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HTBasic 10 程式語言軟體

HTBasic 10 程式語言軟體

  • HTBasic 10 程式語言軟體
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    HTBasic's windows-style editor with features like bookmarks, user-definable fonts, colored keywords, and syntax error identification that allows programmers to navigate and edit even the largest source code with ease. Toggling off line numbers eliminates inefficient programming limits without sacrificing programming ease.
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HTBasic System Requirements

  •  New User Interface with updated icons, toolbars, and docking windows.
  •  400 MHz or higher processor.
  •  Requires 128 MB RAM.
  •  Requires 300 MB of free hard drive space.
  •  Requires Windows 10, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
  •  CD-ROM drive or access to CD-ROM over a network HTBasic for Windows Legacy; 386 or higher processor;
  •  Requires 4 MB RAM, 8 MB recommended;
  •  Requires 5 MB of free hard-drive space;
  •  Requires Windows 3.X w/Win32s, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT/2000/XP; 386 or higher processor;
  •  Requires 4 MB RAM;
  •  Requires 2 MB of free hard-drive space;
  •  Requires PC-DOS or MS-DOS 3.x or higher.

HTBasic 程式語言軟體

  •  New User Interface with updated icons, toolbars, and docking windows.
  •  Now compatible with the Windows 7 and Vista operating systems.
  •  Entirely new updated look for Basic Plus Widgets and Dialogs.
  •  Interactively generate a screen using modern controls and an intuitive interface with the new Screen Builder application. (coming soon)
  •  Additional DLL’s added to the DLL Toolkit.
  •  All new Help Files.
  •  New GPIB driver that directly supports the TAMS line of GPIB interfaces.
  •  TAMS line of GPIB interface products have joined the HTBasic family. New HTBasic TAMS bundle packages are available, TAMS GPIB interface cards can now be purchased directly from TransEra.

HTBasic 10 Released!
TransEra HTBasic 10.0 for Windows brings your HTBasic programs to Windows 7.

Orem, UT - TransEra (Orem, UT) is pleased to announce the release of their latest
version of HTBasic, HTBasic 10.0 for Windows. 

HTBasic 10.0 for Windows includes several new enhancements and many bug fixes including
the following highlights: Support has been added for Windows Vista and Windows 7, the HTBasic User Interface has been updated with new icons, toolbars, and dockable windows, Basic Plus has been reworked for Windows 7 with many improvements and new features, several new DLLs have been added to the DLL toolkit. 

A new driver brings support to the TAMS line of GPIB products to HTBasic.  With this new driver, TransEra will now be offering TAMS GPIB products in HTBasic bundle packages.

HTBasic has been given a makeover and now has a new modern look and feel. Many 
improvements have been made to the user interface including new dockable 
windows, updated toolbars with new icons, updated menus and much more.

Support has been added to HTBasic for Microsofts Windows Vista and Windows 7.
HTBasic Plus has been re-written using new modern dialogs and widgets to 
provide an updated look and feel as well as better performance and additional 

The HTBasic help files have been converted to a new format and have been 
updated to include all new HTBasic features and functions. Sample programs and 
links have been updated as well as navigation and search capabilities.

A new GPIB driver has been written to support Test and Measurement Systems 
(TAMS) GPIB Interfaces. This driver can be configured and loaded through the 
HTBasic Device Setup and standard HTBasic I/O commands are used for 
Two new DLLs have been added to the DLL Toolkit. The HTBMessageBox DLL allows 
creating custom message boxes using any of the standard message box buttons and 
icons. The HTBOscope DLL is a dialog that has a graph and several customizable 
buttons that can be used to create a simple oscilloscope.

Opening a file now correctly switches to the HTBasic Editor. Previously HTBasic 
would occasionally appear to hang and never switch to edit mode until done so 
manually by the user.
When improper values are used in the WIN-PRINT control register 115 an error is 
returned. Previously HTBasic would shut down unexpectedly.
Error 16 is no longer generated when using REDIM.
Doing a DUMP GRAPHICS to a GIF file no longer causes an Out of memory 
A DUMP GRAPHICS can now be done as many times as required. Previously an error 
was generated after the 16th time.
Memory that was not being cleaned up properly on shutdown of HTBasic is now 
being cleaned up. 

The Serial driver has been optimized and the slowdown introduced in HTBasic 9.5 has been.

The WIN-PRINT driver no longer crashes when using a number with Control Register 115.

The HTBDisp sample in the DLL Toolkit has been modified to use the correct DLL.Previously the wrong DLL was being referenced and the sample did not work.



無縫代碼審查 代碼審查是獲得更好代碼的最可靠途徑,也是GitHub如何工作的基礎。內置的審核工具使代碼審核成為團隊流程的重要組成部分。



Komodo IDE 動態程式開發工具

自動填充功能更強大,可以從任何位置觸發。 符號瀏覽器側重於簡單性,您可以使用新符號列表快速過濾符號 - 所有這些都具有更快的性能。


Komodo IDE 動態程式開發工具
Komodo IDE 動態程式開發工具

PL/SQL Developer 13 資料庫程式語言軟體

PL / SQL Developer是一個集成開發環境,專門針對開發Oracle數據庫的存儲程序單元。 隨著時間的推移,我們已經看到越來越多的業務邏輯和應用程序邏輯進入了Oracle Server,使得PL / SQL編程已經成為整個開發過程的重要組成部分。 PL / SQL Developer專注於易用性,代碼質量和生產力,在Oracle應用程序開發過程中的關鍵優勢。.


PL/SQL Developer 13 資料庫程式語言軟體
PL/SQL Developer 13 資料庫程式語言軟體




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