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SNMP informant 2017

SNMP informant 2017

  • SNMP informant 2017
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    SNMP Informant products are Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) extension agents that provide the capability to access Microsoft Windows Operating System and Application Server Performance Counters, WMI classes and other server information through the SNMP protocol. SNMP Informant agent information can be accessed using SNMPv1, SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 protocols from an SNMP Network Management System (NMS).
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Why SNMP Informant?

Because Windows support for SNMP is limited.   There is only so much information you can get. 
  If you have heard that Microsoft has deprecated SNMP with the release of Windows 2012, and are wondering how that might impact your SNMP-based network monitoring infrastructure, or if you are are looking to secure your Windows Server SNMP exposure with SNMPv3, click here.
SNMP Informant™ products enable you to overcome those limitations.  By installing SNMP Informant on your Windows servers, you can immediately use the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to collect performance, state, operational and custom information as well as control your Windows Server infrastructure.  That's because SNMP Informant "hooks" into Windows sub-systems at an extremely granular level through what we call data providers.

Click here to find out more about our data providers.  Click the Product Links on the left to find out more about each of our SNMP Informant products.
  • Want to find out about what sets SNMP Informant apart from the "out-of-the-box" Microsoft SNMP service?  Read this document.  It briefly describes the Microsoft SNMP service, what support it provides and what SNMP Informant can do.  It also touches on SNMP Informant's interaction with WMI.

SNMP informant

Are you looking for cost effective Windows SNMP agents to help monitor the performance and configuration of your Windows infrastructure?
If so, you've found the right place!  SNMP Informant provides in-depth Windows performance and configuration data to industry standard SNMP Network Management Systems.
 Access Windows Performance data using SNMP!  Our Performance providers allow you to connect to any "out of the box" Windows Performance counter object using industry standard SNMP Object IDs (OIDs)!
Access Custom Performance data !!
Our new "Custom" provider (part of SNMP Informant-Premium) allows you to collect data from any valid Windows performance counter.  If you've got a performance counter instrumented application, and you can see the performance counters, then you can monitor it using SNMP Informant Premium!
 Run Remote scripts and collect data!
If you're using custom scripts to monitor something on a remote Windows server, you can now CALL that script using SNMP Informant and collect the results into an OID that YOU specify!
 Read Remote Registry information!!
The new "Custom" provider also lets you specify what registry value to read!
 Collect WMI information using SNMP!  Our WMI providers allow you to connect to the Windows Management Instrumentation sub-system using SNMP!  Stop/Start/Restart services!  Reboot servers!  Execute programs remotely!
Monitor Exchange, SQL, Cluster, BizTalk, ISA, FOrefront, WSUS, Virtual Server, Citrix, the OS, and system hardware.  Supported Operating Systems include Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, Server 2000, Server 2003, AND Server 2008.
 Extend your monitoring system's ROI!  If you use products like HP Network Node Manager, IpSwitch Whatsup, OpenNMS, Nagios/Cacti/MRTG/RRDttool, Zenosss, or other SNMP compliant management platforms, find out how SNMP Informant can add significant value to them in minimal time and with minimal effort!
Can be used with SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3!  Many companies are starting to to take advantage of enhanced SNMP v3 security.  SNMP Informant supports all 3.  Find out more here!
Collect CPU, Network, Disk and Memory data for free!  We call them the "Core Four".  Monitoring these performance counters provides great insight into the relative health of your Windows server.  Our FREE Standard Version supports the "Core-Four" plus 2 more (processes and threads).  Now with 64 bit support!  Use it anywhere you want!  No charge!
Collect motherboard operational statistics such as CPU temperature and fan speed, main board temperature, chassis fan speed and more.  Our FREE Motherboard Monitor Agent allows you to monitor this information using SNMP!
Standardized OIDs - If you DON'T have your own OID Private Enterprise number specified, don't worry.  Use ours!  We've Registered IANA Private Enterprise Number 9600, so you can be assured that we've standardized the numeric OIDs supported by SNMP Informant.

zynamics BinDiff v5 惡意程式分析軟體

BinDiff is a comparison tool for binary files, that assists vulnerability researchers and engineers to quickly find differences and similarities in disassembled code.


zynamics BinDiff v5 惡意程式分析軟體
zynamics BinDiff v5 惡意程式分析軟體

Master Voyager v3 加密軟體

Master Voyager可以讓您建立受密碼保護的光碟/影音光碟和USB裝置。需要輸入密碼才能看到保護的內容。受保護的光碟/USB裝置是完全獨立的,並不需要任何特殊的軟體安裝在電腦上


Master Voyager v3 加密軟體
Master Voyager v3 加密軟體

Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體

TotalFileGuard自動化電子資料保護系統採用世界先進加密技術-底層透明加密技術(Transparent Encryption for Document),提供企業最基礎也最堅固的一道防線,有效的補強以往技術的不足。TotalFileGuard完整保護自檔案新增、修改、複製、列印、另存新檔甚至檔案銷毀,全程皆在加密環境下受到最嚴謹的資料保護,有效防制駭客、木馬程式竊取企業智慧資產或是內部人員惡意地將重要資料外流。TotalFileGuard提供使用者最佳化使用,無需改變現有作業習慣,而靈活的管理政策與詳盡的日誌記錄,更有助於企業內部的彈性部署並提供稽核人員完整的資訊。


Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體
Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體




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