zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體

zynamics BinDiff  惡意程式分析軟體

  • zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體
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zynamics BinDiff 

BinDiff 3.0 released!
New in Version 3.0:
  •   Big change: New internal diff engine that produces more detailed and more accurate results
  •   Fixed an edge-layout bug that led to improperly connected basicblocks
  •   Improved HTML report generation
  •   Removed configuration dialog from IDA plugin. The plugin configuration can be changed via its XML-based configuration file
  •   Added menu items to IDA to allow for a global hotkey and fast access to subviews
  •   New statistics subview
zynamics BinDiff v3.0 is significantly faster than previous versions and is now bundled with a easy-to-use UI which allows less experienced reverse engineers to analyse code quickly as well as boosting the productivity of more experienced analysts. The speed improvements allow for the analysis of even the largest patches giving users equipped with little more than a laptop and IDA the ability to deal with router images.

zynamics BinDiff allows you to:
  •   Identify identical and similar functions in different binaries
  •   Port function names, anterior and posterior comment lines, standard comments and local names from one disassembly to the other
  •   Detect & highlight changes between two variants of the same function

zynamics BinDiff can analyze executables compiled for the following architectures:
  •   x86
  •   MIPS
  •   AVR
  •   PA-RISC
  •   SPARC
  •   PowerPC
  •   ...or any other architecture IDA supports (experimental)

This biggest improvements are:
  •   Higher comparison speed
  •   Greater accuracy for functions which change only in the structure of the graph, not in the number of nodes/edges
  •   Much greater accuracy on the instruction level comparison
  •   A new and improved symmetric UI, bringing all the convenience of 'regular' source-code based diffing to the reverse engineering world for the first time

Advanced Encryption Package 2009 Professional 檔案加密軟體

Advanced Encryption Package 2009 lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/zip files. This program was included into PCWorld's 5 top encryption tools of the year. This program has a nice and clean user-friendly interface and full ZIP files support.


Advanced Encryption Package 2009 Professional 檔案加密軟體
Advanced Encryption Package 2009 Professional 檔案加密軟體

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 網頁弱點掃瞄軟體

Acunetix v12擁有業界最快的Web應用程序掃描引擎。在我們的大多數測試網站上,我們不斷將掃描速度提高50%。根據網站的響應時間和使用的技術,這可能意味著您可以在一半時間內掃描大部分網站。結合最快的掃描引擎和能夠一次掃描多個站點的能力,在v11早些時候發布的多引擎環境中,您可以在最短的時間內掃描數千個站點!


Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 網頁弱點掃瞄軟體
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 網頁弱點掃瞄軟體

BC-Wedge 條碼資料收集軟體

BC-Wedge is a very simple data collection software product for BAR CODE SCANNERS only. It is extremely easy to use and 100% reliable however it does not contain any of the advanced features of our WinWedge products.


BC-Wedge  條碼資料收集軟體
BC-Wedge  條碼資料收集軟體




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