ComponentOne 2021 V1軟體開發應用元件-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

ComponentOne 2021 V1軟體開發應用元件

ComponentOne 2021 V1軟體開發應用元件

  • ComponentOne 2021 V1軟體開發應用元件
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    可擴展,性能控制, 提供流線型,更快速的應用程序,並避免與我們的小組件膨脹。 無縫Visual Studio集成 為Visual Studio的生態系統設計,我們的控件可讓您舒適,高效地工作。
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ComponentOne 2021 V1 Software Development Application Components

What's New in ComponentOne 2021 v1
The ComponentOne 2021 v1 release is finally here! This release includes new and exciting controls for Blazor and .NET 5 (WinForms and WPF), along with feature enhancements for FlexGrid across numerous platforms, support for Xamarin.Forms 5, and more. Read about everything new for each .NET platform and product below.
What's New in WinForms
New .NET 5 Controls for WinForms
The following controls are now available for .NET 5 apps: C1FlexPivot, C1Maps, C1TreeView, C1FlexReport, C1FlexViewer, C1Document, C1Input, and C1Command. Several themes, including Expression Dark, Expression Light, Mac Blue, Mac Silver, and High Contrast, are also available. These controls can also be used in the latest .NET 6 preview, as Microsoft has created a seamless transition from .NET 5 to future versions.

FlexGrid for WinForms Enhancements
The following requested features have been added to FlexGrid
for .NET Framework and .NET 5.
WinForms Multi-column Sorting
Sort the FlexGrid by multiple columns by holding the CTRL key and clicking multiple column headers.The available sorting modes are single column, column range, or multiple columns.

FlexGrid Grouping by Context Menu
The column context menu now has grouping and ungrouping functionality. Users can right-click a column header to group or ungroup the FlexGrid in that column.

WinForms Maps Control Enhancements
​ComponentOne Maps for WinForms can be programmatically zoomed to center on certain items using the new ZoomToItems method. Customize your text markers with additional rotation angle properties.
German Localization Improved
The localized resources for German have been improved this release.​​​​​​

Generate Reports from Salesforce, Dynamics, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and More
With ComponentOne FlexReport, users may now create business reports from cloud data sources such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365 Sales, QuickBooks Online, Google Analytics, OData, and Kintone using the FlexReport Designer. The integration enables users to create reports in the same way as against traditional data sources by choosing fields or writing SQL queries. The connection is supported using ComponentOne DataConnectors, which is a stand-alone library for online data integration.

What's New in WPF
New .NET 5 Controls for WPF
The following controls are now available for .NET 5 apps: C1Calendar, C1ProgressBar, C1Accordion, C1DragDropManager, C1SpellChecker, and C1RadialMenu. These controls can also be used in the latest .NET 6 preview - as Microsoft has created a seamless transition from .NET 5 to future versions.
New WPF Calendar for .NET 5
Our WPF calendar component has a new look! Designed for desktop and improved for touch, this calendar supports custom UI templates and smooth animation.

New WPF Accordion for .NET 5
Our WPF accordion control also has a new fluent style for .NET 5. It's more than a traditional accordion because you can configure all panels to be expanded at one time.

WPF RadialMenu, SpellChecker, ProgressBar and More for .NET 5
Our .NET Framework RadialMenu, ProgressBar, SpellChecker, and DragDropManager components have been ported as-is to .NET 5.

FlexGrid for WPF Enhancements
The following handy features are added to FlexGrid for .NET Framework and .NET 5.
WPF Multi-column Sorting
Sort the FlexGrid by multiple columns by holding the CTRL key and clicking multiple column headers.

WPF Filter Row
Filter text within any column using the classic filter row feature. Use the new GridRowFilter row type and configure it with autocomplete and text matching settings.

WPF Datagrid Hover Styles
FlexGrid for WPF now supports a mouse over/hover style that works in conjunction with the selected style. Set the MouseOverMode and MouseOverBrush properties.

FlexPivot for WPF Supports Cubes and KPIs
Last year we refactored OLAP for WPF .NET 5, which is now known as FlexPivot. Now, we've added OLAP cube support. You can display data from OLAP data sources with support for KPIs like goal, status, and trend.

WPF German Localization Improved
The localized resources for German have been improved this release.

What's New in Blazor
Our newest Blazor Edition continues to expand with new input and layout controls built natively in Blazor for Server and WebAssembly applications.
Blazor Window Component
Create modal and modeless prompts and dialogs in Blazor apps using the new C1Window component. C1Window can be used as a full pop-up window to support resizing, closing, and dragging the window using a mouse. Use it to provide popup editing for FlexGrid. You can also use C1Window as a simple popup to display additional information for any owner element.

