Advanced Encryption Package 2021 Professional 檔案加密軟體-資訊資安軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Advanced Encryption Package 2021 Professional 檔案加密軟體

Advanced Encryption Package 2021 Professional 檔案加密軟體

  • Advanced Encryption Package 2021 Professional 檔案加密軟體
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    Advanced Encryption Package 2009 lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/zip files. This program was included into PCWorld's 5 top encryption tools of the year. This program has a nice and clean user-friendly interface and full ZIP files support.
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Advanced Encryption Package 2021 

File encryption software function 

Strong and proven encryption algorithm protects your confidential files
In order to protect sensitive data, AEP file encryption software uses 20 proven strong encryption algorithms, including AES, Blowfish, Twofish,
GOST, Serpent, etc.
For novice use. Integration with Windows context menu.
Encryption technology is a difficult thing, especially if you are not tech-savvy. How should an elderly family member figure out how to create self-decrypted files, safely delete files, or use public key infrastructure to securely receive mail?

This file encryption software is very easy for novices. It is well integrated with Windows Explorer, allowing you to use the context menu of Explorer to perform file encryption/decryption/safe deletion directly from the well-known Windows Explorer.

AEP file encryption software can encrypt single files, multiple files or even entire Windows folders.
For details, please refer to: How to encrypt and decrypt files from the context menu of Windows Explorer
Use U disk to store encryption/decryption key 
All encrypted passwords can be stored on a USB flash drive. You only need to remember one master password of the password library on the USB memory stick. When you can store these encryption keys in an encrypted form in flash memory and only remember one password, there is no need to remember 20 passwords.

This may sound simple, but strong passwords are essential for good security. A good password is a combination of several words that are not words with special characters interspersed (for example, !4scOrE&sDayNYeaRs_ag0).
What is the real difference between a weak password and a randomly generated strong password?
AEP file encryption software can generate very strong encryption keys (a real example is "(+3!';0.;4{M>tMpRnK7&*u'F7)SYu2Q"). Being able to remember such a strong password (with the help of a USB memory stick, of course) is the key to 100% effective use of modern encryption algorithms.
For details, please refer to: How to use AEP to save encryption and decryption keys on a USB memory stick
The source file is safely deleted after encryption. Never use Windows Explorer to delete confidential files! 
A common misconception among PC users is that once they put a file in the recycle bin and emptied it, there is nothing to do and the file disappears forever.

All that happens when you erase a file by deleting it or putting it in the trash can is that Windows has been told that it cannot recognize the file, so you can't see it when you open the folder or desktop. In fact, it is not deleted at all, the data is still on your hard drive and will remain there until the information is overwritten by other files or data.
The AEP file encryption software can erase the contents of the original pre-encrypted files and cannot be restored to ensure that there is no trace after shredding. AEP PRO matches and exceeds the specifications of the US Department of Defense to stop software and hardware recovery tools.

AEP supports about 20 ways to safely delete files: Peter Gutmann algorithm, American DoD 5200.28, VSITR, German standard, Bruce Schneier algorithm, NATO data destruction standard, GOST P50739-95 Russian standard, National Computer Security Center standard, Canadian standard, NAVSO P-5239-26, US Navy standard, AFSSI-5020, US Air Force standard, AR380-19, US Army standard and simple fast erasing algorithm.
For details, please refer to: How to use AEP PRO to clean up files
Symmetric and asymmetric encryption (support PKI) 18b
AEP PRO file encryption software supports symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
In the first mode (symmetric), you only need to use the same password and use one of about 20 available symmetric encryption algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Serpent, etc.) for encryption and decryption.

In the second mode (asymmetric), you create (using AEP PRO) a pair of keys: a public key and a private key. You publish the public key file on the website (or send it to anyone via email). This key is used to encrypt the file and send it to you. Once encrypted, the file cannot be decrypted using this public key file. You receive the file and use the private key file-your secret key file to decrypt the file. To
AEP PRO includes PKI key manager and key generator tools. It generates a pair of public/private keys with strengths of 512, 768, 1024, or 2048 bits. To
RSA encryption is used together with a strong symmetric encryption algorithm. The public key is used to encrypt randomly generated passwords. This password is used to encrypt the entire file. To
AEP PRO can protect the private key file with a password. Therefore, you can store your decryption key in an open form on a USB flash drive, Windows folder, etc. It can be stolen but cannot be used.
For details, please refer to: Public Key Encryption
in Advanced Encryption Package Pro
bonus! Command line utility for automating file encryption and decryption tasks 

