Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

  • Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體
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    Prepare for the next level in user and data security with Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection. Significantly reduce time to discovery, holistic forensic investigations, and alert burdens caused by false positives, allowing you to quickly respond to risk while maintaining optimum business efficiencies.
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Dynamic Data Protection

**Dynamic Data Protection 原為 Threat Protection for Linux (Raytheon SecondLook)

Data protection can halt a security organization—and productive work

Teams are bogged down with alerts. But they don’t have to be.
• 68% Of data breaches take months to discover---Learning about a breach months after the fact doesn’t prevent an event from occurring. (VZN 2018 DBIR)
• 73% Of cyberattacks occur with lost or stolen credentials---Bad actors can come from anywhere—it’s not just malicious insiders you need to watch out for to protect data and your people. (VZN 2018 DBIR)
• $3.62M Average data breach cost---Companies experienced between 2,600 – 10,000 records per breach, containing sensitive and confidential information. (Ponemon Institute 2017)

Security analysts are sick of managing exceptions that create holes in security defenses

• Unbalanced strategy---Over-restrictive policies cause headaches and avalanches of alarms, and under-restrictive policies leave you exposed.
• Too many false alerts---Unintegrated security solutions detect digital activities, but can’t reveal high-risk events. You find out too late to stop breaches.
• Intervention is manual---Analysts spend too much time determining if investigation is needed.

Only Forcepoint shifts the approach to proactive, dynamic security—without the headaches

Individualized, adaptive security
Replace broad, sweeping rules with individualized, adaptive data security that won’t slow down your employees.
  • • Each individual has a unique and variable risk level, informed by behavior-centric analytics.
  • • Risk levels are driven up and down based on user behavior and interaction with data.
  • • Changes in risk levels continuously drive enforcement for an individual.
Block actions only where you need to, and drive a more productive organization forward.

Analytics-driven forensics
Unify discovery, analysis, and enforcement, improving investigation efficacy and drastically reducing the rate of occurrence.
  • • Utilizing the baseline of normalized behavior, uncover abnormal internal/external data access and file movement that matches a compromised credential event.
  • • Automate manual processes, transitioning from broadly applied policies to ones at an individual level, unifying enforcement.
  • • View a narrative that provides context such as detailed timeline events, resulting in more efficient investigation practices.
  • • Detect precursor behaviors and potential high-impact incidents before they occur, preventing data loss.

Automate policy enforcement
Dynamic Data Protection surfaces anomalies, and proactively adjusts individualized data security controls in near real-time to protect your data.
  • • Automatically enforce policies with graduated response.
  • • Allow behaviors for low-risk individuals and take stronger action as risk levels are elevated.
  • • Reduce manual decision-making and overall alert volume.

Award Winning Solution
Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection has been recognized as the Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution in the Trust Awards category at the 2019 SC Awards.
“As a winner in the Trust Award category, Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection stands out for its innovative approach to protecting businesses against the ever-changing threat landscape,” - Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Media.


CANVAS 網頁安全測試工具

Canvas是Aitel's ImmunitySec出品的一款安全漏洞檢測工具。  它包含150個以上的漏洞利用。對於滲透測試人員來說,Canvas是比較專業的安全漏洞利用工具。 Canvas也常被用於對IDS和IPS的檢測能力的測試。


CANVAS 網頁安全測試工具
CANVAS 網頁安全測試工具

eScan v14 防毒軟體

eScanAV v14 防病毒工具包(MWAV)是eScan產品系列的一部分,是我們提供的最受歡迎的支持工具之一。客戶使用eScan工具包去除惡意軟件/廣告軟件/間諜軟件,並且還可以刪除惡意軟件感染的“後果”。它也可作為獨立下載。 世界各地的許多論壇針對受“強”感染影響的客戶建議並使用eScanAV防病毒工具包(MWAV)。作為這個工具包的結果,eScan得到AV-Comparatives惡意軟件消毒的最高分。 如果客戶購買eScan,他還可以在沒有eScan的所有電腦上使用此eScanAV防病毒工具包(MWAV)。該工具包也可作為獨立下載使用。


eScan v14 防毒軟體
eScan v14 防毒軟體

Norton 防毒軟體



Norton 防毒軟體
Norton 防毒軟體




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