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Evolver 遺傳演算法軟體

Evolver 遺傳演算法軟體

  • Evolver 遺傳演算法軟體
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    volver是一種在Micro soft上最使用,最佳化的遺傳演算法軟體 Evolver使用革新的遺傳演算法(genetic algorithm)能迅速的把金融,資源分發, 生產,製作預算,工程等問題作優化處理
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Evolver 遺傳演算法軟體

Evolver是一種在Micro soft上最使用,最佳化的遺傳演算法軟體
Evolver使用革新的遺傳演算法(genetic algorithm)能迅速的把金融,資源分發,

Innovative Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Evolver is the genetic algorithm optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel. Evolver uses innovative genetic algorithm (GA) technology to quickly solve optimization problems in finance, distribution, scheduling, resource allocation, manufacturing, budgeting, engineering, and more. Virtually any type of problem that can be modeled in Excel can be solved by Evolver, including previously unsolvable, complex nonlinear problems. Evolver’s genetic algorithms arrive at the best overall “global” solution to a problem—solutions traditional solvers typically miss

New Evolver™ 5.5
Evolver has been re-engineered from the ground up in a stunning new version. A streamlined interface, full support for cell ranges, enhanced monitoring of optimization progress, a faster engine and more make Evolver “a truly innovative program” according to BYTE magazine

Excel Ease of Use
Evolver is a true add-in to Microsoft Excel, integrating completely with your spreadsheet. Define your models, adjust your settings, run optimizations, monitor progress, and generate reports – while never leaving Excel. Streamlined dialog boxes mean fewer open windows to navigate.

Why Evolver?
Standard optimization programs such as Excel’s Solver are good at finding the best “local” solution, or combination of values to maximize or minimize the outcome of a straightforward spreadsheet model given certain constraints. They find a solution which seems to be producing favorable results and continue to work on that basis, without trying new solutions. This is known as “hill climbing.” However, these programs are not set up to handle more complicated, nonlinear problems where the best local solution may not be the best absolute answer. Evolver, using innovative “mutations” and combinations of solutions, or “organisms,” is well-suited to finding the best overall answer by exploring the entire universe of possible answers.

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