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Altova 2021 程式開發工具軟體

Altova 2021 程式開發工具軟體

  • Altova 2021 程式開發工具軟體
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    Altova公司®是一家軟件公司,專門在幫助開發數據管理,軟件和應用開發,移動開發和數據集成工具。 Altova為XML,SQL和UML提供了一整套桌面開發軟件; 高性能工作流程自動化服務器產品; 和跨平台的移動開發框架。
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Altova XMLSpy 2021 program development tool software

New in XMLSpy 2021 Release 2
Version 2021 Release 2 of the XML and JSON Editor was announced on March 4,2021. Learn about all the new features and update to the latest version.
Completely New XML Grid View
XML Grid View was introduced in one of the first versions of XMLSpy
and quickly became one of the most popular XML editing features in
XMLSpy. Now, in v2021r2, Grid View has received a complete update
to add new functionality that makes it even easier to work with XML
in a graphical view.

In the new XML Grid View, rows and columns in the table can now be flipped to rearrange the display of the document to make it even more human-readable. For instance, this table has many columns but few rows when displayed in Grid View. 
Flipping the rows and columns makes the content immediately accessible.

Viewing Base-64 images as graphics
The new XML Grid View supports automatic viewing of images (shown above), including PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, and animated GIFs – which is of course not possible in a text view.
You can even copy an image directly from an image editor and paste it into XML Grid View!

Drag & Drop Editing
In addition to editing content manually, XML Grid View lets the developer manipulate the documentusing drag-and-drop. New in R2, this is even easier as Grid View will indicate the content 
(i.e., entire elements or just cell content) and its destination as you drag it. 
You can also duplicate content using Ctrl+Drag.

One of the most compelling aspects of the new XML Grid View is that it lets you take advantage of XPath and XQuery to filter and process data directly in the view.
A filter applied to a node makes it possible to filter descendants of the node based on criteria that you define to reduce the amount of visible information in view, allowing you to zero-in on the content that is relevant to the task at hand.
The right-click context menu helps you get started creating filters quickly – when you select the Filter to Focus option, a filter is automatically created to display the selected node. Then, if desired, you can expand the filter to include exactly the required criteria.
This is faster than starting from scratch and gives you a hint about how to structure the filter. Filters can be toggled on/off and are saved as metadata outside of XML documents, which allows you to see filtered data even after closing and reopening documents - without actually changing the document structure.

While filters simply change the display of content in XML Grid View and do not modify the underlying XML document,
formulas composed with XQuery 3.1 can be used to calculate a result
or generate a nodeset that can be stored in the document.
To define a formula, add a new node and use the in-cell Type button to change the type to Formula. Then you can name the formula,
enter its expression, and view the result.

Adding content from external applications
XML Grid View makes it easy to update your XML document quickly by copying and pasting (or dragging) content from a variety of sources – you can paste in XML from a text editor or Visual Studio,
for instance,and you can even paste in content copied from Excel.
Additional usability features

Easy viewing of very large XML files: repeating nodes can be
   grouped by hundreds/thousands/tens thousands
   (as configured by the user)

Real-time validation and SmartFix error correction are now available
   in Grid View

Zoom in and out using Ctrl-MouseWheel or Ctrl +/-
Ability to turn off word wrap within the cell
Integrated Find & Replace tools directly in the editing view
   (rather than in a separate dialog)
These new XML Grid View features take this editing paradigm to the
next level, allowing developers to not just visualize, understand, and
edit an XML document more easily – now they can achieve far more
than is possible in a text editor alone.

C# codegen for .NET Core and .NET 5
XMLSpy provides royalty-free code generation based on XML Schema in Java, C#, or C++. 
Starting with Version 2021 Release 2, developers can select .NET Core
or .NET 5 as target frameworks for C# generation. 
This adds to existing support for .NET Framework projects.

Support for IBM DB2 for iSeries 7.4
Relational database support in XMLSpy now includes the latest version of IBM DB2 for iSeries.


Server Software Products
Altova server software products offer multi-platform support for the following:
Windows Server (Desktop and Core): 2008 R2 SP1 with Platform Update, 2012, 2016, 2019
Windows: Windows 7 SP1 with Platform Update, Windows 8, Windows 10
Linux: CentOS 7 & 8, RedHat 7 & 8, Debian 8, 9 & 10, Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 & 20.04
macOS: 10.13 and above

Altova XMLSpy  2021 程式開發工具軟體

XMLSpy 2021 Release 2中的新增功能

XML Grid View是在XMLSpy的第一個版本中引入的,並迅速成為XMLSpy中最受歡迎的XML編輯功能之一。

新的XML Grid View支持自動查看圖像(如上所示),包括PNG,JPG,BMP,
您甚至可以直接從圖像編輯器複製圖像並將其粘貼到XML Grid View!

除了手動編輯內容外,XML Grid View還使開發人員可以通過拖放操作來操作文檔。R2中的新增功能,這更加容易,因為在拖動時Grid View會指示內容(即整個元素或只是單元格內容)及其目的地。
您也可以使用Ctrl + Drag複製內容。

過濾器僅更改XML Grid View中內容的顯示而不會修改基礎XML文檔,
而XQuery 3.1組成的公式可用於計算結果或生成可存儲在文檔中的節點集。

XML Grid View可以通過複製和粘貼(或拖動)來自各種來源的內容來輕鬆快速地更新XML文檔–例如,您可以從文本編輯器或Visual Studio中粘貼XML,甚至可以粘貼內容從Excel複製。

• 輕鬆查看非常大的XML文件:重複節點可以按成百上千/成千上萬的分組
• 網格視圖中現在提供了實時驗證和SmartFix錯誤糾正
• 使用Ctrl-MouseWheel或Ctrl +/-放大和縮小
• 能夠關閉單元格中的自動換行

直接在編輯視圖中(而不是在單獨的對話框中)集成了“查找和替換”工具這些新的XML Grid View功能將這種編輯範例帶入了一個新的高度,從而使開發人員不僅可以更輕鬆地可視化,理解和編輯XML文檔-現在他們所能實現的遠遠超過僅使用文本編輯器所能實現的。

.NET Core和.NET 5的C#代碼生成
XMLSpy提供基於Java,C#或C ++的XML Schema的免版稅代碼生成。從版本2021發行版2開始,開發人員可以選擇.NET Core或.NET 5作為C#生成的目標框架。
這增加了對.NET Framework項目的現有支持。

支持IBM DB2 for iSeries 7.4 
XMLSpy中的關係數據庫支持現在包括最新版本的IBM DB2 for iSeries。


無縫代碼審查 代碼審查是獲得更好代碼的最可靠途徑,也是GitHub如何工作的基礎。內置的審核工具使代碼審核成為團隊流程的重要組成部分。


BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.21 代碼覆蓋分析工具

Bullseye Coverage是Bullseye公司開發的一款C / C ++代碼覆蓋測試分析工具,支持多種的C ++編譯器,除了Unix下的編譯器之外,Windows的Borland C ++,Gnu C ++也都有支援。

BullseyeCoverage C ++ 8.21 代碼覆蓋分析工具

Zelix KlassMaster™ 17.0 JAVA混淆器工具軟體

Zelix KlassMaster™ Java混淆器可保護Java字節碼免於反編譯和逆向工程。它先進的流混淆,字符串加密, 方法參數混淆,引用混淆和 方法參數更改技術使其成為真正的重型Java混淆器。

Zelix KlassMaster™ 17.0 JAVA混淆器工具軟體