BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.20 代碼覆蓋分析工具-程式開發軟體/新永資訊有限公司

BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.21 代碼覆蓋分析工具

BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.21 代碼覆蓋分析工具

  • BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.21 代碼覆蓋分析工具
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    Bullseye Coverage是Bullseye公司開發的一款C / C ++代碼覆蓋測試分析工具,支持多種的C ++編譯器,除了Unix下的編譯器之外,Windows的Borland C ++,Gnu C ++也都有支援。
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BullseyeCoverage C++8.21 Code Coverage Analysis Tool

What's New with BullseyeCoverage
We reduced the time required for generating reports and merging. Our testing shows an average improvement of 65% compared to version 8.20. In many cases, we saw improvements up to 90%.
For Windows, we have a new internal run-time architecture. This new approach addresses an increasing industry focus on security. Our technique better handles complications such as restricted access to file systems and code-signing policies.
We added support for developing on macOS arm64. We dropped support for Windows CE.

BullseyeCoverage is a code coverage analyzer for C++ and C that tells you how much of your source code was tested. You can use this information to quickly focus your testing effort and pinpoint areas that need to be reviewed. Code coverage analysis is useful during unit testing, integration testing, and final release. BullseyeCoverage enables you to create more reliable code and save time.
  • Function coverage gives you a quick overview and condition/
     decision coverage gives you high precision
  • Works with everything you can write in C++ and C,
     including system-level code
  • Short learning curve
  • Include or exclude any portion of your project code
  • Run-time source code included, for custom environments
  • Simple licensing
  • Merge results from distributed testing
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Export in CSV, HTML, XML

BullseyeCoverage Measurement Technique
Some products report several similar code coverage metrics and leave you to work out which one to use. BullseyeCoverage solves this problem by reporting only the best two metrics: function coverage for quickly assessing overall coverage, and condition/decision coverage for detailed testing.
Function Coverage
Function coverage tells whether each function was invoked or not. Looking at your function coverage allows you to quickly know what major areas of your software are untested. To find defects quickly, begin testing by attaining function coverage in all areas of your software before delving into detailed testing of any one area.
Condition/Decision Coverage
Condition/decision coverage measures whether you exercise every control structure with every possible decision outcome as well as every possible condition outcome. A decision is the whole expression affecting the flow of control in a control structure. A decision may contain conditions, which are sub-expressions separated by logical-and (&&) and logical-or (||) operators. Condition/decision coverage basically measures whether you tested all the logic of your control structures.
Condition/decision coverage is the overall best coverage metric for detailed white-box code testing. Condition/decision coverage balances usability with thoroughness. Simpler coverage metrics are blind to many obvious paths through the source code. For example, compared to statement coverage, branch coverage, and condition coverage, condition/decision coverage is stronger and just as easy to use. Condition/decision coverage sees more test cases than these metrics and therefore gives you a better picture of what you are not testing. More thorough coverage metrics require a significant increase in complexity combined with diminishing probability of exposing a bug. For example, compared to path coverage and its variants such as LCSAJ coverage and data flow coverage, condition/decision coverage is much, much easier to use.

Source Code Instrumentation
BullseyeCoverage uses source code instrumentation, which is required for the best coverage analysis. It also makes our technology easily adaptable to a wide variety of processors and platforms. But we did not sacrifice performance; our build-time and run-time speed ranks among the very best.
With Microsoft C++, our smart preprocessor minimizes performance impact while mimicking Microsoft C++ idiosyncracies. BullseyeCoverage recognizes macro invocations and adjusts the measurement to reflect what really needs testing.

Automatic Saving
BullseyeCoverage automatically saves coverage once per second. There is no trade-off between buffering and performance.

Execution time increases 1.2-1.5x. Code size increase 1.4x. Build time increases 2x with most Microsoft C++ projects, 3-8x with other compilers.

BullseyeCoverage Usability
The Coverage Browser uses an intuitive web browser style interface. We strictly follow the Windows application user interface guidelines to ensure a short learning curve.
Supported Platforms
BullseyeCoverage supports a wide range of platforms.

Premier Technical Support

We provide only premier level technical support. When you send a request for technical support, you will not receive an automated response telling you to wait. You will usually get an answer and a resolution or workaround within one day.
Turbulence in the C++ Code Coverage Market
​​From the late 1990s throughout the mid 2010s, the code coverage market saw many changes in ownership for most of the players. Some products sprang onto the market with a promising outlook, but then were sold to a large company that buried them in a pile of unrelated products. Others simply died and were left behind.


Windows 7 and later, Windows Server 2008 and later
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and later
Clang-cl with Visual Studio 2019 and later
Cygwin GCC

BullseyeCoverage C++8.21代碼覆蓋分析工具

我們增加了對在macOS arm64上進行開發的支持。我們放棄了對Windows CE的支持。

BullseyeCoverage是一個用於C ++和C的代碼覆蓋率分析器,它可以告訴您測試了多少源代碼。您可以使用此信息快速集中測試工作並確定需要檢查的區域。代碼覆蓋率分析在單元測試,集成測試和最終發布期間非常有用。BullseyeCoverage使您能夠創建更可靠的代碼並節省時間。
  •  功能覆蓋為您提供快速概覽,條件/決策覆蓋率為您提供高精度
  • 適用於您可以用C ++和C編寫的所有內容,包括系統級和內核模式
  • 學習曲線短
  • 包含或排除項目代碼的任何部分
  • 包含運行時源代碼,適用於自定義環境
  • 簡單的許可。
  • 合併分佈式測試的結果
  • 與Microsoft Visual Studio集成
  • 導出為CSV,HTML,XM

BullseyeCoverage使用源代碼檢測,這是最佳覆蓋率分析所必需的。它還使我們的技術可以輕鬆適應各種處理器和平台。但我們沒有犧牲表現; 我們的構建時間和運行時速度是最好的。
借助Microsoft C ++,我們的智能預處理器可以最大限度地降低性能影響,同時模仿Microsoft的特性。BullseyeCoverage識別宏調用並調整測量值以反映真正需要測試的內容。


執行時間增加1.2倍。代碼大小增加1.4倍。大多數Microsoft C ++項目的構建時間增加1.7倍,其他編譯器增加3-8倍。

Coverage Browser使用直觀的Web瀏覽器樣式界面。我們嚴格遵循Windows應用程序用戶界面指南,以確保學習時間短。



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