Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體-資訊資安軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

  • Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體
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    Prepare for the next level in user and data security with Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection. Significantly reduce time to discovery, holistic forensic investigations, and alert burdens caused by false positives, allowing you to quickly respond to risk while maintaining optimum business efficiencies.
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Dynamic Data Protection

Data protection in the Zero Trust Center 
The modern zero-trust architecture
pushes organizations to adopt a more data- and user-centric approach, while moving away from
peripheral-centric approaches. It is a key element
of today's digital business.

Forcepoint's Dynamic Data Protection (DDP) fits
your zero-trust architecture and features:
Personalized adaptive data strategy
Behavioral analysis-driven insights
Data discovery and classification
Maximize the efficiency of security analysts and reduce fatigue

Improve the effectiveness of DLP through behavioral analysis 
Personalized adaptive data strategy 

Replace extensive and comprehensive security with personalized, adaptive data strategies that will not slow down employees.
Use comprehensive behavior analysis to generate a unique risk score for each user
Apply fine-grained strategies one-to-one based on individual users’ risk scores

Behavioral analysis-driven insight 
Dynamic data protection is based on the award-winning enterprise DLP and leverages Forcepoint's
dynamic user protection for cloud hosting behavior analysis.

Unify discovery, analysis and execution, improve the efficiency of investigation of surface anomalies,
and proactively protect your data
Reduce manual decision making and overall alert

Data discovery and classification 
Discover data across all channels (including cloud, network, and endpoints), and use classification solutions to safely process critical data and IP.
Identify and protect sensitive data in the corporate environment, such as detection in file servers, SharePoint, Exchange, and databases
Seamless integration with classification solutions
such as Boldon James™, Microsoft® Azure Information Protection and Titus™

Maximize the efficiency of security
a nalysts and reduce alert fatigue 

Dynamic data protection transforms an
organization from an event-centric approach
to a risk-centric approach to data protection

Stay ahead of leaks through the orchestration
of policy adjustments at the user level 
investigation efficiency and increase team capacity



Windows 11
Windows 10
Processor: Neo on macOS is supported on Intel processors, and is not supported on Apple M1 processors.

2 cores with 1 GHz or faster
16 GB for 32-bit OS
32 GB for 64-bit OS
At least 3 GB free disk space for operations
Internet connection
Internet connectivity is mandatory to retrieve policies and updates, and to report alerts to Neo cloud management.
Neo remains fully operational and monitors user activities, including storing alerts and events locally on the hard drive when disconnected from the internet. All information stored locally is reported to the cloud when internet connectivity is restored.


Dynamic Data Protection


Forcepoint 的動態數據保護 (DDP) 適合您的零信任架構,具有:

通過行為分析提高 DLP 的有效性 


動態數據保護以屢獲殊榮的企業 DLP 為基礎,並利用 Forcepoint 的動態用戶保護進行雲託管行為分析。 



跨所有渠道(包括雲、網絡和端點)發現數據,並利用分類解決方案來安全處理關鍵數據和 IP。

SharePoint、Exchange 和數據庫中的檢測

與 Boldon James™、Microsoft® Azure 信息保護和
Titus™ 等分類解決方案無縫集成




Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體

Avira AntiVirus Premium 提供專業級的防護,不受病毒與惡意程式、蠕蟲、木馬程式、廣告軟體、間諜軟體、網路釣魚所威脅。

Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體

CryptoExpert 8 硬碟加密軟體

CryptoExpert 8專門設計用於為筆記本電腦/台式機的所有者提供安全的數據保險庫,並保證最終的數據安全。與 Windows 內置加密文件系統中實施的透明 NTFS 加密系統相比,CryptoExpert 實施了多項創新以及快速的即時操作,可提供更高的安全性、更好的可靠性和更易於使用的系統。安全保管庫對於所有 Windows 應用程序來說都是普通硬盤,沒有密碼任何人都無法解鎖保管庫。

CryptoExpert 8 硬碟加密軟體

Symantec Endpoint Encryption v11 資訊防護軟體

Disk encryption protects a hard drive in the event of theft or accidental loss by encrypting the entire disk including swap files, system files, and hibernation files. If an encrypted disk is lost, stolen, or placed into another computer, the encrypted state of the drive remains unchanged, ensuring only an authorized user can access its contents.

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