Blazor DateRangePicker Component
Select a date range with the new C1DateRangePicker component. It's helpful to use a Blazor DateRangePicker when booking a service for a range of time or analyzing data for a specific date window. You may limit the date range to a single month or use the multi-month calendar in the drop-down to select date ranges with the mouse or keyboard.

Blazor Calendar with Custom Templates
Our Blazor Calendar component now supports customization of the day slots. You can use HTML to create a template for each type of date slot.

Blazor Tooltip Component
Show tooltips when the user hovers over any element with the new C1Tooltip component. You can specify the position where the tooltip appears.

Blazor MaskedTextBox Component
Validate and format user input against a mask using the new C1MaskedTextBox component. With a masked input control, you can prevent users from entering invalid inputs and skips over literals when saving the data back to the data source.

Blazor FlexGrid Column Resizing
FlexGrid now supports column resizing by mouse in both Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications. This feature is enabled by default.

Blazor ListView with Checkbox Selection
Our Blazor ListView now supports multiple item selection using the mouse and keyboard or with checkboxes. Use the new ShowCheckBoxes property to display checkboxes.

Blazor FlexChart Line Markers
FlexChart now supports line markers that allow you to add a mouse-driven cursor to your charts. The cursor consists of a text element used to display information about the point under the mouse and optional lines to indicate its exact position.

What's New in ASP.NET MVC
MVC Date Range Input Control
The new InputDateRange control is an advanced date picker that allows users to select a range of dates. Selecting a date range helps book service accommodations or analyze data for a specific date window. You may limit the date range that the user may pick from or use the multi-month calendar in the drop-down to select date ranges with the mouse or keyboard.

MVC CollectionView Calculated Fields
You can now add calculated fields in C1CollectionView using the CalculatedFields property. Each calculated field contains a name and expression. The regular expression may contain the variable '$' to refer to the current data item.

MVC FlexGrid Validation Errors
You can now show multiple validation errors in a FlexGrid row by displaying a tooltip in the row header. This feature is enabled through CollectionView.

What's New in Data Service Components
We added support for DbProvider Factories, enabling the data connectors to be used by applications and tools that allow external ADO.NET data connectors to be used via these DbProvider Factory configurations. We also updated the data connectors to support Entity Framework Core 3.1, which includes, among other feature gains, reverse engineering of data source views.
More DataEngine Workbench Data Sources, CSV
Use the DataEngine Workbench desktop app on Windows or Mac to create and visualize queries without coding. Utilize the script and JSON generated by this workbench in JavaScript applications. Get data from different sources to gain more insight.
Thanks to ComponentOne DataConnectors integration, now you can analyze data from various cloud-based data sources such as Kintone & OData-based sources that support OAuth. The Workbench app also supports exporting query results to CSV, which helps share the analytical results between users and applications.

What's New in Xamarin
Our entire Studio for Xamarin now supports Xamarin.Forms 5. The version of the controls has not increased. However, they've been tested and approved for Xamarin.Forms 5.0 applications.


WinForms System Requirements:
All Windows OS that support .NET framework 2.0 and above
It supports all Windows OS that support .NET 4.0 and above
Windows 10
• Windows Server 2003
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows XP SP2
• Windows 7
• Windows 10
ASP.NET Web Forms:
• Windows Server® 2003
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows XP SP2
• Windows Vista™
• Windows 7
• Windows 10

WinForms System Requirements:
• .NET Framework 2.0 and above
• .C# .NET
• .Visual Basic .NET
• .Visual Studio 2010 and above
• .NET Framework 4.0 and above
• .Visual Studio 2010 and above
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and above
• For ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC applications, Visual Studio 2015 and
   .NET Framework 4.5 (or above) are required.
• .NET 4 and above
• ASP.NET MVC 3 and above.
• Visual Studio 2012 and above

Web API:
For Web API 2.2
• For ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC applications, Visual Studio 2015 and
  .NET Framework 4.5 (or above) are required.
• .NET 4.5 and above
• Visual Studio 2012 and above
   For ASP.NETCore
• .NET 4.5 and above
• Visual Studio 2015 and above
• Visual Basic 6
• Visual C++ 6.0
• Visual Studio 6.0
• Visual Studio 2008 (C++)
ASP.NET Web Forms:
• .NET 3.0 and above
• Visual Studio 2008 and above
LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps:
• Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2 and above) or Visual Studio
   2013 Professional
• Visual Studio 2013 SDK
• LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio 2013
LightSwitch HTML:
• Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2 or greater)
• Install Visual Studio 2013 Professional
• Install Visual Studio 2013 SDK
• Install the LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual
   Studio 2013
• Microsoft Silverlight 5.0 and above
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and above
• Internet Explorer 9 and above
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox
• Safari
• Chrome
ASP.NET Web Forms:
• Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
• Microsoft Edge
• Firefox 2.0 and above
• Safari 2.0 and above
• Chrome
LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps:

