Symantec Endpoint Encryption v11 資訊防護軟體-資訊資安軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Symantec Endpoint Encryption v11 資訊防護軟體

Symantec Endpoint Encryption v11 資訊防護軟體

  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption v11 資訊防護軟體
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    Disk encryption protects a hard drive in the event of theft or accidental loss by encrypting the entire disk including swap files, system files, and hibernation files. If an encrypted disk is lost, stolen, or placed into another computer, the encrypted state of the drive remains unchanged, ensuring only an authorized user can access its contents.
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Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Provide the most adequate information protection 
Endpoint Encryption: Disk and removable media encryption 

Notebook computers and removable media devices allow today's mobile workers to work freely anywhere. While enjoying this freedom, the risk of
data leakage due to device loss or theft also increases. Symantec Endpoint Encryption combines
full disk and removable media encryption and
centralized management to protect confidential
information and ensure compliance (including
BitLocker, FileVault 2, or self-encrypting devices
that comply with OPAL regulations).

Symantec uses a sector-by-sector encryption for
each drive to ensure that all files are encrypted,
providing the highest protection capabilities. In
addition to protecting laptops, desktop computers and Windows tablets, Endpoint Encryption also
supports a variety of removable media, including
USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc media. Even if encryption is not installed on the computer, Symantec allows removable media
users to access their data on any Windows or MAC system.
• Fully protect and support virtual machines and
  native operating system encryption (for example:
  BitLocker, FileVault 2, and self-encrypting devices
  that comply with OPAL regulations)
• Support single sign-on, easy to use
• Provide support center staff with multiple recove    ry options (including self-recovery and web conso
• Flexible removable media support capabilities

Make the most of your resources with centralized encryption management 
Regulatory compliance, data privacy considerations, and brand reputation are often powerful incentives for companies to adopt encryption technology. The challenge faced by enterprises is to protect their sensitive information with limited resources while ensuring compliance. Symantec Endpoint Encryption provides an integrated management platform that allows enterprises to:
• Quickly deploy and manage its endpoint encrypti
   on solution through a single console
• With Symantec's multiple recovery options, it pro
   vides its employees with a perfect combination
   of self-service recovery functions and technical
Symantec Endpoint Encryption also provides extended management functions, which can support native operating system encryption (BitLocker and FileVault 2) and self-encrypting drives that comply with Opal specifications.
• Individual and group key management
• Automated policy control
• Immediately available, compliance-based reports

Improve security through Symantec Data Loss Prevention 
In all data leakage, accidental exposure of data is
the main reason; confidential data is simply transmitted to unprotected devices due to user negligence. Symantec Endpoint Encryption integrates industry-leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to help solve this problem.

Symantec DLP can scan information on laptops and desktop computers, and it can also flag confidential content and monitor employee online and offline activities. If an employee attempts to move confidential information to a removable device, DPL will record the activity. Employees will receive a customizable reminder that they are trying to move confidential files. Employees can choose to encrypt files before authorizing the transfer, allowing companies to actively prevent user negligence and ensure business continuity.

Projects integrated with Symantec Data Loss Prevention include:
• Removable media
• Gateway Email Encryption
• File Share Encryption


Microsoft Windows Server 2019    
Microsoft Windows Server 2016    
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
.NET Framework

4.6.2 (For Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.1.3
and later)
4.7 (For Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.3.0 and
Processor:1.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher, or
the equivalent.
Symantec recommends that you use a 2.0
GHz or faster processor.

