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New SIMSCRIPT III Release 1.0 includes:
The new compiler, with powerful enhancements:
  •   •  Object-Oriented Programming: Classes, Objects, Methods, Multiple inheritance
  •   •  Object-Oriented Process-based Simulation: Object activities – Process-methods
  •   •  Modularity: importing Modules/Packages, with public interfaces and private implementation
  •   •  Increased Execution speed for most very large simulation models
  •   •  More efficient Ranked Sets, especially convenient in communication networks simulations
  •   •  Strong type checking, and extensive error reporting to speed-up model development
  •   •  Increased maximum size for arrays, entities and text variable
  •   •  Enhanced SIMSCRIPT III Development Studio (SimStudio) for automatic build of both SIMSCRIPT III and SIMSCRIPT II.5 models
  •   •  Object-Oriented Simscript III graphics
  •   •  Simscript III Data Base Connectivity SDBC

SIMSCRIPT III Release 1.0 is available on 32-bit PC Windows platforms and 64-bit AMD64 processors Opteron and Athelon with 64-bit Linux RedHat Enterprise 4.
64-bit version of SIMSCRIPT III provides the following additional benefits:

  •   •  Increased address space
  •   •  Support for large files
  •   •  64-bit pointers and 64-bit integers
  •   •  64-bit Simulation Graphics
  •   •  64-bit Data Base Connectivity
SIMSCRIPT III trial version contains all the features as SIMSCRIPT III standard version except for the number of processes and process methods that can be activated. It is suitable for learning the product. For development of commercial size models you will need to install full SIMSCRIPT III version. This trial version requires PC windows platform with installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard or Professional edition.
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STELLA9.1 / iThink9.1 系統思考軟體

STELLA (or iThink), “the tool of general-purpose simulation and the thought support which utilize system dynamics” is. The model which was drawn up it does simulation with computer and it analyzes the change with the lapse of time by the fact that “system dynamics”, the system which changes attendant upon the lapse of time (the dynamic system) it expresses makes the hypothetical actual model in the computer, as the numerical formula model and, it is one of technique in order to keep overtaking the improvement step and solution in order to cope with actual problem.


STELLA9.1 / iThink9.1  系統思考軟體
STELLA9.1 / iThink9.1  系統思考軟體

Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體

New Version 8!  New calculation tools make it easy to determine pre-impact and post-impact speeds from skid marks (even across different surfaces) and determine impact speeds with the new Momentum Calculator. Use the Vehicle Database to obtain exact specifications for weight and wheelbase values to use in the speed formulas. The new Body Poser lets you easily pose bodies in 3D!


Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體
Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體

HVE & HVE 2D 車禍模擬軟體

HVE allows you to reconstruct and simulate crashes involving all types of road vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, etc.). 3-dimensional issues involving vehicle rollover, collision under-ride, irregular road surfaces (curbs, potholes and embankments), as well as system failures, such as brake defects or tire blow-out, are handled directly. The role of the driver, such as inattention or over-correction, can be evaluated in great detail. HVE may also be used to analyze injuries to occupants and pedestrians.


HVE & HVE 2D 車禍模擬軟體
HVE & HVE 2D 車禍模擬軟體




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