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010 Editor 文件編輯器軟體

010 Editor 文件編輯器軟體

  • 010 Editor 文件編輯器軟體
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    010 Editor is a professional-grade text editor and hex editor designed to quickly and easily edit any file or drive on your computer. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a whole range of editing tools, 010 Editor is a valuable tool for anyone working with text or binary files.
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010 Editor 文件編輯器軟體

010 Editor is a professional-grade text editor and hex editor designed to quickly and easily edit any file or drive on your computer. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a whole range of editing tools, 010 Editor is a valuable tool for anyone working with text or binary files.
  •   View and edit any binary file on your hard drive (unlimited file size) and text files including Unicode files, C/C++ source code, etc.

  •   Unique Binary Templatestechnology allows you to understand any binary file format.

  •   Find and fix problems with hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, processes, etc.
  •   Analyze and edit binary data with powerful tools including Find, Replace, Find in Files, Binary Comparisons, Checksum/Hash Algorithms, Histograms, etc.
   •   Powerful scripting engine allows automation of many tasks (language is very similar to C).
   •   Import and export your binary data in a number of different formats.

Binary Templates - The Power Behind 010 Editor
One of the most powerful features of 010 Editor is the ability to parse virtually any binary file using a Binary Template. Instead of browsing through a long range of hex bytes as with traditional hex editors, Binary Templates allow a file to be understood. Templates are easy to write and can be used to completely parse any data format, such as BMP or ZIP files (Templates for reading these files are included with 010 Editor).

A Binary Template looks similar to a C/C++ structure, but is actually run as a program. Every time a variable is declared in a Template, that variable is mapped to a set of hex bytes in a file. Data in the file can then be read or written by modifying the variable. Because the Template is run as a program, if, for, or while statements as well as functions or complex expressions can be used. When a Template is run, the defined variables can be edited using the Template Results, as shown on the left. New Templates can be added to 010 Editor and can even be configured to run automatically when a file is loaded. For more information on Binary Templates see the Binary Templates page.

Try this:
Download and install 010 Editor, then open any BMP, ZIP, or WAV file and you will be presented with the whole file parsed into a data structure for easy editing.

Analysis Tools - Find, Compare, Histograms, etc.

A number of sophisticated tools are included with 010 Editor for analyzing and editing binary files.
  •   •   Full FindReplace, and Find in Files functionality for many different data types.
  •   •   Powerful Binary Comparison tool for comparing bytes of two files.
  •   •   Computes Check Sum/Hash Algorithms including CRC-16, CRC-32, Adler32, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA-1, SHA-256, and TIGER.
  •   •   Use the Histogram tools to count byte occurrences.
  •   •   Apply Highlighting rules to identify bytes in a file.
  •   •   Mark important bytes in the file using Bookmarks.
  •   •   Convert data between ASCIIEBCDIC, and Unicode formats.
  •   •   Results from many tools are displayed in a graph for easy visualization.
010 Editor also includes a full expression Calculator. If 010 Editor does not supply the functionality you are looking for, you can write a Script to analyze or edit a file using a syntax similar to C.
  •   •   Easy to use text editor / hex editor / binary editor with standard cut/copy/paste functions.
  •   •   Parse and edit binary files easily with Binary Templates.
  •   •   Powerful DynaBin Data Engine allows opening/copying/pasting huge binary files instantly (in most cases).
  •   •   Use as a disk editor to edit hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.
  •   •   View and edit system processes.
  •   •   Easily loads files over 4GB (if supported by the file system).
  •   •   Unlimited Undo/Redo for all hex editing operations.
  •   •   Workspace keeps track of all open, recent, and favorite files, and includes a file explorer.
  •   •   Inspector allows data to be edited in many different formats.
  •   •   Integrated expression Calculator using C syntax.
  •   •   Write Scripts to automate many different tasks using over 140 different functions.
  •   •   Bookmarks can be used to mark important bytes in a file.
  •   •   Many powerful analysis and editing tools including Find, Replace, Checksums, Binary Comparisons, Histograms, Find in Files, etc. (see above)
  •   •   Conversions between ASCII, EBCDIC, and Unicode.
  •   •   Import or Export data in the following formats: Hex Text, C/C++ Code, Java Code, Intel Hex Format (8, 16, or 32 bit versions), Motorola S-Records (3 types), Base64, Uuencoding, RTF (export only), or HTML (export only).
  •   •   Printing with full print preview, headers, footers, and margins.
  •   •   Full documentation with tips.

Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體

Master Uneraser能回復在硬碟中意外刪除的檔案(或是在垃圾桶中所刪除的檔案)。它是直接連接硬碟在低層和忽視已存在在硬碟的資料,因為它要分析硬碟的可 用空間,利用新增加的硬碟空間來找出刪除的檔案。它並不一定知道Windows是否完全刪除掉檔案,從檔案系統中它只抓取檔案記錄,只要刪除掉檔案釋放出 的可用空間沒有被其他檔案給覆蓋的話,它就能回復剛刪除的檔案。


Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體
Master Uneraser 檔案回復軟體

Spread for SharePoint 電子表單製作軟體



Spread for SharePoint 電子表單製作軟體
Spread for SharePoint 電子表單製作軟體

FINALForensics 法證分析工具

FINALForensics is based upon the powerful data recovery engine found in, FINALDATA. It is a premier computer forensics tool that is designed to be easily used by all levels of users including novices and experts in digital forensics field. FINALForensics provides many of the necessary tools requried for digital forensic analysis.


FINALForensics 法證分析工具
FINALForensics 法證分析工具




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