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Crystal Studio 分子圖形與模型結構軟體

Crystal Studio 分子圖形與模型結構軟體

  • Crystal Studio 分子圖形與模型結構軟體
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    crystal Studio是一個晶體結構建立顯示分析軟體.可以簡單的建立3D晶體結構,仿真繞射的樣式.內建的晶體數據庫可以迅速的滿足您的要求,Crystal Studio可以讓您建立真實相片般的圖形
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Crystal Studio 分子圖形與模型結構軟體

crystal Studio是一個晶體結構建立顯示分析軟體.可以簡單的建立3D晶體結構,仿真繞射的樣式.內建的晶體數據庫可以迅速的滿足您的要求,Crystal Studio可以讓您建立真實相片般的圖形

Crystal Studio is a Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista software package for crystallography. It is a comprehensive tool for user-friendly creation, 3D graphical design, display and manipulation of crystal structures, surface or interfaces and defects and for the simulation of X-Ray, neutron and electron diffraction patterns. Empowered with a crystallographic database, Crystal Studio lets you create stunning photo-realistic 3D graphics and diffraction patterns with just a few mouse clicks.

Crystal Studio is a helpful tool for research and teaching in the fields of Chemistry, Materials Science, Nano Sciences, Solid State Physics, Biochemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, X-Ray Crystallography and Electron Microscopy.

Crystal Studio has been used by many universities in multi-media teaching of crystallography and other subjects which involve crystal structures. A projector can be used to bring the views up to a big screen or each student or group of students can get a direct feel on crystal structures and their beauty at their computers in the class room. The "ease of use" of Crystal Studio means that students can get right on to the software and play with crystal structures from the very beginning.

Crystal Studio Version 10 is packaged in four different editions: Crystal Studio Lite, Crystal Studio Standard, Crystal Studio Professional and Crystal Studio Enterprise.
Crystal Studio Lite

Crystal Studio Lite is a light edition with basic features for crystallography. It provide functionalities for 3D viewing, editing and manipulation, plotting powder XRD and electron diffraction patterns, plotting stereographic projections and reciprocal lattices etc.. Suitable for students or teaching with limited budgets.
Crystal Studio Standard

Crystal Studio Standard is the standard edition that has most of the features described in the Feartures page.
Crystal Studio Professional

Cystal Studio Professional is the standard edition plus an extended Crystal Structure Database with about 3,500 common crystal structures and advanced features as follows:
1.Plot powder XRD patterns for phase mixtures.
2.Save an animation sequence of 36 images for building animations for presentations.
3.Added a macro molecule view that combines a tree view and a 3D view. The tree view contains the primary and secondary structure items, the 3D view plots the correspondent view in the 3D view.
4.Import mmCIF and PDB files.
5.Create twins and plot matrix/twin combined diffraction patterns, stereographic projections and reciprocal lattices.
6.Build phase epitaxy and plot matrix/2nd phase combined diffraction patterns, stereographic projections and reciprocal lattices.
7.2-D real and reciprocal lattices for surfaces to aid surface RHEED analysis.
8.Video clip recording as AVI files or a series of image files.
9.Save POV Ray(TM) Tracing scene files and/or directly render into images with POV Ray(TM) material textures and high resolutions.
10.The powder pattern view has commands for importing experimental or theoretical patterns for comparison. File formats can be imported include: (.dat), (.dif), (.pks), (.csv) and (.txt) files ect.. Crystal Studio automatically detects the different file formats and import them.
  Crystal Studio Enterprise

Cystal Studio enterprise edition is added in Version 5.0. It is a networked version for group users to share a central server database. Users can choose to use local database or the central server database. It can also be used by single users. It has an extended Crystal Structure Database with about 6,000 common crystal structures. It has all the features for professional edition plus extra advanced features as follows:
1.Choose to use local or central server database.
2.XRD pattern search/match engine: input a pattern, the program will search and match in the database to find the matching phase or phases, it can then plot the XRD pattern from search results for comparision and/or create new files to plot 3D crystal view of the matching phase or phases
3.View composition, add up to 4 views (one main and three sub views) from different files into a scene (combo view) and manupilate them to form an ideal image.

Edraw Max 流程圖繪製軟體

Edraw MAX使學生、老師和企業專家可靠地創造和出版種類圖代表所有想法,它是集合所有於一身的圖片軟體,用於簡單創造專家看流程圖,組織系統圖,網絡圖,企業介紹,修造的計劃,頭腦地圖,時尚設計, UML用圖解法表示,工作流、節目結構、網絡設計圖、電機工程圖、定向地圖,數據庫圖和更多的全在一起的圖表軟體。


Edraw Max 流程圖繪製軟體
Edraw Max 流程圖繪製軟體

Citrin 統計繪圖軟體

Worksheets are Aabel's data storage mechanism, and provide numerous data management functions and utilities. They also act as dynamic data sources for data analysis and visualization. 


Citrin  統計繪圖軟體
Citrin  統計繪圖軟體


Pro/ENGINEER 儼然已成 3D 產品設計的標準,這個業界頂尖的產能工具,不但有助於落實最佳設計工作模式,還能確實達到業界與公司標準。參數化的 3D CAD/CAM/CAE 整合解決方案讓您能以遠遠超越以往的速度進行設計工作,將創意和品質發揮到極致,最終達成建立高品質產品的目標。






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