Dundas BI 商業智慧平台-繪圖應用軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Dundas BI 商業智慧平台

Dundas BI  商業智慧平台

  • Dundas BI 商業智慧平台
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    Dundas BI 是一個用於 Web 的服務器應用程序,可以安裝在 Windows 或 Linux 上,並使用 Microsoft SQL Server 或 PostgreSQL 數據庫進行存儲。用戶可以使用支持的 Web 瀏覽器從任何設備登錄並連接到各種其他數據庫和數據源,這可能需要安裝額外的驅動程序。
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Dundas BI V9 Business Intelligence Platform

What's New in Dundas BI 

1. Overview 
A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 9.0.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 9.0.

2. Data Preparation and Analysis 
• View the schedules and storage build status of the
   data cubes in your projects from your profile

• Connecting to SharePoint Lists and SharePoint Excel
   Services is now available when Dundas BI is installed
   on Linux

3. Design and View 
• Right-click (or long-tap) to maximize a dashboard
   visualization to proportionally fill the screen

4. Data Visualizations 
• Color rules are now available in data labels like in
   other visualizations, which can be used for a single
   data label or for creating table-like heat maps in
   views like scorecards and small multiples

5. Administration 
• Use the new Data Cubes screen to easily find cubes
   and their references, set up storage and schedules,
   and build cubes

• New prompt when setting up storage offers to automa
   tically build referenced data cubes

• Set up a new batched storage job to build multiple
   cubes together in the chosen sequence

• Use the new Static Resources screen to store custom
   files such as images or additional CSS and JS files to
   use for customization and branding

• Import and export more items between Dundas BI
   instances, including notes and measure corrections,
   app styling and localization resources, notifications,
   checked-out files, and publish relationships

• New Enforce Recipient Account Exports configuration     setting ensures all notification content is exported for
   each user separately according to their security privile     ges and data security

• On multi-tenant instances, custom attributes are now
  identified by their associated tenant in the Admin

6. See also 
• Dundas BI release notes
• List of changes in version 9.0
• Dundas BI - System Requirements



Only 64-bit operating systems are supported.
Windows 10 - evaluation use only
Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 - version 7.3 or higher
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

1.5 GHz - minimum for evaluation or testing
2.0 GHz - minimum for production use
At least two logical cores are required for in-memory storage.

4 GB - minimum for evaluation or testing
8 GB - minimum for production use
16 GB - minimum for production use with in-memory analytics
Hard disk space:
10 GB free - minimum for evaluation or testing
50 GB free - minimum for production use


Dundas BI V9 商業智慧平台

Dundas BI 的新功能 

1. 概述
Dundas BI 9.0 發布的新功能和增強功能的亮點列表。

2. 數據準備與分析 
• 從您的配置文件中查看項目中數據立方體的計劃和存儲構建狀態
• 在 Linux上安裝Dundas BI 後,現在可以連接到 SharePoint     列表和 SharePoint Excel Services
3. 設計與查看 

4. 數據可視化 
• 顏色規則現在可以像其他可視化一樣在數據標籤中使用,可用於
   單個數據標籤或在記分卡和小倍數等視圖中創建類似表格的熱       圖

5. 行政 
• 使用新的數據多維數據集屏幕輕鬆查找多維數據集及其引用、

• 設置存儲時的新提示以自動構建引用的數據立方體
• 設置一個新的批處理存儲作業,以按照選定的順序一起構建多個

• 使用新的靜態資源屏幕來存儲自定義文件,例如圖像或其他 CS     S 和 JS 文件以用於自定義和品牌化
• 在 Dundas BI 實例之間導入和導出更多項目,包括註釋和度量

• 新的Enforce Recipient Account Exports配置設置可確保根     據每個用戶的安全權限和數據安全性為每個用戶單獨導出所有       通知內容
• 在多租戶實例上,自定義屬性現在由管理界面中的關聯租戶標識


LinkCAD v9 圖像轉換軟體

LinkCAD是最強大的,功能強大的CAD翻譯可用,並支持廣泛的文件格式。它具有一個非常直觀 的用戶界面,它將引導您完成轉換過程中的每一步。

LinkCAD v9 圖像轉換軟體

Moment of Inspiration (Mol) 3D繪圖軟體

Moment of Inspiration軟件的極簡用戶界面綜合行雲流水的工作流程和強大工具,使得MOI非常適合於感覺現在的CAD設計工具不易掌握的人們最佳選擇

Moment of Inspiration (Mol) 3D繪圖軟體

Iocomp 科學工程繪圖軟體

Iocomp Software is committed to providing reliable, timely and professional technical support to all of its customers. Iocomp believes that its customers are the best source of feedback and ideas for our current and future lines of products. The company aims to make sure that its products satisfy your highest expectations and provide the features and functionality that you expect from the leader in Instrumentation control technologies.

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