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MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體

MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體

  • MLwiN 3.04 多層次模型軟體
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MLwiN 多層次模型軟體

MLwiN uses both maximum likelihood estimation and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. MLwiN is based on an earlier package, MLn, but with a graphical user interface (as well as other additional features). MLwiN represents multilevel models using mathematical notation including Greek letters and multiple subscripts, so the user needs to be (or become) familiar with such notation.
Statistical procedures

MCMC estimation has been enhanced considerably (see the new manual downloadable from the web site). The following features have now been added (Note: some of these were also available in the development version 1.20):
  • •  The DIC diagnostic is now available (Spiegelhalter et al., 2002. Bayesian measures of model complexity and fit (with discussion). Journal of the Royal Statistical SocietyB, (64): 583-640).
  • •  Multilevel factor analysis models can be fitted with multiple (correlated or uncorrelated) factors at each level.
  • •  Multicategory ordered and unordered response models can be fitted.
  • •  Multivariate mixtures of continuous and binary responses can be fitted.
  • •  Complex level 1 models can be fitted.
  • •  Multivariate models, including those with missing responses, can be fitted.
  • •  Adjustments for measurement error in predictors can be fitted.
  • Cross classified models can be fitted.
  • •  Multiple membership models can be fitted.
  • •  Autoregressive structures at level 1 can be fitted.
  • •  Spatial data models can be fitted.
  • •  An interface with the WINBUGS software package is available.
Multiple regression
Single level models can be specified using standard notation.
Interface design
Changes have been made to improve ease of use for the following menus:
  • •  The multivariate window has been removed and multivariate models are now set up using the responses button on the equations window.
  • •  There is now an add term button on the equations window for adding continuous variables, categorical variables and interactions to a model.
  • •  A notation button has been added to the equations window that allows switching between different notational representations.
  • •  A separate MCMC menu has been added.
  • •  Much improved interface for the specification of ordered and unordered categorical response models.
The default worksheet is now 1500 variables. The previously reserved columns have now had their column numbers increased by 1000.

NCSS 2019 統計分析軟體

NCSS軟件提供了數百種統計和圖形工具的完整且易於使用的集合,用於分析和可視化您的數據。 您可以開始免費試用,觀看下方視頻,或查看下面的信息圖形,以了解有關NCSS廣泛功能的更多信息。 用於數據分析的NCSS軟件配有集成文檔,免費培訓視頻以及博士統計人員團隊提供的完整電話和電子郵件支持。 探索成千上萬的研究人員,顧問,專業人士,工程師和科學家在全球範圍內使用的產品。


NCSS 2019 統計分析軟體
NCSS 2019 統計分析軟體

IBM SPSS Statistics 26 統計分析軟體

What’s New in IBM SPSS Statistics 26 今天,我很高興地宣布IBM SPSS Statistics 26的發布帶來了來自客戶的要求為我們的一些最流行的程序和模塊的增強。事實上,在整個開發週期中,我們與選定的客戶密切合作,以滿足您最大的需求和關注。這導致了產品發布,我們圍繞解決增強現有的分析方法和產品可用性的客戶請求清爽的感覺不同。


IBM SPSS Statistics 26 統計分析軟體
IBM SPSS Statistics 26 統計分析軟體




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