B2 Spice v.5 電路圖模擬軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

B2 Spice v.5 電路圖模擬軟體

B2 Spice v.5 電路圖模擬軟體

  • B2 Spice v.5 電路圖模擬軟體
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B2 Spice v.5 電路圖模擬軟體

Click on one of the features to find out more about the rich features of B2 Spice v.5

  •  •  Redesigned User Interface - toolbar, tab, and button driven for more intuitive control - fewer obscure menu commands to control program.
  •  •  Virtual Instruments - oscilloscope, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, distortion meters, and MORE.
  •  • "Live Circuit" Parameters that can be altered as a simulation is running. Results displayed on virtual instruments or on the schematic via circuit animation
  •  •  NEW Parts Browser with customizable Parts Palette
  •  •  Curve Tracer to plot the behavior of a device before you place it in your circuit.
  •  •  Simulation mode - continuous transient simulation
  •  •  Multiple level tests - Multiple parameter sweeps or Monte Carlo sweeps in ANY test
  •  • "Real-world" devices model performance of actual parts such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors.
  •  •  Circuit Wizard to step you through the creation of the most commonly used circuit configurations
  •  •  Graphing module - complete control over all aspects of the graph.
  •  •  Tabbed window projects to keep all the documents in a project in one Window.
  •  •  Cross Probing that interactively updates the graph as you add or move the probes around the circuit.
     •  A version (B2 Spice Professional CS) that features CADSTAR integration is also Available.

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On top of the already extensive features of B2 Spice A/D v4.
  •  • Circuit Visualization to display the actual current flow through the circuit and the relative voltage relationships by varying the wire's display color.
  •  • Quick, easy, and intuitive schematic entry
  •  • New feature: export to and import from Eagle, a world leader in PCB software.
  •  • 12 powerful tests
  •  • 25,000 digital and analog parts including hundreds ofREALISTIC behavioral models for such parts as resistors, inductors and capacitors.
  •  • Parameterized subcircuits
  •  • Create a part from any circuit
  •  • Password protected defects
  •  • Shared models
  •  • Database editor to import and manage the library of parts
  •  • Integrated symbol editor
System Requirements:
  •  • A Pentium class or later processor is required.
  •  • 256Mb RAM minimum
  •  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista recommended.

DSATools 即時電力系統模擬軟體

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DSATools 即時電力系統模擬軟體
DSATools 即時電力系統模擬軟體

B2 Spice A/D v4 電路圖軟體


B2 Spice A/D v4 電路圖軟體
B2 Spice A/D v4 電路圖軟體

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B2 Logic 數位電位設計模擬軟體
B2 Logic 數位電位設計模擬軟體




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