttons for water needs have been moved to the bottom of the screen
    • - Report: added maximum power if needed in the "Total Inverter Power" section of the report
    • - Report: added tracker diffuse shadings calculation mode
    • - Shadings: a new column for thin objects is now available in advanced selection
    • - Shadings: the sub-objects of "Building" type composed objects are now available in the advanced selection
    • - Shadings: PVsyst now suggests recomputing shading factor tables if they have been computed with an older version
    • - Shadings: imported 3DS files are now moved to the origin of the scene
    • - Shadings: it's now possible to transform any object to a ground object
    • - System: circuit can now be displayed and is updated properly from the "power sharing" screen. Additionally, instructions for using the "Power Sharing" screen have b-een added.
    • - Meteo import: Solargis data with time format in decimal is now interpreted correctly
    • - Horizon: importing horizon using Meteonorm web service does not crash anymore when data are missing
    • - Project: the user can now import and export a project from the main project window
    • - PV components: several issues when editing efficiency profiles of pump controllers and optimizers were corrected
    • - Report: multi-line custom comments are now correctly displayed
    • - Report: cost table of economic evaluation can now be displayed on multiple pages
    • - Report: selection of pages can now be saved as default for all projects
    • - Report: fixed text overlap in "Carbon Balance" section of the report
    • - Results: hourly graphs are now properly painted when resizing graph window
    • - Shadings: advanced selection column sorting works again (error specific to 7.3.0 and 7.3.1)
    • - Shadings: editing an orientation by double-click in the orientation management is functional again (error specific to 7.3.0 and 7.3.1)
    • - Shadings: the active area calculation now correctly manages trackers central gap and module spacing
    • - Shadings: importing very large topographic data files no longer causes crashes
    • - Shadings: objects are now rotated correctly when using the rotation tool
    • - Shadings: no more issue when copying and pasting really fast on the shadings scene
    • - Simulation: trackers central gap is now correctly taken into account in shading calculation when using backtracking strategy
    • - Simulation, batch mode: energy units are now correctly displayed regardless of the choice made in the preferences
    • - System: simulation cannot be run anymore if power sharing settings are wrong
    • - System: optimizers with parallel modules as input (SolarEdge P950) are now correctly treated
    • - System, grid limitation: the sharing between inverter overload loss and EUnused energy loss (grid limitation) is now correct
    • - System using unbalanced inverters: wrong error messages do not happen anymore
    • - Trackers: the incident global irradiation (GlobInc) is now estimated correctly when irradiation optimization option is activated.
    PVsyst v7.3.1 - 2022/12/22
    • - Shadings: added possibility to convert single PV tables into one or several arrays of tables.
    • - Circuit: switching from transformers defined for whole system to transformers defined per sub-array no longer cause crashes
    • - Meteo: import of monthly Solargis data takes now into account wind speed data
    • - Meteo: zero irradiance is accepted in northern areas and up to 6 null monthly average temperatures are allowed
    • - Report: the image size in the cover page is now correct
    • - Shadings: the number of modules in polygonal fields is now correct
    • - Shadings: added a checkbox to search for the axis closest to North-South or East-West when converting a fixed plane into trackers
    • - Shadings: fixed a crash in the orientation management tool
    • - Shadings: the trackers are now correctly resized when adding a central gap
    • - Simulation: using the grid limitation with multi-MPPT inverters and a number of MPPT inputs that is not a multiple of the number of inputs in the inverter no longer cause crashes.
  • PVsyst v7.3 - 2022/12/19
    New features:
    • - Meteo: access to Meteonorm data 8.1
    • - Trackers: new diffuse shading definition tool
    • - System: new tool that allows viewing the PV module strings and inverters in the PV system in the form of a circuit. The circuit is represented by a single-line diagram.
    • - Aging tool: small interface improvements
    • - Aging Tool: results can now be displayed in a table and exported
    • - Economic evaluation: improved management of pricing (feed-in and self-consumption)
    • - Economic evaluation: added the internal rate of return (IRR) value in financial results, added the possibility to define depreciation parameters individually for each asset instead of globally for the whole project, added possibility to define yearly provision for inverter replacement
    • - General: US date format is now well supported in PVsyst
    • - Meteo: added "save" button to "Meteo Tables and Graphs" dialog
    • - Meteo, SolarAnywhere API: data availability for the selected location is now provided
    • - Meteo data, help: updated help pages, including one about NEDO data (Japan)
    • - Module layout: improved adding and deleting rows or columns in table arrays
    • - Optimization tool: the scans can now be renamed after the optimization has run
    • - Optimizer, Huawei: implemented new models SUN2000-1100W and -1300W, updated related inverter database and rules
    • - Project: the project summary and the user notes have been improved
    • - Project: added the ability to load a project directly from the menu on the home window. The system type is now displayed on the load project window
    • - Report: merged the "special graphs" and "predefined graphs" sections on the report
    • - Report: added the abilities: 1) to choose the predefined plots in the report options 2) to change the order of the predefined plots by drag and dropping
    • - Shading factor table: thin objects table is now visible
    • - Shadings: calculating shading factors for trackers is now faster
    • - Shadings: it is now possible to modify the spacing of modules in 'sensitive surface' mode when editing a PV table
    • - Shadings: it is now possible to define the azimuth of zones with an accuracy of tenths of degrees
    • - Shadings, module layout: Improved the evaluation of the electrical effect of shadings on the bottom cell for submodules or partitions
    • - Simulation: complete revision of the grid-limitation treatment in the simulation.
    • - Aging tool with self-consumption: the energy self-consumed by the user (_Solar) was not accounted in the result
    • - Economic evaluation: there is no longer a crash in case the currency file is not accessible or not readable
    • - Economic evaluation: the LCOE calculation when financing contains loans is now correct
    • - Module layout: printing the report no longer makes the tables disappear from the central view of the module layout
    • - Report: setting in the "System Summary" screen of project and variant notes no longer produces a crash
    • - Report: editing the cover page for users with non-ansi characters in their Windows username no longer causes errors
    • - Shadings: correction of the inversion between the number of modules in X and the number of modules in Y for N/S axis trackers
    • - Shadings: fixed creating PV table with the pencil tool for projects located in the southern hemisphere
    • - Shadings: objects created with the pencil tool are not duplicated anymore
    • - User needs: the warning message displayed after importing an incomplete load profile now mentions the missing dates and times.