Symantec recommends that you increase the
amount of memory as your database size grows.

disk space:80 GB



Symantec Gateway Email Encryption 
Symantec Gateway Email Encryption 提供集中管理的電子郵件加密功能,無論收件人是否擁有電子郵件加密軟體,均可保護您和客戶及合作夥伴之間的電子郵件通訊安全。
利用 Gateway Email Encryption,企業就可以減少資料洩漏的風險,同時確保遵循資訊安全與隱私權的相關法規。

Symantec File Share Encryption 
Symantec File Share Encryption 以 PGP 技術為後盾,讓使用者及群組能在筆記型電腦、桌上型電腦和檔案伺服器

SymantecInformation Centric Encryption


Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption:磁碟及抽取式媒體加密
筆記型電腦及抽取式媒體裝置使現今的行動工作者得以自由地在任何地點工作。享有此自由的同時,由於裝置遺失或遭竊所導致的資料外洩風險也隨之提高。Symantec Endpoint Encryption 結合全磁碟及抽取式媒體加密與集中管理方式,藉此保護機密資訊並確保合規 (包含 BitLocker、FileVault 2 或遵循 OPAL 法規的自我加密裝置)。

賽門鐵克採用依磁區逐一加密每一台磁碟機,以確保所有檔案均已加密的方式,提供最高的防護能力。除了保護筆記型電腦、桌上型電腦和 Windows 平板電腦之外,Endpoint Encryption 還支援多種抽取式媒體,包括 USB 磁碟機、外接式硬碟,以及 CD/DVD/藍光光碟媒體。即使電腦上沒有安裝加密功能,賽門鐵克也能讓抽取式媒體使用者可以在任何 Windows 或 MAC 系統上存取自己的資料。
  •   • 充分保護並支援虛擬機器、原生作業系統加       密 (例如:BitLocker、FileVault 2 及遵循       OPAL 法規的自我加密裝置)
  •   • 支援單一登入,容易使用
  •   • 提供支援中心的工作人員多種復原選項
  •      (包含自我復原及網頁主控台)
  •   • 彈性的抽取式媒體支援能力

法規遵循、資料隱私考量及品牌聲譽,經常是使企業採用加密技術的強大誘因。企業所面臨的挑戰,就是要以有限的資源保護其敏感資訊,同時確保合規性。Symantec Endpoint Encryption 提供整合式管理平台,讓企業得以:
  •   • 透過單一主控台快速部署及管理其端點加密       解決方案
  •   • 藉由賽門鐵克的 多種復原選項,為其員工提       供自助式復原功能與技術支援的完美組合

Symantec Endpoint Encryption 也提供延伸管理功能,可針對原生作業系統加密 (BitLocker 及 FileVault 2) 及符合 Opal 規範的自我加密磁碟機提供支援。
  •   • 個人及群組金鑰管理
  •   • 自動化政策控制
  •   • 立即可用、以合規性為基礎的報告

透過 Symantec Data Loss Prevention 提高安全性
在所有資料外洩中,資料不慎暴露是的主要原因;機密資料純遂是因為使用者疏失而傳送至未受保護的裝置。Symantec Endpoint Encryption 整合領先業界的 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 解決方案,可協助解決此問題。

Symantec DLP 可掃描筆記型電腦及桌上型電腦的資訊,同時還能針對機密內容進行標記,並監控員工線上及離線活動。 若員工試圖將機密資料移動至抽取式裝置,DPL 便會記錄該活動。 員工會收到可自訂的提示,通知他們正試圖移動機密檔案。 員工可選擇在授權該傳輸之前加密檔案,讓企業能夠積極防範使用者疏失並確保業務永續性。

與 Symantec Data Loss Prevention 整合的項目包括:
  •   •  抽取式媒體
  •   •  Gateway Email Encryption
  •   •  File Share Encryption

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urp Suite Professional 是網絡安全測試人員的首選工具包。使用它來自動執行重複性測試任務 - 然後使用其專家設計的手動和半自動安全測試工具進行更深入的挖掘。Burp Suite Professional 可以幫助您測試 OWASP Top 10 漏洞以及最新的黑客技術。

Burp Suite Professional  網路弱點掃描工具

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全球的網路使用者因為卡巴斯基提供其所期望的偵測能力, 迅速的病毒分析時效以及高品質的服務而選用卡巴斯基實驗室防毒, 防駭客, 防垃圾郵件以及防間諜軟體產品. 我們提供針對 Windows, Linux, Novell 以及對於所有常見的郵件系統的防護. 我們的得獎產品是已經獲得 ISCA 和 West Coast Labs 的認證 .

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