SimaPro 8 生命週期評估軟體

SimaPro 8 生命週期評估軟體

  • SimaPro 8 生命週期評估軟體
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    生命週期評估(Life Cycle Assessment, LCA) 是現今產品發展與設計所需參考的一項重要指標方針,美國環境毒物及化學協會將其定義為一個衡量產品生產或人類活動所伴隨之環境負荷的工具。
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SimaPro 8

Ecoinvent 3 database
The renewed ecoinvent database comes with many new features:
New modeling approaches: consequential and attributional modeling
Market processes: new processes that represent the national, regional and global markets for products.
New allocation procedure: a new approach to recycling products and allocation in case of multi-functional processes.
New water-use data: national and regional water-use data in all datasets, including information on the extraction location.
New datasets: transport, cement production, chemical production, horticultural, and other agricultural production processes.
New data format: SimaPro data format and ILCD data format will be converted to ecoinvent 3 format and vice versa.
Database update: SimaPro 8 enables the transfer of links to ecoinvent 2.2 in user databases to ecoinvent 3.
Read more about the ecoinvent v3 database
Water footprint assessment
Ecoinvent 3 included regionalized water-use data in its new version. In order to use the data, SimaPro now has implemented spatially differentiated water impact assessment methods.
Boulay et al 2011 (Water Stress indicator),
Hoekstra et al 2012 (Blue water scarcity)
Pfister et al 2009 (Water Stress Index),
Boulay et al 2011 (human health),
Motoshita et al 2010 (human health),
Pfister et al 2009 (human health, ecosystems quality, resources – based on Ecoindicator99),
Pfister et al 2010 (human health, ecosystems quality, resources – based on ReCiPe).
Ecological scarcity 2006 (water only)
Updated impact assessment methods:
Ecological scarcity 2006
EDIP 2003
EPD 2008


Mapping Files for SimaPro 8.0.4 Users

In the context of the Environmental Footprint Pilot Project, you need to convert your life cycle inventory models to ILCD format. SimaPro does not support export in ILCD format, but does support export in EcoSpold 1 format. With the format converted, you can easily convert your data from SimaPro.


Version 3.0 of the openLCA converter did not completely map all substances and their (sub)compartments between SimaPro and the ILCD format. To address this problem, PRé has created additional mapping files that properly map the data used in SimaPro to the ILCD format. To allow you to use these new mapping files, the openLCA format converter has been updated to version 3.1.

What's new in the software
We have found and fixed a few bugs in SimaPro, which might affect calculation results for some users.  This update also includes the TRACI 2 method (which was pre-released January 2012), which focuses specifically on North America and an update to the USLCI library adding 45 electricity mixes for different regions.
Method updates
The new TRACI 2 method was included in SimaPro. The toxicity impact categories were taken directly from the USEtox (recommended + interim) method:
• human toxicity cancer
• human toxicity non-cancer
• ecotoxicity
Characterization factors were added for aggregated substances and compounds (see documentation inside the method for details). More information will become available through the US EPA.
· Minor Updates to:
• Ecological scarcity
• EDIP 2003
• ReCiPe
• Selected LCI results
See the documentation tab of the methods for the changes to these methods.
Library update: USLCI Library
Electricity models for different states and regions were added, plus some additional processes. For detailed documentation, please visit the www.nrel.gov/lci.
Bug fixes:
A number of these bug fixes were already implemented in the patch released January 2012.  The software update 7.3.3 contains these and more fixes.
·  Incorrect results for “End-of-life” in some cases.
In specific circumstances SimaPro did not calculate a part of the “End-of-Life” of an LCA model correctly. This problem had to do with the calculation of material-flows that are handled by waste scenario and waste treatment processes. It only occurred when using materials in assemblies together with waste scenario processes for modeling the waste handling and if these waste scenarios contain specific waste output flows that are assigned to a specific material and not to a waste type or to "all waste types".
The effect of this bug is a lower amount of waste treated by one or more waste scenarios and waste treatment processes which resulted in lower process contribution, inventory and impact assessment results.
·  Elementary flows problem resulting in Impact Assessment results of 0 for some impact categories.
If SimaPro was used in a language other than English and a CSV file was imported, a “translation error" occurred in the main compartment names. This led to the creation of duplicate elementary flows and problems with Elementary flow IDs, which were stored in the SimaPro database. Impact Assessment methods didn’t recognize the substances anymore, causing calculation results of 0 for some impact categories.
The patched version of SimaPro contains a function which searches and corrects these errors in the database upon first opening of the database. No other user may be logged into the database when the errors are repaired.
Another problem that could occur when importing a CSV-file is that new imported processes contained flows without a substance name and sub-compartment name.
·  Waste type "not defined" translated when exported.
Exporting to a language other than English created a translation error; waste type “not defined” was translated. SimaPro did not recognize this translated text as a product without a waste type but created a new waste type with the name of the translation of “not defined”.
· Problem with the Exclude Infrastructure option.
The Exclude Infrastructure option did not always work correctly, in some cases infrastructure processes were included in a calculation regardless if this option was set or not.
·  Exceptions when reading a mapping file are not displayed.
When using an invalid mapping file SimaPro raised an unhandled exception.
·  Incomplete conversion of uncertainty data when exporting to EcoSpold format.
Whereas SimaPro allows the use of different units within a quantity (for example mg, g, kg, ton for quantity mass), EcoSpold demands the use of default units (kg). On export to Ecospold format, all amounts are converted by SimaPro to the correct value corresponding to the unit. This did not work correctly for the min-max uncertainty data in Triangle or Uniform distributions.

