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JEB2 Android app decompiler

JEB2 Android app decompiler

  • JEB2 Android app decompiler
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    JEB是一個逆向工程平台,可以手動或作為分析管道的一部分執行代碼和文檔文件的反彙編,反編譯,調試和分析。JEB2的UI客戶端需要支持包。支持包包含基於Eclipse Rich Client Platform框架的通用圖形框架組件。JEB需要Java Runtime Environment(JRE)或Java Development Kit(JDK)版本8.(請注意,jeb.jar適用於較舊的JRE 7或較新的JRE 9;但是,UI桌面客戶端需要JRE 8.)。
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Getting Started

This document is a usage manual for JEB version 2. Last revision: April 2018. The latest version of this manual can be found online on the PNF Software web site . .
JEB is a reverse-engineering platform to perform disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files, manually or as part of an analysis pipeline.

•    The first part of this guide is a user manual that covers basic usage related to analyzing, decompiling and debugging applications (Android apps, as well as native binaries). It is not an exhaustive resource. We recommend visiting our blog for additional, pointed resources describing a variety of use cases.
•    The second half is a developer portal for advanced users who will want to use the JEB API to script tasks, develop plugins, or even craft their own front-ends. Alongside these pages, the API reference documentation website will be an indispensable resource.


Software Package
The software package is distributed as a zip archive, custom-generated for each registered user. It contains the back-end components as well as the reference front-end implementation for desktop platforms, referred to as the "UI client". This manual focuses mostly on using JEB through the UI client.
The UI client client runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS (formerly OS X) operating systems, 32-bit and 64-bitversions.

JEB requires a  Java Runtime Environment (JRE)  or Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8. (Note that jeb.jar works with older JRE 7, or newer JRE 9; however, the UI desktop client requires a JRE 8.)

UI Support Package
The UI client of JEB2 requires a support package. The support package contains common graphical framework components based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework .
•    If you are running JEB2 on an Internet-connected computer, the latest and most appropriate version of the support package for your system will be downloaded and installed.
•    If you are running JEB2 within a limited connectivity environment, you will need to download the support package manually. See below.
The UI client of JEB3 does not require additional dependencies.

JEB2 Android app Decompiler

•    本指南的第一部分是用戶手冊,其中介紹了與分析,反編譯和調試應用程序(Android應用程序以及本機二進製文件)相關的基本用法。它不是一個詳盡的資源。建議訪問官網的博客,獲取描述各種用例的其他尖端資源。
•    下半部分是高級用戶的開發人員門戶,他們希望使用JEB API來編寫腳本任務,開發插件,甚至可以創建自己的前端。除了這些頁面,API參考文檔網站將是不可或缺的資源。

UI客戶端客戶端在Windows,Linux和macOS(以前稱為OS X)操作系統(32位和64位版本)上運行。

JEB需要Java Runtime Environment(JRE)或Java Development Kit(JDK)版本8.(請注意,jeb.jar適用於較舊的JRE 7或較新的JRE 9;但是,UI桌面客戶端需要JRE 8.)

JEB2的UI客戶端需要支持包。支持包包含基於Eclipse Rich Client Platform框架的通用圖形框架組件。
•    如果您在連接Internet的計算機上運行JEB2,則將下載並安裝最新且最合適的系統支持包版本。
•    如果您在有限的連接環境中運行JEB2,則需要手動下載支持包。見下列信息。

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