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Concept Star 3.2 詮釋結構模式軟體

Concept Star 3.2 詮釋結構模式軟體

  • Concept Star 3.2 詮釋結構模式軟體
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    Concept Star是最有實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)的軟體 Concept Star是最實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)軟體,此軟體可於微軟作業系統上運行。 它擁有多年在行政決策和組織解決問題的領域上實際諮詢經驗。 Concept Star有信心是一款可以幫助你解決平日複雜問題的寶貴工具軟體。 Concept Star是無論作為作個人工具或者給專業人員使用(ISM)來幫助解決客戶的問題。這個強大的工具可以幫助您的組織規劃及解決問題。
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Concept Star 3.2 詮釋結構模式軟體

Concept Star is the most advanced Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) software available for Windows. It is based on many years of
practical consulting experience in the area of executive decision making and organizational problem solving. We are confident that you will find Concept Star invaluable in your day to day understanding of complex issues.
Concept Star can be used either as a personal tool or by consulting professionals who wish to use the ISM method to help their clients. Organizations pay thousands of dollars a day to consultants who offer ISM. This powerful tool is now in your hands to use at any time. Concept Star is easy to use. Most people are able to master it in 1-2 hours.If you are already familiar with ISM you may proceed to use Concept Star with the help of this manual. For readers interested in learning more about the ISM technique, a list of references is provided at the back of this manual.

Concept Star performs equally well as a personal desktop tool or in a professional group decision-making session. Here are a few examples of how it can be of benefit both personally and professionally.
·  Understanding and solving complex issues related to work
·  Planning / establishing your career path
·  Personal visioning and goal setting
·  Organizational mission statement and goal setting
·  Formulating corporate strategy
·  Creating a manageable set of actions to solve a complex organizational problem
·  Selection of technologies for investment
·  Scenario Planning
·  Creating a common understanding of the situation involving technical staff and marketing
·  Feature prioritization for a complex product
·  Defining new strategic planning process
·  Creating marketing plan in a chaotic market
·  Defining software features for the next product release
·  Designing the user interface logic.
·  Designing a training course
·  Writing a poem, essay or story.

Concept Star 3.2 詮釋結構模式軟體

Concept Star是最有實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)的軟體 
Concept Star是最實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)軟體,此軟體可於微軟作業系統上運行。 
Concept Star有信心是一款可以幫助你解決平日複雜問題的寶貴工具軟體。 
Concept Star是無論作為作個人工具或者給專業人員使用(ISM)來幫助解決客戶的問題。這個強大的工具可以幫助您的組織規劃及解決問題。

CANOCO 5 生態排序分析軟體

Canoco for Windows是新一代的CANOCO軟體,是生態學應用軟體中用於約束與非約束排序的最流行工具。Canoco for Windows整合了排序以及回歸和排列方法學,以便得到健全的生態數據統計模型。Canoco for Windows包括線性和曲線單峰方法.使用Canoco for Windows進行排序,能夠洞察:


CANOCO 5 生態排序分析軟體
CANOCO 5 生態排序分析軟體

Miner3D 資料採擴分析軟體

資料分析不需很複雜。Miner3D 是容易的方法去創造想像力,極大量資料導向圖形。Miner3D 是一個結合視覺交互式環境做成基本資料分析和圖表。它的特色是強大功能的使用者界面以控制按鈕創造和自訂化您的圖表。財務專家、藥物研究員、生物科技或者材料研究、地質學家、採礦專家、加工和品質管理員、市場研究人員、銷售主任和許多其他專家使用Miner3D為做出快速地準確性的事業重大決定。


Miner3D 資料採擴分析軟體
Miner3D 資料採擴分析軟體

UCINET 社會網路分析軟體

目前最流行的社會網分析軟體是UCINET,Ucinet網路分析軟體,其中包括一維與二維數據分析的NetDraw,還有正在發展應用的三維展示分析軟件Mage等,同時集成了Pajek用於大型網路分析的Free應用軟體程序。UCINET 6 for Windows是一個用於分析社交網絡數據的軟件包。它由Lin Freeman,Martin Everett和Steve Borgatti開發。它配備了NetDraw網絡可視化工具。


UCINET 社會網路分析軟體
UCINET 社會網路分析軟體




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