Arena 工商流程最佳化模擬軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Arena 工商流程最佳化模擬軟體

Arena 工商流程最佳化模擬軟體

  • Arena 工商流程最佳化模擬軟體
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Arena 工商流程最佳化模擬軟體


What if you could determine the impact of your business decisions before they were implemented?
Arena simulation software provides the capability to capitalize on business performance. 
  •   • Evaluate potential alternatives to determine the best approach to optimizing performance.
  •   • Understand system performance based on key metrics such as costs, throughput, cycle times, equipment utilization and resource availability.
  •   • Reduce risk through rigorous simulation and testing of process changes before committing significant capital or resource expenditures.
  •   • Determine the impact of uncertainty and variability on system performance.
  •   • Run “what-if” scenarios to evaluate proposed process changes.
  •   • Visualize results with 2D and 3D animation.
Model your business to improve decision making
Step 1
Identify the Problem

The key to every successful simulation project is a clear statement of the problem to be addressed and what success looks like. Once the problem is identified, a functional specification must be developed to describe the processes related to this challenge. This includes specifying the input variables and defining output variables that will be monitored and evaluated to rate the success of the possible solutions.
Step 2
Model Your Process

Once the problem is identified and the functional specification completed, the Arena simulation model of the process can be built. Arena’s flowchart modeling methodology is an easy and intuitive way to model any process without the need for customized code or programming. Once the model is built and validated against actual operating data, you can use it to evaluate process changes, variations in market factors, or resources and equipment requirements quickly and easily.
Step 3
Transform Your Business

The knowledge gained from simulation is only of value if it is used to improve the way you run your organization. Arena simulation software gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that the changes you implement are the right ones for your business.
Step 4

Business process improvement is not a one-time task. It is a continuous process that successful organizations undertake to ensure that they are staying ahead of the competition. Arena simulation software and the solutions you develop with it enable you to maintain competitive advantage and push your organization to new levels of performance.
Industries worldwide depend on Arena simulation software to enable business process improvement:

NeuralWorks Professional II/PLUS 類神經網路模擬軟體



NeuralWorks Professional II/PLUS  類神經網路模擬軟體
NeuralWorks Professional II/PLUS  類神經網路模擬軟體

Crash Zone 事故模擬軟體

For nearly 20 years The Crash Zone has been the drawing program of choice for Accident Reconstructionists and Law Enforcement Officers who need to accurately map crash scenes. The latest version of The Crash Zone has even more tools for Crash Investigators and Reconstructionists, including easy 3D animations, a vehicle specifications database, skid analysis and momentum calculations, and an easy-to-use 3D body poser! To help you get started fast, it includes a printed User's Manual, comprehensive electronic help, and a CD full of training movies. There is no annual maintenance fee and Tech


Crash Zone 事故模擬軟體
Crash Zone 事故模擬軟體

Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體

New Version 8!  New calculation tools make it easy to determine pre-impact and post-impact speeds from skid marks (even across different surfaces) and determine impact speeds with the new Momentum Calculator. Use the Vehicle Database to obtain exact specifications for weight and wheelbase values to use in the speed formulas. The new Body Poser lets you easily pose bodies in 3D!


Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體
Crash Zone 車禍意外現場重建軟體




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