Dundas BI v7 商業智慧平台-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Dundas BI v7 商業智慧平台

Dundas BI v7 商業智慧平台

  • Dundas BI v7 商業智慧平台
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    Visualization Innovators Committed to your BI Success. Everything we do is driven by our passion for creating innovative software that helps you better understand your data and solve real business problems. Our analytics platform, Dundas BI, is an enterprise-level business intelligence, data analytics and dashboard software that empowers everyone to visualize and analyze any data to make real-time, data-driven decisions that produce results.
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Dundas Dashbord

Ad Hoc Reporting Tools
Dundas BI is web-based and provides easy-to-use reporting tools to help create ad hoc reports when you need to quickly drill deeper into your information. With the ad hoc reporting tools in Dundas BI, you can create reports on-the-fly to display information that may be outside your regular BI reporting.

A good reporting tool can easily accommodate the creation of ad hoc reports for both business and technical users. Flexible, ad hoc reporting allows the business user to access critical information for analysis and distribution quickly and with no assistance from IT required. The self-service, real-time analysis with scheduled distribution of reports in Dundas BI streamlines access to the information users need for quick decision making.

mobile image Mobile

Dundas BI offers a full immersive experience on both desktop and mobile. The entire platform is built with mobile-first in mind using HTML5, and does not require any special apps or downloads. You can create, view and share your Dashboards, Reports and Scorecards on desktop and mobile seamlessly, or even do data analysis on mobile devices
platform bi on every device

Flexible Mobile BI
The client-side of the Dundas BI platform is based entirely on the latest web standards including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. This means Dundas BI works and looks the same on a desktop as it does on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Users get immediate access to analyze and view their business data without having to use custom applications. The HTML5 interface will allow you to deploy at once to all mobile platforms supporting HTML5 browsing such as iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry without having to develop and maintain a dedicated solution for each.

The user interface of Dundas BI was designed to be touch friendly so you can even design dashboards, reports and perform data analysis directly on a tablet without having to reconnect to your desktop.
mobile dashboard
Mobile Experience
Dundas BI offers Pinch to Zoom capabilities allowing users to focus on the different visualizations. Within a specific visualizations such as a bar chart, Dundas BI offers the ability to select data points and zoom in to that selection or out of the selection to see all points again. In addition, it supports tap actions to drill down/up into the different hierarchy levels of the displayed data points or apply any other data interaction. Tap and hold can also be used to expose additional information such as custom tooltips.

Aside from the touch gestures, there are also built in capabilities that support automatic resize based on the available screen size.

Scale – zoom in to maximize the available screen size without compromising the aspect ratio
Resize – dynamically show more or less data points based on the device available screen size. The difference between scale and resize is that scale could produce a very "small view" of the charts and other visualization data points if the screen size is very small while resize will show less data points but they will be readable even on a smaller screen

analytics image Analytics

Get a tailored experience by user type for self-served real-time visual access and analytics for all your data, information and results. Experience predictive and advanced data analytics, stunning data visualizations and on-the-fly data analysis in any format, on any device, with Dundas BI. Our business intelligence and data analytics software enables you to quickly realize the business value of your data.

Business users can view, create, interact with, monitor and share key business metrics, without having to involve their organization's technical team. With our data exploration process, users can easily turn their data insights into their own powerful dashboards and reports and share those with others. Users can create data connectors, metric sets, hierarchies, dashboards and reports, and use established data cubes and cube perspectives for simplified data discovery.

From the interactive designer screen in Dundas BI, you can easily explore available data sources and use intuitive operations to arrange dashboard, report or scorecard views of your data. For further analysis, you can easily apply period over period comparison or formula calculations to data using a familiar expression interface. Smart defaults and automatic data preparation are used throughout Dundas BI to provide a streamlined workflow, which means there are fewer steps needed to progress from your data to desired visuals.
call center dashboard
Predictive and Advanced Data Analytics
Use R language to uncover patterns in your data and predict trends. The R Language Analysis transform lets you write scripts using the R programming language to perform statistical and predictive analysis on data. Using R language for advanced statistical computing and Dundas BI to visualize and interact with the results gives you the best of both worlds. In addition to R, Dundas BI features advanced interactivity and intuitive data discovery operations including drag and drop for re-ordering and re-grouping as well as superior data analysis with trend and forecasting, priority ranking and statistics for data manipulation.

