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Aabel v5 統計分析軟體

Aabel v5 統計分析軟體

  • Aabel v5 統計分析軟體
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    Aabel being dynamic, interactive visualization of the data, integrated (inference and multivariate) is statistics, data investigation, the scientific graph and the up-to-date powerful application which integrates drawing in the subject figure to one package.
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Aabel  統計分析軟體

Aabel being dynamic, interactive visualization of the data, integrated (inference and multivariate) is statistics, data investigation, the scientific graph and the up-to-date powerful application which integrates drawing in the subject figure to one package.
  • Numerous statistical technique and investigate data analysis technique are offered.
  • The plural multivariate data can be rearranged the data easily.
  • Bidirectional interactive data action of real time is made possible, the unique pipeline design which makes multivariate data analysis easy is equipped.
  • Interactive visualization function, many graph type, data presentation style of 240 or more is prepared.
  • The subject figure and the import tool which relates to that, the map projection utility can be used.
  • The native worksheet which equips the utility of the numeric data control tool and the formula editor etc.
  • Various data imports and graphic file export, the data manipulator, flexible the customization tool, the tool which is necessary for research and investigation such as Unicode correspondence and graphics of publication quality is equipped.
Function of graphic viewer
  • Graphic viewer to operate the plural data sources synchronously, the data in real time mutual operational
  • It accesses the compilation, drawing and numerous customization function of the text of zooming, movement of the data, size modification in the graph, tabular presentation, one line or plural lines from graphic viewer 
  • Graphic viewer  which it retains keeping the reference to the source document which includes the data
  • Visualization and graph conversion of the data and the dynamic data, arrangement and ranking of sublayer in the graph are possible from data browser and [biyuwaparetsuto] which has control
2D, 3D, triangle, matrix and polar graph
  • Line graph
  • 2D stick, horizontal bar graph
  • Scatter diagram, scatter diagram queue
  • Pie chart and X - Y spreading pie chart
  • Uneven figure
  • Waterfall figure
  • 2D area graph
  • Bubble chart
  • Triangular chart
  • Spider graph (radar chart)
  • Extremely graph
  • Vector diagram
  • Voronoi graph
  • Geospider plotting (multi elements Spidergram)
  • X - Y binary scatter diagram
  • 3D scatter diagram
  • 3D approved contour, 3D mesh plotting
  • 3D vertical stick, pyramid, triangular gimlet, ribbon and area graph
  • Structural drawing: Solid picture and rose graph, [riniamento]
  • Single view drawing: Three-dimensional scatter diagram, three-dimensional approved contour
  • Error bar
Graphic export
  • PDF
  • BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Bitmap PICT, Photoshop, SGI and TGA
Aabel worksheet
  • Data import corresponding format 
    • Excel: 95, 97 - 2004 workbooks (.xls)
    • Pause text (tub, comma, semicolon and space etc)
    • Fortran format data
    • Pause numerical queue data
    • Binary numerical queue format (8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits and 64 bit data)
    • dBase (II, III and IV) format
    • Arc/Info Ungenerate
    • Mapgen
    • Matlab
    • Splus
    • ArcView shape file
  • Correspondence variable type
    • Numerical value
    • Map coordinate: Longitude, latitude, east crossing the ocean and north crossing the ocean
    • Direction and orientation data: Tendency, falling/slump and azimuth
    • Date and time
    • Text (Unicode correspondence)
  • The number of lines and line
    • In worksheet itself restriction releasing. Active hardware technology, the CPU resource, it depends on the physical memory quantity.
  • Quality management of numeric data
    • Indicating the summary statistical report of the respective variable with single click
    • Checking the number of deficiency values in variable
    • To detect the value outside the range, with the worksheet highlight
    • Offering the plural options in order to handle the value outside the range
  • Worksheet notebook 
    • Indicating the list of all variables which exist in the worksheet
    • When the worksheet was drawn up from the result of the data filter, user definition filter standard retention to the worksheet notebook
    • When the worksheet was drawn up by the cross tub or the pivot, the original worksheet file, primary and secondary divided variable etc retention to the worksheet
    • For example offering the text area in order to record the note of reference and the like of the data source
  • Worksheet data management tool
    • Cross interpolation
    • Single unit or sort with plural keys
    • Transferring/changing section
    • The plural text data strings it merges to one line
    • The numerical or text data, not to be connection, merging
    • Ranking modification of line and line
    • The pallet which does the high-speed scan with data line of the worksheet of mass variable
    • Record to category of text or numerical value
    • Pivot and [samaraizu] of other dimensional data (cross totaling)
    • Division and record to binary dummy variable of category variable
    • The multidimensional data filtering tool in order to draw up the subset of the data
  • Worksheet formula editor
    • Offering the built-in predefined mathematics and statistical function of 46. Boolean/conditional operator enabled.
    • As for variable, it is not in the position in the worksheet line and it specifies with name. However is not name in order to make sequential calculation easy and offering the function which processes variable with the index.
    • In addition to the function for computing every in line, function for computing every of line enabled
    • To allot the same calculation to the plural lines, computable
  • Symbol and color pallet 
    • Individual data object in the graph which is plotted, the data group, symbol and the color pallet which are used for the definition of the marker which displays the source worksheet
