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Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

  • Reference Manager 書目管理軟體
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    Reference Manager是用來管理書目參考文獻的資料庫程式。 需要收集參考文獻做研究或需要製作書目的人都可以使用Reference Manager來輕易地管理資料。
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Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

Reference Manager是用來管理書目參考文獻的資料庫程式。
需要收集參考文獻做研究或需要製作書目的人都可以使用Reference Manager來輕易地管理資料。
No matter where you or your colleagues are in the world, so are your references. With Reference Manager you can collaborate with others on a network—or even the Web. Simplify your publishing with Reference Manager where you can search Internet databases, organize your references and create instant bibliographies. And with these newly added features you can do even more!
Link and organize files easily
In Reference Manager 12 you can attach PDFs and other files to a reference and store these attachments with your database. Reference Icons for linked files are displayed in the file attachment field. You can convert existing links to new Reference Manager-relative links in one step.
Build bibliographies with ease—Cite While You Write integration with Word 2007 and more
Cite While You Write with a Reference Manager tab on the Word 2007 ribbon and watch the bibliography appear as you write. Now you can specify the sort order for in-text citations and the bibliography and differentiate between ambiguous citations, such as multiple works by the same author. Reference groups have new options to list as a single citation and suppress an author name with multiple citations.
Collaborate with colleagues using the enhanced
Web Publisher
Web Publisher in Reference Manager 12 retrieves an unlimited number of references. And, it can be set to start up automatically and run as a Windows service. Reference Manager databases can be integrated with other portals using updated SOAP and WSDL technologies.
Other new features:
  •   •   Spell check an entire database as well as individual records
  •   •   Set preferences to open your database with “Read-Write Exclusive” access
  •   •   Download a specified number of references when searching ISI Web of Knowledge or PubMed
  •   •   Identify duplicates with more options—mark duplicates automatically to locate easily
  •   •   Ignore punctuation when checking for duplicates
  •   •   Use new reference types—Edited Book, Online Source and Grant—as well as new fields in many reference types—Conference Title, Conference Location and the NIH required PMCID
  •   •   Move between references with new Previous and Next buttons

Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體

Master Uneraser能回復在硬碟中意外刪除的檔案(或是在垃圾桶中所刪除的檔案)。它是直接連接硬碟在低層和忽視已存在在硬碟的資料,因為它要分析硬碟的可 用空間,利用新增加的硬碟空間來找出刪除的檔案。它並不一定知道Windows是否完全刪除掉檔案,從檔案系統中它只抓取檔案記錄,只要刪除掉檔案釋放出 的可用空間沒有被其他檔案給覆蓋的話,它就能回復剛刪除的檔案。


Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體
Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體

Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 科學排版運算軟體

利用 Scientific WorkPlace,你可以比以前任何時候都更加容易的對數學和科學文字進行創建、編輯和排版。本軟體基於易用的字處理,完全的將數學和文字寫作集成到了一個同一環境中。在內建的計算機代數系統幫助下,你可以直接在螢幕上執行計算。


Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 科學排版運算軟體
Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 科學排版運算軟體

PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo 2007 3D幻燈片編輯工具

Impress your PowerPoint audiences with stunning 3D transition effects, full-screen still or moving backgrounds, cool Flash animations, TV-style animated 3D titles, beautiful templates, inspiring photos & more! PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo 2007 Version 7includes 10 PowerPlugs titles, 17 volumes in all, including annual subscriptions to PowerPlugs: Templates, Pictures, Video Backgrounds and Music to energize your PowerPoint presentations and keep your audiences on the edges of their seats.


PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo 2007 3D幻燈片編輯工具
PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo 2007 3D幻燈片編輯工具




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