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nQuery Advisor 統計分析軟體

nQuery Advisor  統計分析軟體

  • nQuery Advisor 統計分析軟體
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    nQuery Advisor提供一簡單可靠及有效的方法,以決定樣本的大小及統計的幕數。提供專家計算找出可靠區間及等效分析,來決定樣本的大小
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nQuery Advisor  統計分析軟體

nQuery Advisor提供一簡單可靠及有效的方法,以決定樣本的大小及統計的幕數。提供專家計算找出可靠區間及等效分析,來決定樣本的大小
Statistical power analysis and sample size determination are crucial elements of study design. A study which has too few subjects may produce inconclusive results. But, neither do we want to waste scarce resources on a study which is larger than necessary.
nQuery Advisor's® intuitive and easy-to-use interface and superb range of sample size tables makes it the sample size software of choice for leading statisticians, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.
nQuery Advisor® helps you provide the standard deviation and effect size information you need to make sample size and power analysis computations. nQuery Advisor® also writes up the sample size/power decision. These automated sample size  justification statements make it easy to report the sample size/power decision in the correct language and format in accordance with FDA/ICH guidelines.

Equal or unequal n’s 
Finite population corrections 
Cluster sample corrections 
Kupper-Hafner CI modification 
Effect size assistance 
Standard deviation calculator 
Column names 
Tables, statements, guides in RTF format 
Decimal display controls 
Create randomization list

PASS 16 統計分析軟體

PASS軟件提供超過795個統計測試和置信區間方案的樣本大小工具- 是任何其他樣本大小軟件的兩倍多。每個工具都經過仔細驗證,發布的文章和/或文本。


PASS 16 統計分析軟體
PASS 16 統計分析軟體

Scientific Computing Associates (SCA)時間數列統計軟體

Scientific Computing Associates provides an integrated suite of software products for applications in forecasting, time series analysis, intervention/impact analysis, econometric modeling, data mining, database marketing, design of experiments, quality and productivity improvement, general statistical analysis, decision support, and operations research.


Scientific Computing Associates (SCA)時間數列統計軟體
Scientific Computing Associates (SCA)時間數列統計軟體

SpaceStat 空間經濟統計分析軟體

Despite solid indications that spatial effects matter, much empirical work that uses spatial data still fails to take its distinctive characteristics into account. Until SpaceStat, there was no comprehensive software package that covered a reasonable range of techniques in spatial statistics and spatial econometrics.


SpaceStat 空間經濟統計分析軟體
SpaceStat 空間經濟統計分析軟體




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