SimaPro 8生命週期評估軟體

本公司提供SimaPro教育訓練及使用說明課程,歡迎詢問 !
生命週期評估(Life Cycle Assessment, LCA) 是現今產品發展與設計所需參考的一項重要指標方針,美國環境毒物及化學協會將其定義為一個衡量產品生產或人類活動所伴隨之環境負荷的工具, 不僅需要了解整個生產過程的 能量原料需求量及環保排放量還要將這些能量 原料及排放量所造成的影響予以評估,並提出改善的機會與方法.生命週期評估已為一種廣泛運用在分析產品對環境之衝擊的工具, 再加上環保意識的高漲,國際企業對於產品是否符合的各國環保法規規範,作為一國際化產品,必須要對此做嚴正的重視。傳統的生命週期評估,花費大量的人力、財力、物力,因此存在著太高成本與耗費時間的問題,在生命週期資料的收集和闡釋兩方面,是最為耗用成本的階段。

SimaPro 軟體是由荷蘭Leiden大學於1990年開發出來,現今已發展至SimaPro 8 的版本在生命週期評估的領域中,屬於國際上相當普遍使用的軟體,這套系統除了具有生命週期盤查的資料外,同時也給予環境衝擊的評估,並可比較在不同程序及原物料中對於環境所產生的衝擊大小。軟體除了針對各種環境衝擊可以建立一個環境指標外,還以樹狀圖清楚的表示環境負荷,藉由樹狀圖清楚的表現出各個輸入的能量與物料的分支,並在各項分支的子系統中以衡量的方式,依據類似像溫度計的表達方式,快速的判斷該物料及能量對環境之衝擊性。 

2. 可以將產品進行分解,並將每一個分解的零件回收是否評估做環境上的考量
3. 進行多項不同廢棄物處理策略對於環境的影響
4. 對於環境衝擊評估可利用不同的特徵化、標準化及權重的方法
5. 可將分析的結果以不同的方式顯現並自動進行單位間的換算
6. 同時由多人建構,也可以進行分開保存多個不同的檔案
7. 可以建立多種環保法規資料庫,目前內建有歐盟、美國及ISO等規範

This tool can be used for data exchange between different data formats. Converted files can be used in most LCA Software, including SimaPro. This tool is a stand-alone application and runs on most operating systems. The openLCA format converter can convert the following data:
  • EcoSpold01 to ILCD
  • EcoSpold02 to ILCD
  • ILCD to EcoSpold01
  • ILCD to EcoSpold02

SimaPro 8 | New Features!
For SimaPro users; please check for updates via Help > Check for update in SimaPro.
If you don't have SimaPro yet, please download our SimaPro 8 demo.
PRe是自豪地介紹全球領先的LCA軟體 SimaPro 8,有一個新版的資料庫。從以前的版本的重要差異,包含引入區域化水痕的方法,新的ecoinvent3資料庫和一個全新的計算引擎可以配合更大的資料庫。

HLM 7多層次模式分析軟體

在社會研究和其它領域中,研究的數據通常是分層(hierarchical)結構的,也就是說,單獨研究的課題可能會被分類或重新劃分到具有不同特性的分組中.在這種情況下,個體可以被看成是研究的第一層(level-1)單元,而那些區分開他們的組也就是第二層(level-2)單元.這可以被進一步的延伸,第二層(level- 2)的單元也可以被劃分到第三層單元中。


HLM 7多層次模式分析軟體
HLM 7多層次模式分析軟體

SIGMA/W 抗壓變形分析軟體



SIGMA/W 抗壓變形分析軟體
SIGMA/W 抗壓變形分析軟體

LCModel 腦物質定量分析軟體

LCModel是一套被廣泛使用的磁振頻譜分析軟體。LCModel包用於體內質子MR spec tra的自動定量。LCMgui是用於運行LCModel的圖形用戶界面,具有更多的便利性和更少的知識。LCMgui僅免費提供與LCModel一起使用。


LCModel 腦物質定量分析軟體
LCModel 腦物質定量分析軟體




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