zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體

zynamics BinDiff  惡意程式分析軟體

  • zynamics BinDiff 惡意程式分析軟體
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zynamics BinDiff 

BinDiff 3.0 released!
New in Version 3.0:
  •   Big change: New internal diff engine that produces more detailed and more accurate results
  •   Fixed an edge-layout bug that led to improperly connected basicblocks
  •   Improved HTML report generation
  •   Removed configuration dialog from IDA plugin. The plugin configuration can be changed via its XML-based configuration file
  •   Added menu items to IDA to allow for a global hotkey and fast access to subviews
  •   New statistics subview
zynamics BinDiff v3.0 is significantly faster than previous versions and is now bundled with a easy-to-use UI which allows less experienced reverse engineers to analyse code quickly as well as boosting the productivity of more experienced analysts. The speed improvements allow for the analysis of even the largest patches giving users equipped with little more than a laptop and IDA the ability to deal with router images.

zynamics BinDiff allows you to:
  •   Identify identical and similar functions in different binaries
  •   Port function names, anterior and posterior comment lines, standard comments and local names from one disassembly to the other
  •   Detect & highlight changes between two variants of the same function

zynamics BinDiff can analyze executables compiled for the following architectures:
  •   x86
  •   MIPS
  •   AVR
  •   PA-RISC
  •   SPARC
  •   PowerPC
  •   ...or any other architecture IDA supports (experimental)

This biggest improvements are:
  •   Higher comparison speed
  •   Greater accuracy for functions which change only in the structure of the graph, not in the number of nodes/edges
  •   Much greater accuracy on the instruction level comparison
  •   A new and improved symmetric UI, bringing all the convenience of 'regular' source-code based diffing to the reverse engineering world for the first time

Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體

TotalFileGuard自動化電子資料保護系統採用世界先進加密技術-底層透明加密技術(Transparent Encryption for Document),提供企業最基礎也最堅固的一道防線,有效的補強以往技術的不足。TotalFileGuard完整保護自檔案新增、修改、複製、列印、另存新檔甚至檔案銷毀,全程皆在加密環境下受到最嚴謹的資料保護,有效防制駭客、木馬程式竊取企業智慧資產或是內部人員惡意地將重要資料外流。TotalFileGuard提供使用者最佳化使用,無需改變現有作業習慣,而靈活的管理政策與詳盡的日誌記錄,更有助於企業內部的彈性部署並提供稽核人員完整的資訊。


Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體
Total File Guard (TFG) 電子文件資料防護軟體

Dr.Web 大蜘蛛防毒軟體

Dr.Web能於受感染的系統上運作,加上出色的防毒能力,使其成為優越的防毒軟體之一。  Dr.Web 具有業界最高的殺毒及修復成功率。 獨特的記憶體掃描技術及優越的修復能力,使Dr.Web可安裝於受感染的系統上。


Dr.Web 大蜘蛛防毒軟體
Dr.Web 大蜘蛛防毒軟體

趨勢科技 PC-cillin 雲端版

滿足初學者或高階使用者的上網安全需求,操作容易,是不佔資源且功能強大的網路安全防護軟體。  其搭載全球首創主動式雲端截毒技術 (Smart Protection Network),全面保護您的電腦及個人資料,免於遭受病毒、間諜軟體、網路詐騙、駭客入侵等網路威脅。 


趨勢科技 PC-cillin 雲端版
趨勢科技 PC-cillin 雲端版




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