EXFO Xtract 網路監控軟體-網路工具軟體/新永資訊有限公司

EXFO Xtract 網路監控軟體

EXFO Xtract 網路監控軟體

  • EXFO Xtract 網路監控軟體
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    EXFO Xtract 從網絡、服務和用戶的角度提供實時、端到端的服務體驗視圖。它實時收集、豐富、關聯、分析和可視化大量數據,從任何角度提供對端到端服務體驗的洞察。
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EXFO Xtract Network Monitoring Software

EXFO Xtract provides a unified view across your entire network 
Get a multidimensional view of performance from network,
service and subscriber perspectives.
Network analytics

Take a look at KPIs from a network infrastructure perspective,
including metrics such as packet loss, latency and interface
Service analytics 

View KQIs and KPIs on a service level including metrics such as
MOS and SEER that are measured for a service like VoLTE as well
as LTE service network itself.
Subscriber analytics

Examine the behavior and QoE of subscribers (groups or individual) based on metrics such as service experience indexes and call
drop rates.

The EXFO Xtract platform architecture 
Created using an open and elastic architecture, EXFO Xtract is built to adapt to increasingly complex network and service structures, capturing and analyzing the real end-to-end service experience delivered by mobile and fixed networks.
Enabling EXFO Xtract to be integrated with various data sources, the data collection layer includes purpose-built adapters that gather data from different predefined data sources as well as universal data adapters for CSV and XML formats and direct database/API integrations.
Dynamically configurable data models adapt the EXFO Xtract analytics system to the users’ perspective of their network and services. Overlay of network and service topologies allow operators to express the relationship between any given service and its physical and logical resources.
Data enrichment, processing and analysis functions in EXFO Xtract are managed through the analytics engine. Data from the collection layer is processed in the analytics engine based on the KPI
definitions while service models and hierarchies are defined in the service modeler, and provided to the UI layers for visualization
and to the automation layer for alarms and data exporting.

A flexible dashboard and reporting module ensures an optimized experience based on user profiles, job function or use case.

Dashboards are web-based with drag and drop capabilities and
a context-sensitive drilldown. A large number of different types
of visualization elements are available, from geographical maps
to trending, worst and top N , alarm reports and much more.

he automation layer enables the seamless integration of
EXFO Xtract with OSS/BSS, big data and other CSP systems.

The layer includes functionality for alarming and data extraction
from the EXFO Xtract database. It also provides an open API for
a better integration of EXFO Xtract with other systems.

A paradigm shift in service assurance 
The power of EXFO Xtract lies in its ability to dynamically model
networks and services using any and all required data inputs literally on the fly. This is a paradigm shift in service assurance and
enables operators to quickly adapt to support new requirements in analytics and visualization for both existing and new services.

Aggregate and correlate test and measurement data from any
network or service type and visualize this in real time for different interest groups in the CSP’s organization. EXFO Xtract supports monitoring, testing and troubleshooting from network, service
performance and subscribers’ viewpoints.

Leverage data from a multitude of sources–including field instruments, test probes, network equipment and B/OSS systems.
Now, CSPs can rapidly deploy new services, analyze performance baselines and accurately pinpoint service-affecting events. Employ Xtract in conjunction with any other technology, network architecture or equipment vendor.

Seamless integration with EXFO’s active and passive probes enable CSPs to combine that data with information gathered on-line
from the underlying network infrastructure. Pinpoint service-affecting network events using historical and real-time reports that
can be viewed for any period of time through charts, grids and

Future proof 
Automation will drive analytics to become a trigger within the network orchestration system— dictating where capacity is increased or decreased across the network’s entirety. Xtract’s historical
modelling of service impacting events and propagation analysis
sets the stage for predictive analytics and automation.



