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MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體

MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體

  • MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體
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MLwiN 多層次模型軟體

MLwiN uses both maximum likelihood estimation and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. MLwiN is based on an earlier package, MLn, but with a graphical user interface (as well as other additional features). MLwiN represents multilevel models using mathematical notation including Greek letters and multiple subscripts, so the user needs to be (or become) familiar with such notation.
Statistical procedures

MCMC estimation has been enhanced considerably (see the new manual downloadable from the web site). The following features have now been added (Note: some of these were also available in the development version 1.20):
  • •  The DIC diagnostic is now available (Spiegelhalter et al., 2002. Bayesian measures of model complexity and fit (with discussion). Journal of the Royal Statistical SocietyB, (64): 583-640).
  • •  Multilevel factor analysis models can be fitted with multiple (correlated or uncorrelated) factors at each level.
  • •  Multicategory ordered and unordered response models can be fitted.
  • •  Multivariate mixtures of continuous and binary responses can be fitted.
  • •  Complex level 1 models can be fitted.
  • •  Multivariate models, including those with missing responses, can be fitted.
  • •  Adjustments for measurement error in predictors can be fitted.
  • Cross classified models can be fitted.
  • •  Multiple membership models can be fitted.
  • •  Autoregressive structures at level 1 can be fitted.
  • •  Spatial data models can be fitted.
  • •  An interface with the WINBUGS software package is available.
Multiple regression
Single level models can be specified using standard notation.
Interface design
Changes have been made to improve ease of use for the following menus:
  • •  The multivariate window has been removed and multivariate models are now set up using the responses button on the equations window.
  • •  There is now an add term button on the equations window for adding continuous variables, categorical variables and interactions to a model.
  • •  A notation button has been added to the equations window that allows switching between different notational representations.
  • •  A separate MCMC menu has been added.
  • •  Much improved interface for the specification of ordered and unordered categorical response models.
The default worksheet is now 1500 variables. The previously reserved columns have now had their column numbers increased by 1000.

Measurement Assurance 量測保證分析軟體

This  software solves all of your measurement system analysis needs. Friendly and easy to use, this software supports the analytical techniques detailed in the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Measurement System Analysis book. It also comes with a manual that explains these techniques in easy to understand language


Measurement Assurance  量測保證分析軟體
Measurement Assurance  量測保證分析軟體

MVSP v3 多變數統計分析軟體

MVSP is an inexpensive and easy to use program that performs a number of multivariate numerical analyses useful in many scientific fields. It calculates three basic types of eigenanalysis ordinations: principal components, principal coordinates, and correspondence/detrended correspondence analyses.


MVSP v3 多變數統計分析軟體
MVSP v3 多變數統計分析軟體

StatMate 統計分析軟體

GraphPad StatMate採取猜測出於評估多少個數據點您為實驗將需要和牌子它容易對您能迅速計算實驗的力量查出各種各樣的假定區別。它基於小精靈的格式透過必要的步驟帶領您確定交易根據風險和費用。 因為它是明顯的,沒有經驗曲線與StatMate。您需要的所有文獻被建立入程式。


StatMate 統計分析軟體
StatMate 統計分析軟體




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