In the program folder, you will find a separate command line utility (aepcmd.exe). It supports all program operations: password encryption and decryption, PKI encryption and decryption, secure file deletion and PKI key generation. This utility understands file masks, can process Windows folders recursively, can get a file/folder list from a text file, or can be set on the command line.
This command line utility can be easily integrated with your batch script, because this console utility will return the status code (error level, which can be analyzed in your script) for each operation. All command line keys, switches and status codes are fully documented in the help file.
AEPCMD can be configured to safely delete files after encryption, and you can use it to encrypt all new files in a folder and its subfolders as scheduled (the encryption console utility will recognize and skip encrypted files).
For details, please refer to: How to automatically perform file encryption tasks
Easily share confidential files/transmit data securely via the Internet. There is no need to have an AEP on the other side.
After encryption, the document/file can be safely uploaded to your website, sent as an attachment to an email, sent to a CD by mail, etc. The important files in your email/CD may be intercepted by a third party. But without a password, no one can read these files, and there is absolutely no way to crack the password.
When you burn encrypted files to a CD, just burn our free decryption tool Crypt4Free to this CD. Your recipient can use this utility to decrypt the files on your CD. Everyone can download this utility for free from our website.
Alternatively, you can create a self-decrypting version of the encrypted file. The self-decrypted file is just a normal executable file with an encrypted file inside. The recipient of this secure document only needs to open the executable file, and then will see a text field to enter the decryption password, and then click the "Decrypt" button. Therefore, the recipient of your file does not need to purchase an AEP program to decrypt your file.
For details, please refer to: Self-extracting encrypted file
In addition, when both the sender and receiver have AEP PRO file encryption software, they can use public key infrastructure to exchange files. You only need to generate a public/private key pair and send the public key to your recipient. The recipient encrypts the confidential file with your public key file, and then sends it back to you in encrypted form. You can use another key-the private key file to decrypt it. In this case, you will never need to reveal the decryption password to your friends/colleagues over the phone, and the third party will not be able to hear/record it.
In addition, AEP PRO compresses files before encryption to significantly reduce their size.
Scrambled SMS
AEP includes a special utility: clipboard encryptor. Its icon is located in the tray notification area, and it monitors the Windows clipboard.
By pressing a special global hotkey, the text in the clipboard can be scrambled, and then you can paste it into your email.
details please see: How to scramble SMS
AEP prevents the use of "weak" passwords and enhances overall security
AEP file encryption software controls different ways of entering the encryption password. On the one hand, it has a special password quality indicator. For weak passwords (short passwords, passwords consisting of only characters or numbers, etc.), it will turn red. On the other hand, AEP maintains an internal dictionary of 45,000 commonly used English words, recognizes these words in the password, and issues warnings when you use weak dictionary passwords to prevent well-known dictionary attacks.



OS: Windows 10, 8, 7(32/64)


Advanced Encryption Package 2021檔案加密軟體 


為了保護敏感數據,AEP 文件加密軟件使用 20 種經過驗證的強大加密算法,包括 AES、Blowfish、Twofish、
GOST、Serpent 等。
於新手使用。與 Windows 上下文菜單集成。
這個文件加密軟件對新手來說很容易。它與 Windows 資源管理器很好地集成,允許您直接從眾所周知的 Windows 資源管理器使用資源管理器的上下文菜單進行文件加密/解密/安全刪除。
AEP 文件加密軟件可以加密單個文件、多個文件甚至整個 Windows 文件夾。

詳細請參閱:如何從 Windows 資源管理器的上下文菜單中加密和解密文件
使用 U 盤存儲加密/解密密鑰
​​​​​​可以將所有加密密碼存儲在 USB 閃存驅動器上。您只需要記住 USB 記憶棒上密碼庫的一個主密碼。當您可以將這些加密密鑰以加密形式存儲在閃存中並且只記住一個密碼時,就無需記住 20 個密碼。
AEP 文件加密軟件可以生成非常強的加密密鑰(一個真實的例子是“(+3!';0.;4{M>tMpRnK7&*u'F7)SYu2Q”)。能夠記住如此強的密碼(當然借助 USB 記憶棒)是 100% 有效使用現代加密算法的關鍵。

詳細請參閱:如何使用 AEP 將加密和解密密鑰保存在 USB 記憶棒上
加密後安全刪除源文件。切勿使用 Windows 資源管理器刪除機密文件!
PC 用戶的一個常見誤解是,一旦他們將文件放入回收站並清空,就沒有什麼可做的,文件就永遠消失了。

通過刪除文件或將其放入垃圾箱來擦除文件時發生的所有情況是,Windows 已被告知無法識別該文件,因此您在打開文件夾或桌面時看不到它。事實上,它根本沒有被刪除,數據仍然在您的硬盤驅動器上,並且會一直保留在那裡,直到信息被其他文件或數據覆蓋。
AEP 文件加密軟件可以 擦除 原始預加密文件的內容,無法恢復 ,以確保 粉碎後不留痕跡。AEP PRO 匹配並超過美國國防部的規格停止軟件和硬件恢復工具。

