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MOSEK 9.1 數學分析軟體

MOSEK 9.1 數學分析軟體

  • MOSEK 9.1 數學分析軟體
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    MOSEK Optimization Tools :大規模級別數學優化軟體  MOSEK Optimization Tools 是一款用來解決大規模級別數學優化問題的軟體。 MOSEK提供了特定解決線性編程、混合整數編程以及其他非線性轉換優化問題。
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MOSEK  數學分析軟體

MOSEK Optimization Tools 是一款用來解決大規模級別數學優化問題的軟體。
The MOSEK optimization software is designed to solve large-scale mathematical optimization problems.
Problem types MOSEK can solve:
·   Linear.
·   Conic quadratic.
·   Conic with exponential and power cone.
·   Semi-definite (Positive semi-definite matrix variables).
·   Convex quadratic and quadratically constrained.
·   Mixed integer linear, conic and quadratic.
Technical highlights
·   Problem size limited only by the available memory.
·   Primal and dual simplex optimizers for linear programming.
·   Highly efficient pre-solver for reducing problem size before optimization.
·   Branch&bound&cut algorithm for mixed integer problems.
Strengths and features of MOSEK
·   The strongest point of MOSEK is its state-of-the-art interior-point optimizer for continuous linear, quadratic and conic problems.
·   Exploits hardware i.e. SSE2 instructions available in recent Intel CPUs.
·   The optimizer is parallelized and capable of exploiting multiple CPUs/cores.
·   The optimizer is run-to-run deterministic.
·   Reads and writes industry standard formats such as the MPS, CBF and LP formats.
·   Includes tools for infeasibility diagnosis, repair and sensitivity analysis for linear problems.
·   Ships with an optimization server for remote optimization.
·   Optimizer API: C, Java, .NET, Python.
·   Fusion API: C++, Java, .NET, Python.
·   MOSEK optimization toolbox for MATLAB.
·   R package.
·   Command line interface.
·   Other third party commercial and open-source tools and products have interfaces to MOSEK.
·   Supported platforms: OSX, Windows, Linux
Non features
·   MOSEK can not solve nonconvex problems. Only convex problems including one or more integer constrained variables.
·   MOSEK has no sequential quadratic optimizer because it is not competitive with the algorithms implemented in MOSEK.

Mathematica 12 計算與視覺化軟體

Mathematica 在其三十年的開發歷程中,在技術計算領域確立了最先進的技術,並為全球技術創新人員、教育工作者、學生和其他人士提供了最主要的計算環境。 Mathematica以卓越的技術和簡便的使用方法享譽全球,在此基礎上,它提供了單個集成並且持續擴展的系統,涵蓋了最廣最深的技術計算功能。現在利用Mathematica Online(線上),它還能通過網頁瀏覽器實現雲端的完美訪問,以及在所有現代桌面系統上的本地訪問。


Mathematica 12 計算與視覺化軟體
Mathematica 12 計算與視覺化軟體

MathType 7 數學符號編輯軟體

MathType是由Design Science公司設計的一個可以在Word、PowerPoint等字處理軟體和演示程式中編輯科學方程式編輯器。支援TeX和LaTeX,以及國際標準MathML,並能夠把方程式轉化為支援Web的各種圖形,也支援WMF和EPS輸出。截至2018年9月,目前最新的版本是7.3。


MathType 7 數學符號編輯軟體
MathType 7 數學符號編輯軟體

Maxima 5.43 數學符號運算專家系統

Maxima是一種用LISP编寫的電腦代數系統(Computer Algebra System),用於公式推導與符號計算


Maxima 5.43 數學符號運算專家系統
Maxima 5.43 數學符號運算專家系統




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