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WinEdt 5 LaTex排版軟體

WinEdt 5  LaTex排版軟體

  • WinEdt 5 LaTex排版軟體
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    WinEdt (shareware) is a powerful and versatile ASCII editor and shell for MS Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of the TeX documents.
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WinEdt 5  LaTex排版軟體

What is WinEdt?
WinEdt (shareware) is a powerful and versatile ASCII editor and shell for MS Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of the TeX documents.
DO NOT, however, mistake WinEdt itself for a TeX system! You'll have to download and install a (free) Win32 TeX system of your choice  MiKTeX, or TeX Live).
Check out WinEdt's Downloads page for more information on WinEdt, TeX and links to other programs needed to make TeX operational on Win32 platform.
By default WinEdt's Menu is configured to run as a front end for MiKTeX. However, it is quite straightforward to configure WinEdt for a different TeX System (eg. TeX Live), or even define a completely different set of accessories. By default, Options -> Configurations -> Maintenance Menu already contains a few alternative configurations...
As an editor WinEdt allows you to exploit its intuitive (customizable) predefined interface and graphic controls. However, if you are not too keen on the mouse interface, don't worry: WinEdt also provides means to customize its keyboard interface, allowing you to use double keystroke shortcuts that can be associated with any menu item (macro, command, utility). Menu Setup and, in particular, the (invisible) popup menus, are available to provide this functionality...
Unlike many MS Windows editors, WinEdt is not based on Windows Edit or RichEdit controls but has been written from scratch (providing custom responses to Mouse and Keyboard Input and implementing its own Paint procedure which analyzes the text and determines the colors). While these features make it possible to do almost anything (while keeping the source files 100% ASCII) it also implies that WinEdt has to provide support for any language- or sometimes even hardware-specific behavior which applications based on standard controls transparently inherit (for example, Bidirectional text). Assuming there is enough interest in any such new feature I will usually implement it, following reports and suggestions from interested users. However, such an implementation is not always straightforward and it may take time. Please be patient!
WinEdt is currently lacking support for UNICODE and bidirectional text.
WinEdt 5
For most users the latest release WinEdt 5 is the best choice. WinEdt 5 is a native 32-bit application compiled with Borland's Delphi 7 Pro. WinEdt 5 runs only on Windows Vista/XP/2000 or (with some restrictions) NT/ME/98.
What do you need to run WinEdt 5?
  •  IBM Compatible PC with 24-bit color display 1024x764 or better
  •  Pentium 500MHz CPU (or better)
  •  256Mb RAM (recommended: 512Mb or more)
  •  500Mb Hard Drive Space available (recommended: 1Gb or more)
  •  Windows Vista/XP/2000
WinEdt 5 does run on weaker systems as long as your system is properly configured and you have Windows installed on your computer. You should not expect extensive support with issues related to Win9x/ME or old hardware that does not meet the above requirements.
If you upgraded your computer to Win XP from a previous version of Windows it is recommended that you re-install WinEdt 5. In particular, on Windows XP WinEdt 5 should not be run with Win9x compatibility layer (after all it is a native Win32 application!). Compatibility layer may cause problems with basic functionality (such as Copy, Cut, and Paste).

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