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ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體

ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體

  • ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體
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    ATLAS.ti 24 通過直觀的研究工具和一流的技術幫助你發現更好的見解,為各種需求而建:從基本分析任務到最深入的研究項目。
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ATLAS.ti 24 qualitative analysis



ATLAS.ti 24.1 represents a huge step toward the future.

We listened carefully to our users and have streamlined and redesigned many areas of the program to even better accommodate users' needs and workflows. Numerous innovative new functions show the way where ATLAS.ti is further headed—and where it continues to lead the pack of similar products.

The sum total of these new features makes for an exciting and powerful new ATLAS.ti experience.

New Features

Create Code Hierarchies, Organize Codes in Folder

ATLAS.ti 24 offers you new ways to organize your codes in the code system.

Import social network comments

Social networks provide a powerful reflection of the structure and dynamics of the modern society. Often it is not a single tweet or post that is interesting, but the reactions and interactions of the social network users. There are many applications for analyzing user comments such as, social movements, brand communities, marketing campaigns, political discourse, discourses on currently relevant topics within a given community or society, understanding your audience, or even sh*t storms.

Supported social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, VK, Twitch, Discord, Steam. Below you see an imported social network conversation from YouTube on the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. ATLAS.ti auto-codes all users. In addition, a Sentiment Analysis has been conducted, looking for positive and negative statements.

Improved Survey Import
Good news for those working with survey data. We have simplified the import of survey data; there is no longer the need to add any syntax before importing. You can import data as it is exported from Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Qualtrix, and the like. With the help of a wizard, you can decide which data should be included or excluded, which data should be transformed.

Concept Search
This is a great new feature if you need to gain insights quickly. But there are numerous other applications, for instance to code literature for a literature review or to find information in larger reports. The concept search finds relevant concepts for you based on noun phrases. You can review results in context and can decide what you want to code.

Analyze Parts of Speech in Word Clouds and Lists
The word clouds and lists received a further filter option. Filtering by parts of speech allows you to filter your data by specific grammatical elements (parts of speech) like adjectives, nouns, numerals, pronouns, etc. Below you see an example that only shows adjectives:

More Data Visualizations
Data Visualization is a great way to simplify the complexity of understanding relationships among data. The Sankey Diagram is one such powerful technique to visualize the association of data elements, which we introduced in version 9. In the new version you can also create bar charts as alternative views.

Analyzing Code Distributions
After having coded the data, a look at the code distribution gives you a feel for the data. Which topics were mentioned more or less frequently, by whom, is there a difference between different groups of respondents? How are the topics distributed? Code distributions are displayed in the Document Manager and in the Code Manager.

Live Chat
In addition to our email and telephone support, you can now also chat with us if you have a question or a problem. In ATLAS.ti Windows, you can access the Live Chat via the Help menu. In ATLAS.ti Mac, you find the Live Chat option in the toolbar.
New License Models
We introduce the 3-year subscription model. It gives you absolutely great value for the money: Receive all major version upgrades during the entire duration of lease, a lower lease price compared to the annual lease, the possibility to prepay for multiple years, thus being able to meaningfully invest available budget moneys, and a lower annual rate.

We are switching to subscription licenses to ensure that all users always have the same program version. In the past it has been shown that the cooperation of users with different versions has led to problems, which can be avoided if all have the same version.

This became more and more important since the ATLAS.ti Windows and Mac desktop versions are fluently compatible with each other, so that projects can be moved between them at any time forth and back and like that everyone can work in a mixed team and also since projects from the Web version can be imported to the desktop versions and vice versa. All this would be very complicated if our users would work with different versions.

Perpetual licenses, i.e. licenses that included a version with unlimited use, was purchased mainly because institutions and companies did not have certainty about future budgets. To accommodate this need, we have therefore introduced a three-year subscription that is paid in advance to solve this problem. An institution can now spend what it currently has in its budget and purchase a license that is valid for a minimum of three years.

New in ATLAS.ti Web: Visualizations, Import
We have added great new visualizations in ATLAS.ti Web (see above examples of a Donut Chart and a Tree Map), as well as the possibility to import ATLAS.ti 22 projects from the Windows and Mac versions.

We have added synonym lists for all interface languages and improved the database so you have more and better choices.
For data import from reference managers, we now also support the .bitTex format. Combined with the Endnote .xml format, this gives you an almost 100% compatibility with all reference managers.

We have extended the range of file types that ATLAS.ti Windows can read. The following file types can be imported and transformed into PDF documents:
eBooks in. epub and .mobi formats
Microsoft Visio and Libre Office / OpenOffice Draw
PowerPoint slides
The interface has a fresh new look. When you open a project, information about your project like its comments, number of documents, codes, etc. will be displayed on the screen:
We have reorganized and extended the context menus. For instance, adding code colors is available from the code context menu.

In the Windows version, you can now also merge codes via drag & drop. Further, you can edit a comment in the Apply Coding window and in the comment area of the project navigator and the browsers. Previously you could only view them.

We have simplified number functions, like removing the code tree and code forest, transitive relations in the Relation Manager, and semantic operators in the query tool. All of these are now no longer necessary, as a true hierarchy for codes is available. Being able to simply select a category to retrieve all the quotations of its subcodes has made the semantic down operator obsolete. Selecting multiple subcodes and retrieving their quotations has made the sibling operator obsolete.



