LINDO API 12 最適化數學程式軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

LINDO API 12 最適化數學程式軟體

LINDO API 12 最適化數學程式軟體

  • LINDO API 12 最適化數學程式軟體
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    通過LINDO API,您能夠方便的創建您自己的最優化問題求解程序。它允許您加上LINDO求解器的強大功能到您已經寫好的自定義應用程式中。 LINDO API的關鍵性優點快速,方便的應用程序開發 -LINGO API使得把最優化求解程序無縫集成到您自己的應用程序中變得非常簡單。開發者界面已經被設計成最大限度的使用方便和靈活,附帶清楚而詳盡的幫助文檔和示例,來幫助您快速上手分發調用LINDO API求解器的應用程式需要單獨的許可
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LINDO API 最適化數學程式軟體

通過LINDO API,您能夠方便的創建您自己的最優化問題求解程序。它允許您加上LINDO求解器的強大功能到您已經寫好的自定義應用程式中。
LINDO API的關鍵性優點快速,方便的應用程序開發 -LINGO API使得把最優化求解程序無縫集成到您自己的應用程序中變得非常簡單。開發者界面已經被設計成最大限度的使用方便和靈活,附帶清楚而詳盡的幫助文檔和示例,來幫助您快速上手分發調用LINDO API求解器的應用程式需要單獨的許可
With the LINDO API, you can easily create your own optimization applications. It allows you to plug the power of the LINDO solvers right into customized applications and mathematical programs that you have written.
Key Benefits of the LINDO API:
- The LINDO API makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate optimization into your own application. The developer interface has been designed for maximum ease-of-use and flexibility. It comes with clear, comprehensive documentation and examples to help you get running quickly.
•  Powerful Solvers
- LINDO API provides you with an arsenal of powerful solvers for stochastic, linear, nonlinear (convex & nonconvex), quadratic, quadratically constrained, second order cone and integer optimization. All solvers incorporate numerous enhancements for maximum speed and robustness.
•  New Stochastic Programming Features
- LINDO Systems has begun shipping a new release of LINDO API that includes new features to allow users to incorporate uncertainty into their optimization models.
•  Comprehensive Set of Routines
- Whether your application is big or small, simple or complex, the LINDO API provides the flexibility and functionality that you'll need. It includes dozens of routines to formulate, solve, query, and modify your problems.
•  Convenient Interface to MATLAB
- The Windows 32 bit version of LINDO API can be run as a MATLAB callable function. Using MATLAB 's modeling and programming environment, you can build and solve models and create custom algorithms based upon the LINDO API's routines and solvers.
•  Extensive Documentation and Help
- LINDO API provides all of the tools you will need to get up and running quickly. You get the LINDO API User Manual (in printed form and available online in pdf format) that includes detailed function definitions for all routines. Also included in the manual is a discussion to assist you in writing your own applications.applications.
•  Analyze Infeasible and Unbounded Models
- LINDO API includes tools that allow you to track down what has caused a model to be infeasible or unbounded. The tools isolate a portion of the original model as the source of the problem. This allows you to focus your attention on a relatively small subsection of the model to look for formulation or data entry errors. On infeasible linear, nonlinear, quadratic and integer models, the tools can find an irreducibly inconsistent set of constraints (IIS), and on unbounded models, the tools can find an irreducibly unbounded set of columns (IUS).
•  Create Web and Intranet Applications
- The LINDO API is thread safe to allow you to create web and network applications that handle multiple user sessions concurrently. Web and network applications require special licensing. Contact LINDO Systems for more information.
•  Model Size Flexibility
- Why pay for more capacity than you need? The LINDO API is available in a variety of different capacities. The capacities range from a few hundred variables to versions with unlimited capacity, so you can select the product that best suits your needs for a particular problem.
•  Fast, Easy Application Development

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