Attrasoft ImageFinder™ 圖片辨識軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Attrasoft ImageFinder™ 圖片辨識軟體

Attrasoft ImageFinder™ 圖片辨識軟體

  • Attrasoft ImageFinder™ 圖片辨識軟體
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    With the Attrasoft products, you obtain the essential building blocks required to offer Image Recognition products and service - such as Verification (1:1 Matching), Identification (1:N Matching), Search, Counting, Processing, Signature, etc.
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Attrasoft ImageFinder™ 

ImageFinder for Windows is an Off-the-Shelf Application Software that enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly test their own Image Recognition ideas.

ImageFinder Suite software is commonly referred to as search-by-image software, which is sometimes referred to as reverse image search.

The ImageFinder Suite has the following components----

• Search by image or reverse image search.
• Whole image against Whole image search only.
• User friendly (pre-trained), no parameters to be adjusted.
• Search for an image from a folder in four clicks.
• Download ImageFinderLite Demo here.

• Search for a cropped image segment from a folder in three clicks.
• User friendly (pre-trained), has no parameters to be adjusted.
• Download ImageFinderSeg Demo here.

• Not pre-trained; Training will done by user which opens up greater design possibilities, but increases the degree of difficulty.
• Can be used for whole image search OR for cropped image segment search from a folder.
100 open parameters for the user to adjust for their particular image type.
• Enables System Integrators, Solution Developers, and Individuals to quickly test their own image recognition ideas.
• Customization Available for 3000+ internal parameters, which the users have no access to at all.
• To get maximum accuracy for a particular problem, customization will be required.
• If you need a customized version, please contact

Do you need Image Recognition software for:
• Verification (1:1 Matching)
• Identification (1:N Matching)
• Search
• High Accuracy Rates
• Fast Recognition Speed
• Whole image search
• Cropped image segment search

Attrasoft ImageFinder Suite provides you with software solutions you need.
Image Recognition technology will increasingly replace human labor in the form of:
• Creating new products; or
• Improving existing products/processes to increase productivity

This translates into saving man-hours, saving money, making more money with fewer resources, doing new things, and/or shorten service turnaround time. Applications are limited only by your imagination:
• Biometrics
• Video - Image Recognition
• Content-Based Advertisement
• Statistics Collection (advertisement statistics
• Internet Audio-Visual Search Engine
• Satellite Image Recognition (defense)
• Cancer Detection (medical)
• Content-base Image Retrieval (digital library)
• Space Image Recognition (space exploration)
• Object Detection (military)
• Face Recognition, Fingerprints, Palm Prints (security locks & systems)
• Stamp Recognition (post office)
• Trademark Search
• Real Time Event Detection
• Forensic Identifications

HydroCAD 空調水電消防繪圖軟體

In a HydroCAD model, stormwater chambers typically appear as part of the storage definition for a “pond”. In the simplest case, HydroCAD calculates the available storage for use with other calculations. But more often, it is used to generate a completer inflow or runoff hydrograph and route it through the pond. The resulting analysis indicates the water levels attained throughout the rainfall event, as well as any discharge that may occur through outlet devices or infiltration into the surrounding ground.


HydroCAD 空調水電消防繪圖軟體
HydroCAD 空調水電消防繪圖軟體

Iocomp v5 科學工程繪圖軟體

Iocomp Software is committed to providing reliable, timely and professional technical support to all of its customers. Iocomp believes that its customers are the best source of feedback and ideas for our current and future lines of products. The company aims to make sure that its products satisfy your highest expectations and provide the features and functionality that you expect from the leader in Instrumentation control technologies.


Iocomp v5 科學工程繪圖軟體
Iocomp v5 科學工程繪圖軟體

Crystal Studio v15 分子圖形與模型結構軟體

crystal Studio是一個晶體結構建立顯示分析軟體.可以簡單的建立3D晶體結構,仿真繞射的樣式.內建的晶體數據庫可以迅速的滿足您的要求,Crystal Studio可以讓您建立真實相片般的圖形


Crystal Studio v15 分子圖形與模型結構軟體
Crystal Studio v15 分子圖形與模型結構軟體




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