Attrasoft DecisionMaker 數位神經網路系統軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Attrasoft DecisionMaker 數位神經網路系統軟體

Attrasoft DecisionMaker 數位神經網路系統軟體

  • Attrasoft DecisionMaker 數位神經網路系統軟體
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    DecisionMaker is Attrasoft's application of neural network technology. DecisionMaker analyze tremendous amounts of information available through a database or a spreadsheet, learning relationships and patterns. This enables DecisionMaker to detect subtle changes and predict results.
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Attrasoft DecisionMaker 

DecisionMaker is Attrasoft's application of neural network technology.DecisionMaker analyze tremendous amounts of information available through a database or a spreadsheet, learning relationships and patterns. This enables DecisionMaker to detect subtle changes and predict results.

What is Neural Network technology?
Neural network technology is software that functions much like the human brain, in that it has the capability to learn, accumulate knowledge, and apply this knowledge to new situations. Through a combination of observations and adaptive pattern matching, neural networks have the capability to learn and draw conclusions.

How do DecisionMaker "learn"?
DecisionMaker learn by observation. They must observe enough example behavior to identify the underlying patterns. Through this ongoing, self-learning processDecisionMaker can acquire far more knowledge than any expert in the field. For example, DecisionMaker can become a medical expert in any medical field in minutes.

What are some potential business use for DecisionMaker?
Attrasoft is delivering this breakthrough technology in a variety of ways. For example, a spread sheet user or a database user can utilize DecisionMaker as the basis for sophisticated business/medical information analysis, such as predicting future demand for products, enabling businesses to produce just the right amount at the right time. Please see the examples below. (You can easily image thousands of applications like this).
Attrasoft DecisionMaker uses the data in your database to help you make business decisions. 
It does not matter what kind of database you have. What seems complicated to you, is not complicated to the Attrasoft DecisionMaker. After putting your data into the DecisionMaker, then in 2 clicks, suddenly your complicated problem will seem very simple.
Attrasoft DecisionMaker can:
  •   •  Decide whether to grant a loan to a customer, student *
  •   •  Decide whether a patient has cancer *, heart disease *, thyroid disease *, ...., or not
  •   •  Decide whether to hire a person or not
  •   •  Decide how likely a patient is going to get cancer, heart disease *, ....,
  •   •  Decide the classification of a virus/bacteria within a group of virus/bacteria *. 
  •   •  Decide how much a house *, a car *, a boat, ... , is worth
  •   •  Decide whether your supervisors evaluate your employees fairly
  •   •  Decide whether your system (electronics systems, computer networkretail store, sexual harassment situation) is healthy
  •   •  Decide supermarket price predictability based on accumulated database
  •   •  Decide which career a child should choose 
  •   •  Decide the outcome of a random event, like a horse race, ...
  •   •  dentify an item in Forensic Science *, ...
  •   •  Sport Predictions:   Soccer game, Horse race, ...


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