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Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

  • Reference Manager 書目管理軟體
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    Reference Manager是用來管理書目參考文獻的資料庫程式。 需要收集參考文獻做研究或需要製作書目的人都可以使用Reference Manager來輕易地管理資料。
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Reference Manager 書目管理軟體

Reference Manager是用來管理書目參考文獻的資料庫程式。
需要收集參考文獻做研究或需要製作書目的人都可以使用Reference Manager來輕易地管理資料。
No matter where you or your colleagues are in the world, so are your references. With Reference Manager you can collaborate with others on a network—or even the Web. Simplify your publishing with Reference Manager where you can search Internet databases, organize your references and create instant bibliographies. And with these newly added features you can do even more!
Link and organize files easily
In Reference Manager 12 you can attach PDFs and other files to a reference and store these attachments with your database. Reference Icons for linked files are displayed in the file attachment field. You can convert existing links to new Reference Manager-relative links in one step.
Build bibliographies with ease—Cite While You Write integration with Word 2007 and more
Cite While You Write with a Reference Manager tab on the Word 2007 ribbon and watch the bibliography appear as you write. Now you can specify the sort order for in-text citations and the bibliography and differentiate between ambiguous citations, such as multiple works by the same author. Reference groups have new options to list as a single citation and suppress an author name with multiple citations.
Collaborate with colleagues using the enhanced
Web Publisher
Web Publisher in Reference Manager 12 retrieves an unlimited number of references. And, it can be set to start up automatically and run as a Windows service. Reference Manager databases can be integrated with other portals using updated SOAP and WSDL technologies.
Other new features:
  •   •   Spell check an entire database as well as individual records
  •   •   Set preferences to open your database with “Read-Write Exclusive” access
  •   •   Download a specified number of references when searching ISI Web of Knowledge or PubMed
  •   •   Identify duplicates with more options—mark duplicates automatically to locate easily
  •   •   Ignore punctuation when checking for duplicates
  •   •   Use new reference types—Edited Book, Online Source and Grant—as well as new fields in many reference types—Conference Title, Conference Location and the NIH required PMCID
  •   •   Move between references with new Previous and Next buttons

MobileLibrary 國際權威文獻檢索軟體

康涅狄格州威爾頓--(美國商業資訊內容商業服務解決方案的全球-者Infotrieve,Inc.今天發佈了其基於雲的MobileLibrary™的新版本。該版本進行了更新,帶有經過改進的檢索功能、額外的個人及共用庫功能以及通用使用者介面改進功能。新發佈的版本還將MobileLibrary和Infotrieve的BR-O™進行了整合。BR-O™是一個基於Web的聚合平臺,可簡化翻印和電子列印的批量排序問題。 )


MobileLibrary 國際權威文獻檢索軟體
MobileLibrary 國際權威文獻檢索軟體

INfix PDF應用軟體

Infix is the only PDF editor that intelligently re-creates the original content so that you can edit it in the way you would expect. It uses a set of intelligent algorithms to recreate the original structure of the document. This means you can edit a PDF just like you would a Word document.


INfix PDF應用軟體
INfix PDF應用軟體


Easy PDF是一個PDF文件的所見即所得編輯制作工具,可以插入HTML、RTF、TXT文件,以及制作表格、拼寫檢查、列印/列印預覽、內置Image Editor圖像編輯等功能,是一個全面的PDF編程工具軟體。






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