Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體-資訊資安軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體

Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體

  • Avira AntiVirus 15 小紅傘防毒軟體
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    Avira AntiVirus Premium 提供專業級的防護,不受病毒與惡意程式、蠕蟲、木馬程式、廣告軟體、間諜軟體、網路釣魚所威脅。
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Avira AntiVir Antivirus software

Full digital protection 
Regardless of the purpose and specific operations, safety can be ensured
All equipment, privacy and personal data, search history, software, shopping and banking-even home networks. Avira protects everything.

Real-time protection against malware and online threats
Browser Safety
Block infected websites, browser tracking tools, and intrusive ads
Home Guard
Scan for network vulnerabilities and fix them for you
Software Updater
Ensure that the software and drivers are up to date
Safe Shopping
Find safe and money-saving deals and coupons during shopping

Enjoy real online privacy protection 
Anonymize all operations
Regain control of data. All online traces, purchased items, geographic locations, search records and passwords used-Avira maintains privacy, and only you know it.

Phantom VPN
Encrypt and anonymize website traffic (500 MB per month)

Password Manager 
Create and remember unbreakable passwords for each account

Privacy Pal 
More than 200 privacy settings can be optimized with just a few taps

Achieve peak performance 
The computer runs at the level it should
You deserve the best digital experience. Achieve faster speed and more memory in all devices. All of this is just one click.

System Speedup 
Clean up junk files, speed up boot time and reduce latency.



Windows 7 and above
Android 5 and higher*
iOS 11 and above
* This applies to smartphones and tablets, not TVs. 


Avira AntiVir 小紅傘防毒軟體

所有設備、隱私及個人資料、搜尋記錄、軟體、購物及銀行業務——甚至包括家用網路。Avira 為一切提供防護。

Browser Safety
Home Guard
Software Updater
Safe Shopping

重新擁有資料控制權。所有留下的線上蹤跡、採購物品、地理位置、搜尋記錄以及使用的密碼——Avira 維護隱私,只有您自己知道。

Phantom VPN
加密與匿名化網站流量(每月 500 MB)
Password Manager
Privacy Pal
只需點按數下,即可優化 200 多項隱私設置


System Speedup


SNMP informant Premium

SNMP Informant Premium 是一個捆綁產品,包含所有 SNMP Informant 產品以及定制增強功能,可讓您充分利用網絡管理基礎設施。增強功能包括: • 監控自定義性能計數器 • 監視自定義 WMI 類 • 監視註冊表值 • 啟動自定義腳本並收集其數據輸出 • 擴展 SNMP 線人以“偵聽”您自己的IANA 私有企業號碼。

SNMP informant Premium

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

Prepare for the next level in user and data security with Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection. Significantly reduce time to discovery, holistic forensic investigations, and alert burdens caused by false positives, allowing you to quickly respond to risk while maintaining optimum business efficiencies.

Dynamic Data Protection 數據保護軟體

Burp Suite Professional 網路弱點掃描工具

urp Suite Professional 是網絡安全測試人員的首選工具包。使用它來自動執行重複性測試任務 - 然後使用其專家設計的手動和半自動安全測試工具進行更深入的挖掘。Burp Suite Professional 可以幫助您測試 OWASP Top 10 漏洞以及最新的黑客技術。

Burp Suite Professional  網路弱點掃描工具