Nessus 8 漏洞掃描軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Nessus 8 漏洞掃描軟體

Nessus 8 漏洞掃描軟體

  • Nessus 8 漏洞掃描軟體
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    Nessus is the de-facto industry standard vulnerability assessment solution for security practitioners. The latest intelligence, rapid updates, an easy-to-use interface.
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Hardware Requirements

Enterprise networks can vary in performance, capacity, protocols, and overall activity. Resource requirements to consider for Nessus deployments include raw network speed, the size of the network being monitored, and the configuration of Nessus.

Note: The following recommendations are guidelines for the minimum hardware allocations. Certain types of scans are more resource intensive. If you run complex scans, especially those with credentials, you may require additional disk space, memory, and processing power.

Storage Requirements
You must install Nessus on direct-attached storage (DAS) devices. Nessus does not support storage area networks (SANs) or network-attached storage (NAS) configurations.

Nessus Scanners and Nessus Professional
The following information lists the hardware requirements for Nessus scanners and Nessus Professional.

Scanning up to 50,000 hosts per scan
- CPU: 4 2GHz cores
- Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended)
- Disk space: 30 GB
Scanning more than 50,000 hosts per scan
- CPU: 8 2GHz cores
- Memory: 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
- Disk space: 30 GB (Additional space may be needed for reporting)

Nessus Manager
The following table lists the hardware requirements for Nessus Manager.

Nessus Manager with 0-10,000 agents
- CPU: 4 2GHz cores
- Memory: 16 GB RAM
- Disk space: 30 GB (Additional space may be needed for reporting)
Nessus Manager with 10,001-20,000 agents
- CPU: 8 2GHz cores
- Memory: 64 GB RAM
- Disk space: 30 GB (Additional space may be needed for reporting)

Note: Engage with your Tenable representative for large deployments.

Virtual Machine
Nessus can be installed on a Virtual Machine that meets the same requirements. If your virtual machine is using Network Address Translation (NAT) to reach the network, many of the Nessus vulnerability checks, host enumeration, and operating system identification are negatively affected.

Nessus Agents
Nessus Agents are designed to be lightweight and to use only minimal system resources. Generally, a Nessus Agent uses 40 MB of RAM (all pageable). A Nessus Agent uses almost no CPU while idle, but is designed to use up to 100% of CPU when available during jobs.
For more information on Nessus Agent resource usage, see Agent Software Footprint and Agent Host System Utilization.
The following table outlines the minimum recommended hardware for operating a Nessus Agent. Nessus Agents can be installed on a virtual machine that meets the same requirements specified.

Hardware (Minimum Requirement)
Processor: 1 Dual-core CPU
Processor Speed < 1 Ghz
RAM < 1 GB
Disk Space: < 1 GB with normal usage / < 2 GB under certain conditions, e.g. when a plugins-code.db defragmentation operation is in progress
Disk Speed: 15-50 IOPS



Nessus is the de-facto industry standard vulnerability assessment solution for security practitioners. The latest intelligence, rapid updates, an easy-to-use interface.
- Covers an industry-leading 47,000+ vulnerabilities
- Unlimited scans at no extra cost
- Compliant with PCI, HIPPA, GLBA, CIS, NIST, and more

Policy creation is simple and only requires a few clicks to scan an entire corporate network.

Cost-effective for any size company
Cost-effective for any consultant or team, Nessus provides complete vulnerability scanning with unlimited assessments for one low price.

Plugins provide timely protection
Tenable researchers leverage extensive intel sources, providing plug-ins that deliver timely protection from the latest threats.

Advanced detection means more protection
47,000+ CVEs – the most in the industry. Nessus scans more technologies and uncovers more vulnerabilities than competing solutions.

Accurate visibility into your networks
Nessus identifies the vulnerabilities that need attention with high-speed, accurate scanning and minimal false-positives.

Accommodate growth and scale safely
Easily migrate to or other Tenable solutions as your vulnerability management needs increase.

Pre-Built Policies and Templates
Out of the box, pre-configured templates are included for a range of IT and mobile assets - from configuration audits to patch management effectiveness - to help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities. Nessus includes more than 450 compliance and configuration templates to audit configuration compliance against CIS benchmarks and other best practices.

Customizable Reporting
Easily create reports based on customized views, including specific vulnerability types, vulnerabilities by a host or by the plugin. Create reports in a variety of formats (HTML, CSV and .nessus XML) and easily customize reports by team or client which can be emailed with every scan.

Live Results (New in Nessus 8)
Live Results automatically performs an offline vulnerability assessment with every plugin update, showing you where you may have vulnerabilities based on your scan history. From here you can easily run a scan to validate the presence of the vulnerability which accelerates the accurate detection and prioritization of issues.

Grouped View (New in Nessus 8)
Similar issues or categories of vulnerabilities are grouped together and presented in one thread, simplifying the time to research and prioritize issues for remediation. Snoozing lets you select specific issues to disappear from view for a specified period of time. So you only focus on the issues that matter at that time.

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