    • Stain to the value of the cell which is selected with the color pallet
Data manipulator
  • Plural worksheets and data of [detabesumetahua] simultaneously processing possibility
  • Custom formula build possibility
  • Multidimensional data filter processing with user definition standard is possible
Aabel Database Metaphor
The data management container in order to handle the folder which includes the worksheet and the worksheet. Reference to the source worksheet is retained in database metaphor document which is retained.
  • As a dynamic data source for data analysis, data processing, visualization and graph compilation of the data enabled
Aabel Viewer text, chart editor
The text, the chart editor is Unicode correspondence.
  • Chart editor:
    Compilation in the chart which is formed automatically as a result of statistical analysis and new compilation in the chart
  • Text frame (text box) editor: 
    Adding note and comment of plural lines to the graph
  • Text line editor: 
    To add title on the graph, revolution the text line
Unicode correspondence
It corresponds with the worksheet to the Unicode at the time of the sort of the data, the graph conversion of the data, the tabular presentation, the text line and text frame drawing up.
Ranking of the category data without depending on the language setting of the machine because consistency of statistical output is maintained, has designated US English clerk system as the base.
Viewer color theme
With default as for the background axis and [teitsuku], the grid and the axial label of white and the chart, as for title it is black. Color of the background, color of axis, [teitsuku] and the grid, color of the label and title, it draws up color theme the outline in the tropic and the confidence belt and in order to define the color of painting and painting etc the stick it is possible to retain.
Background color of color theme imports the picture, or selects color.
The color theme which it drew up is retained as portion of the entire parameter which can be accessed from [biyuwa].
Graphic sublayer manager
The respective chart pain or the other graphic object which it drew up is placed in the transparent sublayer of present [biyuwa] and specification is indicated in the graphic sublayer pallet. Operation below is possible from the sublayer pallet.
  • With one [biyuwapeji] the same pipeline or plural you lived from the pipeline which differs, (hot it linked) drawing up the chart in the data
  • X - Overlay of Y chart and compilation in subject figure
  • Selection of object (selection of the object which hides)
  • Modification of stacked order of sublayer
  • Non indication of sublayer, lock of object with respect to sublayer and deletion of object
  • Appointing actually size, modifying the size of the chart pain
  • Modification of transmissivity of painting, line and marker in 2D graph
  • Exclusion of the data from the chart by X zoom (effect is not produced on the other chart of the same data source)
  • Introductory remark of chart, indication of axis of 2D chart and non indication
Color management and interactive color pallet editor
With just the mouse click of several times it draws up the color gradation to primary color and plural colors from single color, it is possible to modify the item of the pallet.
The color pallet the worksheet, is indicated in [gurahuitsukubiyuwa], [detabesumetahua] and all chart customization dialogue boxes. The marker, the line, the painting and the approved contour, color in the chart and the text etc which the color code are done is selected, it is modification possible.
Customization tool for data management
Aabel symbol and [yunikodogurihu]
Color symbol in order to indicate the data in many chart types (the marker) you have used. The marker which expresses the data uses those of the built-in predefined, or can take over from the source worksheet. Unique characteristic of the marker is defined symbol, by color and size. Aabel has prepared the symbol pallet of two types.
  • Aabel symbol:
    Early size (100%) from 50% up to 200% at 20 stages pallet of marker symbol of size modification possible 175 types
  • [yunikodogurihu]/symbol: 
    Unicode letter of 176/symbol/[gurihu]. As for the item of this pallet Unicode letter of the system character pallet/replacement is possible with [gurihu]. Early size (100%) from 50% up to 200% size can be modified at 20 stages.
Customization of axial attribute
  • Alignment, selection of logarithm scale
  • In axial title upper equipped letter, inferior letters and the Greek letter enabled
  • Thickness of axis, control of type of color, length, main and sub grid
  • Range of axis and control of step
  • Numerical label indication format setting (the number and preceding 0 indications etc of beams below fixing, scientific indication and decimal point)
  • Axial text property, customization of position of label (font property and color etc)
Indication on chart of object and value label
  • In chart object and value label indicatory possibility
  • As for the value label the triangle, the bubble and the approved contour, in the 3D scatter diagram 4 dimensions, the bubble and the triangular approved contour, in the 4D scatter diagram it indicates in 5 dimensions in 3 dimensions, with X - Y chart
  • As for label customization possibility of color of frame and background and modification etc of font property
Customization of chart introductory remark and introductory remark entry
  • The data group, the introductory remark entry which expresses the data series
  • The introductory remark entry which expresses the data range
  • Font of introductory remark, property of background
High quality for black and white printing pattern
  • The numerous pattern which consists of vector/stencil pattern enabled.
    You can use even with the graph combination of the color.
Control of transmissivity
  • Modifying the transmissivity of the painting, the line and the 2D marker
Drawing of line and geometric figure
  • Line tool: Straight line and polygon/poly- line
  • Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe tool: Rectangle, angular circular rectangle, circle and ellipse                                       
System Requirements
·Mac OS 10.4.4.x or Leopard
·Intel- or Power PC-based Mac
·A color monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

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