5.1.1 Minimum system requirements
The following minimum requirements must be met
before installing EXFO Xtract.

This system is compatible with a bare metal or virtualized installation.
• 64-bit Linux CentOS 6.3 or above system
• 4 Core CPU at 2.5 GHz
• 4 GB RAM with 500 MB disk space for installation

5.1.2 High volume system
The following setup is recommended for a high volume system. This system is compatible for a bare metal or virtualize installation.Server 1: Database Server 
• 20 core CPU at 2.5 GHz or higher
• 64 GB RAM 
• 2 TB or more of free disk space
Server 2: Application server
• 20 core CPU at 2.5 GHz or higher
• 128 GB RAM
• 500 GB free disk space

5.1.3 Virtualization support
The following requirements are applicable to virtual deployment:
• VMware vSphere 5.1
• VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 5.5
• Xen hypervisor 4.4

5.1.4 End-user client requirements
EXFO Xtract can be run from any of the following browser
versions (or later):
• Firefox version 32 
• Chrome version 30
• Internet Explorer 11
• Safari 6
• opera 12


EXFO Xtract 網路監控軟體

EXFO Xtract 提供跨整個網絡的統一視圖
從網絡基礎設施的角度查看 KPI,包括數據包丟失、延遲和接口利用率等指標。
查看服務級別的 KQI 和 KPI,包括針對 VoLTE 等服務以及 LTE 服務網絡本身測量的 MOS 和 SEER 等指標。
根據服務體驗指數和掉話率等指標,檢查用戶(團體或個人)的行為和 QoE。
EXFO Xtract 平台架構 
EXFO Xtract 使用開放和彈性架構創建,旨在適應日益複雜的網絡和服務結構,捕獲和分析移動和固定網絡提供的真實端到端服務體驗。
使 EXFO Xtract 能夠與各種數據源集成,數據收集層包括從不同預定義數據源收集數據的專用適配器,以及適用於 CSV 和 XML 格式的通用數據適配器以及直接數據庫/API 集成。
可動態配置的數據模型使 EXFO Xtract 分析系統適應用戶對其網絡和服務的看法。網絡和服務拓撲的疊加允許運營商表達任何給定服務與其物理和邏輯資源之間的關係。
EXFO Xtract 中的數據豐富、處理和分析功能通過分析引擎進行管理。來自收集層的數據在分析引擎中根據 KPI 定義進行處理,而服務模型和層次結構在服務建模器中定義,並提供給 UI 層進行可視化,並提供給自動化層進行警報和數據導出。
儀表板是基於 Web 的,具有拖放功能和上下文相關的鑽取。提供大量不同類型的可視化元素,從地理地圖到趨勢、最差和前 N 個、警報報告等等。

自動化層支持 EXFO Xtract 與 OSS/BSS、大數據和其他 CSP 系統的無縫集成。
該層包括警報和從 EXFO Xtract 數據庫中提取數據的功能。它還提供了一個開放的 API,以便更好地將 EXFO Xtract 與其他系統集成。

EXFO Xtract 的強大之處在於它能夠使用任何和所有必需的數據輸入實時動態建模網絡和服務。這是服務保證的範式轉變,使運營商能夠快速適應支持現有和新服務的分析和可視化方面的新要求。
聚合和關聯來自任何網絡或服務類型的測試和測量數據,並 針對 CSP 組織中的不同利益群體實時可視化這些數據 。EXFO Xtract 支持從網絡、服務性能和用戶的角度進行監控、測試和故障排除。
利用來自多種來源的數據——包括現場儀器、測試探頭、網絡設備和 B/OSS 系統。現在,CSP 可以快速部署新服務、分析性能基線並準確查明影響服務的事件。將 Xtract 與任何其他技術、網絡架構或設備供應商結合使用。
與 EXFO 的有源和無源探針的無縫集成使 CSP 能夠將該數據與從底層網絡基礎設施在線收集的信息相結合。使用歷史和實時報告精確定位影響服務的網絡事件,這些報告可以通過圖表、網格和地圖查看任何時間段。
自動化將推動分析成為網絡編排系統中的觸發器——決定在整個網絡中增加或減少容量的位置。Xtract 對服務影響事件和傳播分析的歷史建模為預測分析和自動化奠定了基礎。

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