Statistix 10 統計分析軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Statistix 10 統計分析軟體

Statistix 10 統計分析軟體

  • Statistix 10 統計分析軟體
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Statistix 統計分析軟體

Statistix is a powerful statistical analysis program you can use to quickly analyze your data. This incredibly easy-to-use program offers the basic and advanced statistics you want - plus powerful data manipulation tools - at one affordable price.
Easy to Learn and Use
Completely menu-driven, procedures are specified using concise Windows-style dialog boxes.
"Statistix is very easy . . . an inexpensive no-nonsense package that delivers."
Developed in 1985, Statistix has more than 30,000 users. It's an accurate, proven program with favorable press reviews. "Statistix is computationally robust. I'm happy to recommend this package."
Statistix performs all the basic and advanced statistics needed by most users. "Statistix gives the user easy access to all the common tools of data analysis as well as many less common ones."
Computes lightening fast. No time consuming disk access needed. Data are memory resident.
"Statistix is fast, very fast."

Statistical Analysis
Procedures are organized as in the Statistics menu below. Click on a menu item for more info.
Summary Statistics
One, Two, and Multi-Sample Tests
Linear Models
Nonlinear Models
Associations Tests
Randomness/Normality Tests
Time Series
Quality Control
Survival Analysis
Probability Functions 

Powerful Data Manipulation
  • •  Powerful transformations procedure for modifying and creating variables using algebraic expressions, over 60 built-in functions, and if-then-else constructs.
  • •  Import/export Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Access, dBase, Paradox, and ASCII files.
  • •  Spreadsheet editor handles 500 variables and 200,000 cases.
  • •  Flexible data types include real, integer, date, and string variables.
  • •  Create data subsets using the Omit Cases command.
  • •  Merge, sort, stack/unstack, transpose, variable labels, and value labels.
Fully-integrated Graphs and Charts
Wide range of customizable, publication-quality graphs. Export graphs using EMF, WMF, and BMP file formats, and copy and paste graphs into your wordprocessor.

Free Unlimited Technical Support
You receive immediate direct access to our programmers. Contact us by telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail.

Our 450-page manual is clear and concise with easy-to-follow examples and references. Complete on-line context-sensitive help.

Money-Back Guarantee
We're so confident you'll love our program, we back Statistix with the best guarantee in the world. Simply return the software within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

Exceptional Value for Your Money
Statistix is an excellent buy offering more features at a sensible price than any other program. Order now. Put Statistix to work for you today.

Mplus 8.3 統計分析模擬軟體

Mplus版本8.3現已推出。 Mplus版本8.3包括對自2015年11月發布的7.4版以來發現的次要問題的更正以及以下新功能: 時間序列分析功能 N = 1次時間序列分析(用戶指南ex 6.23 - 6.28) 兩級時間序列分析(用戶指南前9.30 - 9.37) 交叉分類時間序列分析(用戶指南9.38 - 9.40) 時間序列圖(樣本值,ACF,PACF,估計因子得分)


Mplus 8.3 統計分析模擬軟體
Mplus 8.3 統計分析模擬軟體

GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

GraphPad InStat是一個較不笨重選擇到典型的耐用統計程式。與InStat,甚而一個統計新手在幾分鐘能分析數據。試著用InStat作為統計分析工具,不會所有忙亂。 InStat採取更加親切,更加柔和的方法…所有提示對使用者以淺顯的英語是和簡單步驟。程序指南用戶通過一個四步過程; 定義數據類型,選擇一個統計測試,並且提出結果…用戶通過這些步容易地駕駛,對清楚和完全輸出…分析清單是一個創舉…這麼小的CD,卻是有效的包裹高度推薦進入的數據。


GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體
GraphPad InStat 統計分析軟體

PROSuite 統計分析軟體

ProSuite is an integrated collection of Provalis Research tools that allow one to explore, analyze and relate both structured and unstructured data. It allows one to perform  advanced computer assisted qualitative coding on documents and images using QDA Miner, to apply the powerful content analysis and text mining features of WordStat on textual data, and to perform advanced statistical analysis on numerical and categorical data using SimStat.


PROSuite 統計分析軟體
PROSuite 統計分析軟體




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