Explore Your Data
Right from the home screen, users can access a blank canvas where they can start creating a dashboard. They can easily see which data and metric sets are available to them in their project. A Metric Set is like a slice of a multi-dimensional data cube. It specifies a set of measures as well as which dimensions are on which axis, and which filters are available. By simply dragging the Metric Set on the dashboard, the user will be presented with the default view (i.e. a table or a chart).

Users can also drag data directly from their PC right onto the dashboard (i.e. Excel file or diagrams), and then perform various actions including copy, move and edit. They can also easily see their data structures including database table fields and cube measures and dimensions, and then drag and drop them onto the dashboard for further data discovery, filtering, sorting, grouping and drill downs to learn more about their data. Explore, analyze and visualize all your data, with Dundas BI business intelligence and data analytics software.

Interact and Analyze Your Data
Dundas BI advanced data analytics auto-detects hierarchies and time dimensions that enable powerful drill-down/up.

Hierarchies – easily interact with multi-dimensional hierarchies including geographic and product hierarchies. Very intuitive process with enhanced filtering, sorting, grouping and drill downs
Time Dimensions – automatically aggregate your date based data into years, half years, quarters, months, weeks and days
Metric Sets – easily refine the available data for quick development and ease of use
Data Tools – setup contextual metrics to support your data analysis including period over period, states setup and formulas
Formula Visualizations - generate new visualizations out of formula calculations or automatically summarize your data distribution via one click box plots setup
Analyze your data faster and thoroughly, and improve performance in all areas of your business with Dundas BI, visual data analytics software.

platform image Platform

With Dundas BI, you can connect to a variety of data sources including RDBMS, OLAP, Flat files, Big Data, Web services and more.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) capability is built directly into Dundas BI via our data cube layer. Simply add transform nodes to a data cube and connect them together to perform data cleansing or join tables sourced from different databases. The output of a data cube can be stored within the Dundas BI data warehouse for improved performance. Users can also build an in-memory analytical model of the data to enable even faster results for analytical queries. With data cubes, even non-technical users can easily discover and analyze data.
platform on mac data cube


Dundas BI

Visualization Innovators Committed to your BI Success

Everything we do is driven by our passion for creating innovative software that helps you better understand your data and solve real business problems. Our analytics platform, Dundas BI, is an enterprise-level business intelligence, data analytics and dashboard software that empowers everyone to visualize and analyze any data to make real-time, data-driven decisions that produce results.
With Dundas, you’re never alone. We’re 100% driven by your success and deliver an experience that is highly personalized – from the product you get, right through to how we support it.

The Ultimate User Experience
Empowers any user by auto-adapting the user experience to the user’s skills

Whether you are a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Dundas BI automatically adapts to your needs and allows you to personalize it unlike anything else. As an administrator, you have ultimate control over your entire BI process so you can easily customize it to the unique needs of your team or organization at scale. You’re only limited by your imagination. With Dundas BI, data can be analyzed right from the source, is faster to share, and can be easily understood by all users.

Limitless Customization
The perfect data delivery for faster decision-making

True BI success isn’t achieved by simply providing generic, cookie-cutter tools. The reality is, effective BI requires a shared vision and collaboration between business and technical users. It’s about more than just analysts exploring your data – it's about all business people being empowered to act on it. That is why we’re focused on perfecting how you interact with and visualize your data and are proud to be ranked first for Visual Design Standards by the world's largest BI survey.

#1 Vendor Support
We ensure you’ll take full advantage of our technology to truly gain a fantastic ROI

Our flexible platform, with its distinct user-adaptive experience, and stunning design tools, are just two of the three pillars that make Dundas so unique. The third is our unsurpassed enthusiasm towards your success. For us, client enablement is woven into the business and cultural fabric of our company. What truly completes the Dundas difference, is the extent to which we deliver immediate benefits to you. From the moment you contact us, we make it our mission to understand your project, and ensure you’re well equipped to achieve a lasting competitive advantage.


ACDSee 2019

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019 是世界第一個具有圖層的數位資產管理程式和 RAW 編輯器,是滿足創意圖形和攝影需求的理想工具。這項具有支持 GPU 加速的軟體以管理性能、參數式相片編輯功能和以效能為基礎的調整圖層而知名,可在鏡頭背後提供更快速的支援。Photo Studio Ultimate 現在提供臉部辨識功能、更多用來設定特定影像區域、非破壞性編輯、彈性色彩控制、加快 DAM 生產力的工具等,可以輕鬆突破極限,解放您的創意潛能。


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Global Mapper 17 地圖繪製軟體

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Global Mapper 17 地圖繪製軟體




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