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edtFTPj/PRO Java FTP應用軟體

edtFTPj/PRO Java FTP應用軟體

  • edtFTPj/PRO Java FTP應用軟體
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    edtFTPj/PRO是一款利用 Java 語言編寫的 FTP 用戶端程式。這個程式可以幫助軟體開發人員花費最少的時間並只作少量的修改, 就能將豐富的文件傳輸功能加入到他們的軟體中
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edtFTPj/PRO Java FTP應用軟體

edtFTPj/PRO是一款利用 Java 語言編寫的 FTP 用戶端程式。這個程式可以幫助軟體開發人員花費最少的時間並只作少量的修改, 就能將豐富的文件傳輸功能加入到他們的軟體中
edtFTPj/PRO is a Java library that performs secure file transfers. It supports FTPS (FTP over SSL), both explicit and implicit modes, and SFTP (FTP via SSH). It also supports asynchronous transfers and FTP connection pools. All major FTP operations are supported, including both active and passive modes. It provides a progress monitor interface, allowing applications to receive progress updates for their file transfers. The library is built on the open source edtFTPj and shares its API.
  •   •  Royalty free runtime licensing.
  •   •  Secure FTP file transfers using FT    •  PS (explicit and implicit modes).
  •   •  Secure FTP file transfers using SFTP.
  •   •  Full support for SOCKS proxies and HTTP proxies for all protocols.
  • multi-protocol client that permits switching protocols with a single method call.
  •   •  Supports multiple, simultaneous transfers via FTP connection pools.
  •   •  Supports background transfers via a comprehensive asynchronous API.
  •   •  Full support for all standard and many optional FTP operations, passive and active modes, and support for a very wide range of FTP servers.
  •   •  Bandwidth throttling and data compression
  •   •  FTP streams for treating the remote server as a data stream.
  •   •  Comprehensive FTP scripting engine, allowing most functionality to be scripted from a file.
  •   •  Powerful FTP command shell, useful in batch jobs or script development
  •   •  The same simple, intuitive API as the popular edtFTPj client, meaning upgrades to secure transfers are very straightforward
  •   •  Support for FXP server-to-server transfers for FTP
  •   •  Directory and muliple file transfers and deletes, including wildcarding
  •   •  Secure data and control channels.
  •   •  Server validation (incl. support for custom validators).
  •   •  Supports certificates in many formats.
  •   •  Client validation.
  •   •  AES ciphersuite supported.
  •   •  Advanced certificate management.
  •   •  Supports standard OpenSSL certificates (including certificates issued by CAs).
  •   •  SOCKS firewall support.
  •   •  Progress monitor, permitting notification of the progress of file transfers.
  •   •  Transfer cancellation.
  •   •  Resuming of binary transfers that have partially completed.
  •   •  Integration with log4j.
  •   •  Detailed, easy-to-read Developer's Guide.
  •   •  Source code is optionally available for purchase to protect your investment.
  •   •  EDT Forums are available for public discussion and support.

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