Hardware: Intel-based PC, 2GHz, Intel Core or compatible CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1.5 GB free hard disk.

Operating systems: Operating systems: Windows 10 64-bit (at least Version 1607, “Anniversary Update.”

(Some special Windows editions, such as Windows 10N and Windows 10 for Virtual Desktops, are NOT supported).

Hardware: At least 4GB RAM, SSD strongly recommended
Operating systems: macOS 10.13 “High Sierra” or higher.

For better natural language processing results, ATLAS.ti can optionally use bigger machine learning models, which require at least 8 GB of RAM on Windows and Mac computers.
Version 22.2.5
Release date: 2022-11-07

New and Improved

  • French interface
  • Open quotation list in new window
  • Support for PDF ligature characters
  • Opinion Mining improvements
  • Export concepts to Excel and as image

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problems with project import / export
  • Fixed tree map view in code manager for 4K monitors
  • Print image documents
  • Missing properties in reference manager import
  • Fixed sorting phrases of concepts
  • Fixed problems with SPSS export

ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體


ATLAS.ti 24.1 的新內容

New Features

Create Code Hierarchies, Organize Codes in Folder

ATLAS.ti 24.1 為您提供了在代碼系統中組織代碼的新方法。


社交網路有力地反映了現代社會的結構和動態。通常,有趣的不是一條推文或帖子,而是社交網絡用戶的反應和互動。 有許多應用程序可用於分析用戶評論,例如社會運動、品牌社區、營銷活動、政治話語、給定社區或社會中當前相關主題的話語、了解您的受眾,甚至是垃圾風暴。
支持的社交網絡包括 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram、YouTube、TikTok、VK、Twitch、Discord、Steam。 您可以在下方看到從 YouTube 導入的關於新款 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 的社交網絡對話。 ATLAS.ti 自動編碼所有用戶。 此外,還進行了情緒分析,尋找正面和負面的陳述。

對於那些使用調查數據的人來說是個好消息。 我們簡化了調查數據的導入; 不再需要在導入之前添加任何語法。 您可以導入從 Google Forms、Survey Monkey、Qualtrix 等導出的數據。 在嚮導的幫助下,您可以決定應包含或排除哪些數據,應轉換哪些數據。

如果您需要快速獲得洞察力,這是一個很棒的新功能。 但是還有許多其他應用程序,例如為文獻綜述編碼文獻或在更大的報告中查找信息。 概念搜索根據名詞短語為您查找相關概念。 您可以在上下文中查看結果,並可以決定要編寫什麼代碼。

文字雲和列表獲得了進一步的過濾選項。 按詞性過濾允許您按特定的語法元素(詞性)過濾數據,如形容詞、名詞、數字、代詞等。下面是一個僅顯示形容詞的示例:

數據可視化是簡化理解數據之間關係的複雜性的好方法。 桑基圖是一種強大的可視化數據元素關聯的技術,我們在最新版本 引入了它。在新版本中,您還可以創建條形圖作為替代視圖。

對數據進行編碼後,查看代碼分佈可以讓您對數據有所了解。 哪些主題或多或少地被提及,由誰提及,不同的受訪者群體之間是否存在差異? 主題是如何分佈的? 代碼分佈顯示在文檔管理器和代碼管理器中。

除了我們的電子郵件和電話支持外,您現在還可以在有問題或問題時與我們聊天。在 ATLAS.ti Windows 中,您可以通過幫助菜單訪問實時聊天。在 ATLAS.ti Mac 中,您可以在工具欄中找到實時聊天選項。
我們引入了 3 年訂閱模式。它絕對物超所值:在整個租賃期間獲得所有主要版本升級,與年度租賃相比,租賃價格更低,可以預付多年,從而能夠有意義地投資可用預算資金,和較低的年利率。


這變得越來越重要,因為 ATLAS.ti Windows 和 Mac 桌面版本彼此流暢兼容,因此項目可以隨時在它們之間來回移動,就像每個人都可以在混合團隊中工作一樣,而且因為Web 版本的項目可以導入到桌面版本,反之亦然。如果我們的用戶使用不同的版本,這一切都會變得非常複雜。


ATLAS.ti Web 中的新功能:可視化、導入
我們在 ATLAS.ti Web 中添加了很棒的新可視化(參見上面的圓環圖和樹形圖示例),以及從 Windows 和 Mac 版本導入 ATLAS.ti 24 項目的可能性。

對於從參考管理器導入數據,我們現在還支持 .bitTex 格式。結合 Endnote .xml 格式,這為您提供了與所有參考管理器幾乎 100% 的兼容性。
我們擴展了 ATLAS.ti Windows 可以讀取的文件類型範圍。可以導入以下文件類型並將其轉換為 PDF 文檔:
epub 和 .mobi 格式的電子書
Microsoft Visio 和 Libre Office / OpenOffice Draw
在 Windows 版本中,您現在還可以通過拖放合併代碼。此外,您可以在“應用編碼”窗口以及項目導航器和瀏覽器的註釋區域中編輯註釋。以前您只能查看它們。


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ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體

ATLAS.ti 24 通過直觀的研究工具和一流的技術幫助你發現更好的見解,為各種需求而建:從基本分析任務到最深入的研究項目。

ATLAS.ti 24 質性分析軟體

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