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SimaPro 9 生命週期評估軟體

SimaPro 9 生命週期評估軟體

  • SimaPro 9 生命週期評估軟體
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    生命週期評估(Life Cycle Assessment, LCA) 是現今產品發展與設計所需參考的一項重要指標方針,美國環境毒物及化學協會將其定義為一個衡量產品生產或人類活動所伴隨之環境負荷的工具。
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SimaPro 9.1.1

What's new in SimaPro 9.1.1 release?
We are glad to introduce SimaPro 9.1.1! This new version includes several small software improvements, updates of impact assessment methods and the latest version of the Agri-footprint database. Last but not least, the current release reflects the new SimaPro brand identity.

By Michiel Oele, SimaPro Product Specialist at PRé Sustainability After the previous major software update, the current version contains a series of bug fixes and small improvements. For users, the focus has been on databases – ensuring quality, consistency and accuracy of the data and impact assessment methods Updated database: Agri-footprint 4.1 New database: Agri-footprint 5 Updated method: AWARE Superseded method: GHG protocol New method: IPCC 2013 GWP 100a (incl. CO2 uptake) Below you can see the highlights of this release. For a full overview of changes, please refer to the ‘What's new in SimaPro 9.1.1‘ manual..

Changes to data libraries

Agri-footprint 4.1
Agri-footprint 4.1 is an improved version of 4.0 in which some errors are corrected. Moreover, the economic database includes 5 new datasets from Evonik; these are amino acids for feed. This version is only available as an update for users who already had version 4.0, and will not be provided with new SimaPro installations.

Agri-footprint 5
Agri-footprint 5 is now available in three different libraries within SimaPro, based on mass, energy or economic allocation. It includes linked unit process inventories of crop cultivation, crop processing, animal production systems and processing of animal products for multi-impact life cycle assessments. Agri-footprint also contains inventory data on transport, fertilizer production and auxiliary materials.Some of the new features of this database are: Focus on more markets: besides the Dutch feed market, now there is a stronger focus for feed materials in European and American markets. Update on activity data for crop cultivation: Next to an update of the source data, new models have been developed to quantify inputs and emissions in more detail. Expansion of scope for crops: more countries are included in the new version. Replacement files are available to help users update their projects from Agri-footprint 4.1 to the new Agri-footprint 5. More information on these replacement files and how to use them is available in the relevant update manuals or on the Agri-footprint 5 website.

Changes to impact assessment methods

The method is updated to the most recent version 1.2c. This influences the vast majority of characterization factors.
GHG protocol
This method is no longer supported and has been moved to the Superseded category. It has been replaced with a new method “IPCC 2013 (with carbon uptake)” as this better reflects the needs of the impact assessment method to be used with the GHG protocol.

IPCC 2013 GWP 100a (incl. CO2 uptake)
We included this special version of the IPCC method which includes CO2 uptake, as accounting for CO2 uptake is relevant for the following standards:

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
ISO 14067
PAS 2050
Please be aware that CO2 uptake must be counterbalanced by end-of-life emissions to avoid strange (negative) results.

How to update to SimaPro 9.1.1?
Everyone with a valid service contract from September 30, 2020 onward can update to SimaPro 9.1.1. As usual, you will need to update the software, then import the update database and append substances. For all recommendations and step-by-step instructions, please refer to the update manuals available at the SimaPro Help Center. These manuals also include the relevant download links.

What's next?
New database: World Food LCA Database
World Food LCA Database (WFLDB) is a comprehensive international life cycle inventory database and a global initiative led by Quantis in partnership with leaders in the agri-food sector. The database was launched in 2012 in response to the growing need for reliable, transparent and coherent environmental data and a consistent methodology for assessing the impacts of agri-food products. WFLDB is now available exclusively for SimaPro users as an additional download (free of charge)!
Would you like to learn more about the contents and methodology of the World Food LCA Database? Watch the recording of the webinar that we organized in collaboration with Quantis.


SimaPro 系統需求

SimaPro是一個32位Windows應用程序,也可以在64位Windows上運行。強烈建議您安裝最新的Service Pack。不支持較早的操作系統。SimaPro 8及更高版本可在以下環境上運行:
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

SimaPro內部存儲器: 4 GB(32位),8 GB(64位)。
屏幕分辨率:最低分辨率為1280 x1024。
硬盤:用於臨時文件的10 GB可用(本地)硬盤空間。

SimaPro內部存儲器:至少4 GB(32位)或8 GB(64位)。
硬盤:每個已安裝的數據庫至少需要2 GB的空間。



SimaPro 生命週期評估軟體

30年來,SimaPro一直是世界領先的生命週期評估(LCA)軟件包。它受到80多個國家的工業界和學術界的信賴。 SimaPro的開發目的是幫助您有效地應用LCA專業知識來推動變革,提供創造可持續價值所需的事實。

SimaPro是一個具有成本效益的、以科學為基礎的工具,可為任何用戶提供解決方案。 SimaPro支持LCA和EPD,並始終包含各種LCI數據庫,如ecoinvent v3,特定行業的農業足跡數據庫和ELCD。通過服務合同,您可以獲得軟件和數據庫的全面支持和更新。
SimaPro是基於強大的LCA科學,是衡量產品可持續性的領先方法。它是建立在30年來在可持續發展指標方面的思想領導力以及對主要研究和政策發展的貢獻之上。這使得它成為創建符合ISO標準的LCA(如ISO 14067和14040)、EPD和報告的首選工具。

MODDE 13 實驗計劃與分析軟體



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在您的組織提高您的效率並且重新解釋性能測量以Frontier Analyst®。 使用技術以資料包絡分析(DEA)著名,執行宗旨,採取您在純粹表現之外財政措施的比較效率分析研究。 理想用於零售,加盟,金融業務,醫療保健,公共業務和許多其他事務單位根據企業。Frontier Analyst®易於使用、結合強大功能並幫助您達到您的目標。


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