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With the AIØ WIN® software, create activity models of your enterprise and trace the costs of all modeled activities. Beginning your ABC analysis with activity modeling allows you to focus your ABC efforts on your management decision needs.
Version 9 of AIØ WIN® provides a number of options for enhancing your activity and ABC modeling collaboration. The HTML generation features allow you to designate which models and diagrams in the active project to include in the generated HTML file. The XMI generation feature allows you to export AIØ WIN® models or individual diagrams to XMI and view the models and diagrams in UML.
Version 9 of AIØ WIN® provides Visio® generation that allows you to select individual models and diagrams to include in the Visio® file. AIØ WIN® will show a list of all models and diagrams in the active project during the HTML generation, allowing you to pick and choose from the list.
AIØ WIN® allows you to generate XMI files for Unified Modeling Language (UML) support. You can generate XMI files from AIØ WIN® models or from individual diagrams and their decompositions. This capability allows users to view AIØ WIN® models in the popular UML format.
Powerful Enterprise Activity Modeling
Use the powerful enterprise activity modeling in the AIØ WIN® software to structure your business activities and relationships to your baseline management strategies. The AIØ WIN® models allow you to document and graphically visualize all of your business' activities.
The AIØ WIN® models are organized in hierarchical levels and allow you to drill down from an activity and pivot for varying and more detailed perspectives of your model. Double click activities and concepts to add text or attached files that describe the elements.
HTML, Visio, XML, and SVG Support
AIØ WIN® also offers a wide range of import and export options that allow you to extend your modeling work to other platforms. HTML generation in AIØ WIN® includes all elements in the active repository, an index of all elements, and hypertext linking among the project elements. The generated HTML file includes separate frames that show a hypertext list of all project elements, a graphic of the selected element or diagram, and documentation text (the location of the element, description, notes, sources, etc.) that describes the selected element or diagram.
Use the Visio® import feature to start your activity modeling work from your finished Visio® drawings. AIØ WIN® translates drawings and elements from Visio® into complete activity models, retaining the drawing pages, activity boxes, and connectors created in Visio®. You can also export AIØ WIN® models to Visio®, translating activity models into complete Visio® drawings.
The AIØ WIN® XML generation lets you automatically create a Java applet of your activity models that includes a tree pane view of the project showing all models and pool elements from your AIØ WIN® repositories. The XML generation also includes cost information for activities and concepts and a list of element attachments that you can click to launch the corresponding file.
The SVG generation options allow you to generate models and diagrams as scalable vector graphics (SVG). Use the Adobe® SVG Viewer (available for free download at to view your generated diagrams and models. Generated models include hyperlinks for one click navigation between parent activities and their decompositions.
Fast Track Activity Based Costing and

Create visual models so management decision-makers can more effectively use ABC. Visually trace the cost of activities to their products, and bring focus to resource use and consumption. Import your existing EasyABC® models to visualize the assumptions underlying their structure.
Do more with the AIØ WIN® ABC modeling features:  
   Automatic calculation and display of account allocations.
    Unlimited support for user-defined cost drivers.
    Custom filtering of ABC ledgers, resources, or other elements.
    Model export to EasyABC® Plus™ or EasyABC® Quick™.

NBS(Neurobehavioral Systems)神經科學軟體

Presentation®是神經科學的刺激傳遞和實驗控製程序。它可以在任何Windows PC上運行,並以亞毫秒的時間精度提供聽覺,視覺和多模式刺激。使用fMRI,ERP,MEG,心理物理學,眼動,單神經元記錄,反應時間測量,其他性能測量等,演示功能足以處理幾乎任何行為,心理或生理實驗。 Presentation是世界上最受歡迎的實驗控制軟件,具有94046個註冊和211032次下載,並且可以計數。 Presentation®軟件,一個用於神經科學的精確而強有力的刺激方案呈現和實驗控制系統。


NBS(Neurobehavioral Systems)神經科學軟體
NBS(Neurobehavioral Systems)神經科學軟體

PVsyst 太陽能系統


PVsyst 太陽能系統
PVsyst 太陽能系統

SuperMix 混合效應建模分析軟體

SuperMix是由DonaldHedeker教授和RobertGibbons教授以及SSI共同開發的處理混合模型又稱階層模型的軟體。 該軟體可以對二層和三層數據進行線性處理。 SuperMix適用於對連續(continuous)因變量、二元(binary)因變量、計數(count)因變量、順序(ordinary)因變量和名義因變量進行模型分析。 


SuperMix 混合效應建模分析軟體
SuperMix 混合效應建模分析軟體




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