AEP 支持大約 20 種安全刪除文件的方式:   Peter Gutmann 算法、美國 DoD 5200.28、VSITR、德國標準、Bruce Schneier 算法、北約數據銷毀標準、GOST P50739-95 俄羅斯標準、國家計算機安全中心標準、加拿大標準、NAVSO P-5239-26,美國海軍標準,AFSSI-5020,美國空軍標準,AR380-19,美國陸軍標準和簡單的快速擦除算法。

詳情請參閱:如何使用 AEP PRO 清理文件
對稱和非對稱加密(支持 PKI)
AEP PRO 文件加密軟件支持對稱和非對稱加密。
在第一種模式(對稱)中,您只需使用相同的密碼並使用約 20 種可用的對稱加密算法(AES、Blowfish、Serpent 等)中的一種進行加密和解密。

在第二種模式(非對稱)中,您創建(使用 AEP PRO)一對密鑰:公鑰和私鑰。您在網站上發佈公鑰文件(或通過電子郵件將其發送給任何人)。此密鑰用於加密文件並將其發送給您。一旦加密,文件就不能使用這個公鑰文件解密。您收到文件並使用私鑰文件 - 即您的秘密密鑰文件來解密文檔。  
AEP PRO 包括 PKI 密鑰管理器和密鑰生成器工具。它生成一對強度為:512、768、1024 或 2048 位的公鑰/私鑰。  
RSA 加密與強對稱加密算法一起使用。公鑰用於加密隨機生成的密碼。此密碼用於加密整個文件。  
AEP PRO 可以通過密碼保護私鑰文件。因此,您可以將您的解密密鑰以開放形式存儲在 U 盤、Windows 文件夾等上。它可以被盜但不能使用。
詳情請參閱:Advanced Encryption Package Pro 中的公鑰加密
在程序文件夾中,您將找到一個單獨的命令行實用程序 (aepcmd.exe)。它支持所有程序操作:密碼加密和解密、PKI 加密和解密、安全文件刪除和PKI 密鑰的生成。此實用程序了解文件掩碼,可以遞歸處理 Windows 文件夾,可以從文本文件中獲取文件/文件夾列表,或者可以在命令行中設置。
AEPCMD 可以配置為在加密後安全刪除文件,您可以使用它來按計劃加密文件夾及其子文件夾中的所有新文件(加密控制台實用程序將識別並跳過已加密的文件)。
通過互聯網輕鬆共享機密文件/安全傳輸數據。不需要在另一邊有 AEP。
加密後,文檔/文件可以安全地上傳到您的網站,作為電子郵件的附件發送,通過郵寄方式發送到光盤上等。您的電子郵件/光盤中的重要文件可能會被第三方攔截. 但是沒有密碼,沒有人可以閱讀這些文件,而且絕對沒有辦法破解這個密碼。
當您將加密文件刻錄到光盤時,只需將我們的免費解密工具 Crypt4Free 也 刻錄到這張 CD。您的收件人可以使用此實用程序來解密您的光盤上的文件。每個人都可以從我們的網站上免費下載此實用程序。
或者,您可以創建加密文件的自解密版本。自解密文件只是 通常的可執行文件 ,裡面有一個加密文件。這個安全文檔的接收者只需打開這個可執行文件,然後將看到一個文本字段以輸入解密密碼,然後單擊“解密”按鈕。因此,您的文件的接收者無需購買 AEP 程序來解密您的文件。

此外,在發送方和接收方都擁有 AEP PRO 文件加密軟件的情況下,他們可以使用公鑰基礎設施來交換文件。您只需生成一個 公鑰/私鑰對並將公鑰發送給您的收件人。收件人使用您的公鑰文件加密 機密文件,然後以加密形式將其發回給您。您可以使用另一個密鑰-私鑰文件對其進行解密。在這種情況下,您將永遠不需要通過電話向您的朋友/同事透露解密密碼,並且第三方也無法聽到/錄音。
此外,AEP PRO 在加密前壓縮文件以顯著減小其大小。
AEP 包括一個特殊的實用程序:剪貼板加密器。它的圖標位於托盤通知區域,它監視 Windows 剪貼板。
AEP 可防止使用“弱”密碼並增強總體安全性
AEP文件加密軟件控制輸入加密密碼的方式不同。一方面,它有一個特殊的密碼質量 指示器。對於弱密碼(短密碼、僅由字符或僅由數字組成的密碼等),它會變為紅色。另一方面,AEP 維護了一個包含 45,000 個常用英語單詞的內部詞典,並在密碼中識別這些單詞,並在您使用弱詞典密碼時發出警告,以防止眾所周知的詞典攻擊。

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