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    DirectRT是為需要毫秒精密的認識和知覺工作設計的。 它可迅速建造回應時間任務並且有極端準確收集回應數據。
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DirectRT是為需要毫秒精密的認識和知覺工作設計的。 它可迅速建造回應時間任務並且有極端準確收集回應數據。

Do you have tasks in which you measure RTs that average less than 1000ms? Do you have tasks in which stimulus onset and presentation times are seriously expressed in milliseconds and not seconds? Are you comfortable with the "blocks of trials" concept?  If so, then you've come to the right place--DirectRT can dramatically simplify your life. 

Powerful and easy to use
With DirectRT you can quickly and easily create reaction time tasks that require precision timing. You will be able to easily obtain accurate high speed response input from keyboards, mice, joysticks, microphones and external hardware. Present sound, video, images and text with exacting precision. You will be amazed at how DirectRT can make this so easy.

Windows can accomodate precision
Windows has traditionally been a very chaotic environment for precisely controlling the timing of events. The development of Microsoft’s DirectX has changed all this for psychological research. DirectX based programs can now manipulate images and sound and monitor input activity at the millisecond level. All this with incredible reliability. Dust off your old oscilloscope and see for yourself! DirectRT is 100% DirectX. 

You’ll never go back
DirectRT comes with extensive on-line help files, an easy-to-follow 100-page manual and an on-line tutorial with over 40 samples that illustrate simple and advanced techniques. Using Microsoft Excel as its editor, you can create, copy, paste and modify trials in no time. Although we now offer millisecond accurate keyboards and button boxes, DirectRT also works great with most third party external hardware. Even with a standard USB keyboard, serial mouse, joystick, or sound card microphone, error is remarkably low. Bottom line is that DirectRT will help minimize timing error associated with most hardware.

General Features and Response Times
  •  •  Timing resolution of 1 millisecond.
  •  •  Response timing is synchronized with the screen display so timing always begins when the screen first begins to draw (eliminates 10-17 milliseconds of random error).
  •  •  Works with Windows to pause all other system events while timing is taking place. With everything else put on hold, the highest processing priority possible is given to DirectRT during the critical time intervals on each trial.
  •  •  Uses Microsoft’s DirectX to gain the fastest access possible to input events from the keyboard, mouse, joystick and soundcard.
  •  •  Optionally define minimum and maximum response times and deliver custom message screens for each when violated.
  •  •  Collect multiple response times on a single trial.
  •  •  Collect key release response times in addition to key press times.
  •  •  Define valid keys for any response.
  •  •  Define 'correct' key for any response.
  •  •  Optionally require a correct response (see the IAT sample).
Input Options
  •  •  Keyboard, mouse, and joystick input for single keypress or button responses.
  •  •  Short open ended (fill-in-the-blank) responses.
  •  •  Voice responses via microphone connected to your soundcard (ask us about a test you can do to see if your sound card can handle it).
  • Option of saving voice responses as wav files on your hard drive.
  •  •  Continuous joystick motion.
  •  •  TTL signals can be read from a defined port to gather data from external equipment.

MediaLab 心理學軟體


MediaLab 心理學軟體
MediaLab 心理學軟體


Inquisit是目前最流行的心理學實驗系統和常用心理學統計軟體之一,現下被五大洲超過400個研究所正在使用,Inquisit是全世界行為科學家選擇用於創建豐富調查和量表,信號檢驗測量,內隱態度測驗,以及認知、注意和記憶等方面實驗的工具。它具有精度高、開放式回應、擴展性強、支援語音識別等特點,其獨特功能在於可透過網路收集實驗數據並對數據加密,支援基於互聯網的實驗。 Dr.eye: 從架構和複雜性來看,在Inquisit中定義實驗對象如同編輯HTML檔案一樣輕鬆。



TAP 2.3.1 專注力表現測驗軟體

Intactness of the functions of attention is an important prerequisite for effective behaviour in everyday life. When we are inattentive and lacking in concentration, important information escapes our notice and we find ourselves subsequently unable to recall pertinent details. Practical actions become difficult to perform, and we commit errors. In this respect, deficits of attention have far-reaching consequences for almost every aspect and every activity of everyday life, be it at school, at work, in traffic, or in carrying out other, diverse daily tasks.


TAP 2.3.1 專注力表現測驗軟體
TAP 2.3.1 專注力表現測驗軟體




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