• Internet Explorer 9 and above
• Microsoft Edge
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox
• Safari
• Chrome
LightSwitch HTML:
• Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
• Microsoft Edge
• Firefox 2.0 and above
• Safari 2.0 and above
• Chrome
Web API:

For WebAPI
• Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and above
• Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 and above
ASP.NET Web Forms:
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and above


ComponentOne 2021 V1軟體開發應用元件

ComponentOne 2021 V1的新增功能
ComponentOne 2021 v1版本終於發布了!此版本包括Blazor和.NET 5(WinForms和WPF)的令人興奮的新控件,以及跨多個平台的FlexGrid的功能增強,對Xamarin.Forms 5的支持等。在下面閱讀有關每個.NET平台和產品的所有新內容。
WinForms的新.NET 5控件
.NET 5應用程序現在可以使用以下控件:C1FlexPivot,C1Maps,C1TreeView,C1FlexReport,C1FlexViewer,C1Document,C1Input和C1Command。還提供了多個主題,包括“黑暗表情”,“淺光錶情”,“ Mac Blue”,“ Mac Silver”和“ High Contrast”。這些控件也可以在最新的.NET 6預覽版中使用,因為Microsoft已經創建了從.NET 5到未來版本的無縫過渡。

FlexGrid for WinForms增強功能
以下請求的功能已添加到..NET Framework和.NET 5的FlexGrid中。


WinForms Maps控件增強功能
​​​​​可以使用新的ZoomToItems方法以編程方式將ComponentOne Maps for WinForms縮放到某些項目的中心。使用其他旋轉角度屬性自定義您的文本標記。

從Salesforce,Dynamics,QuickBooks,Google Analytics等生成報告
使用ComponentOne FlexReport,用戶現在可以使用FlexReport Designer從雲數據源(如Salesforce,Dynamics 365 Sales,QuickBooks Online,Google Analytics,OData和Kintone)創建業務報告。集成使用戶可以通過選擇字段或編寫SQL查詢,以與傳統數據源相同的方式創建報告。使用ComponentOne DataConnectors支持連接,這是一個用於在線數據集成的獨立庫。​​​

WPF的新.NET 5控件
.NET 5應用程序現在可以使用以下控件:C1Calendar,C1ProgressBar,C1Accordion,C1DragDropManager,C1SpellChecker和C1RadialMenu。這些控件也可以在最新的.NET 6預覽版中使用-因為Microsoft已經創建了從.NET 5到未來版本的無縫過渡。
NET 5的新WPF日曆

NET 5的新WPF手風琴
​​​​我們的WPF手風琴控件還為.NET 5提供了一種新的流利風格。它比傳統的手風琴要好得多,因為您可以配置所有面板一次擴展。

適用於.NET 5的WPF RadialMenu,SpellChecker,ProgressBar等
我們的.NET Framework RadialMenu,ProgressBar,SpellChecker和DragDropManager組件已按原樣移植到.NET 5。

以下便捷功能已添加到..NET Framework和.NET 5的FlexGrid中



WPF Datagrid懸停樣式
FlexGrid for WPF現在支持將鼠標懸停/懸停樣式與所選樣式結合使用。設置MouseOverMode和MouseOverBrush屬性。

去年,我們為WPF .NET 5重構了OLAP,現在將其稱為FlexPivot。現在,我們添加了OLAP多維數據集支持。您可以顯示來自OLAP數據源的數據,並支持目標,狀態和趨勢等KPI。


我們最新的Blazor Edition繼續擴展,並在Blazor中為服務器和WebAssembly應用程序內置了新的輸入和佈局控件。

Blazor DateRangePicker組件
使用新的C1DateRangePicker組件選擇一個日期範圍。在一定時間範圍內預訂服務或分析特定日期窗口的數據時,使用Blazor DateRangePicker很有幫助。您可以將日期範圍限制為一個月,也可以使用下拉菜單中的多月日曆通過鼠標或鍵盤選擇日期範圍。



Blazor MaskedTextBox組

Blazor FlexGrid列大小調整
​​​​​現在,FlexGrid支持在Blazor Server和WebAssembly應用程序中通過鼠標調整列大小。默認情況下啟用此功能。

Blazor ListView與復選框選擇
​​​​​我們的Blazor ListView現在支持使用鼠標和鍵盤或帶有復選框的多個項目選擇。使用新的ShowCheckBoxes屬性顯示複選框。

Blazor FlexChart線標記


MVC CollectionView計算字段
​​​​​​現在,您可以使用CalculatedFields屬性在C1CollectionView中添加計算字段。每個計算的字段都包含一個名稱和表達式。正則表達式可以包含變量“ $”以引用當前數據項。

MVC FlexGrid驗證錯誤

DataConnectors DbProvider工廠,EF Core 3.1

我們增加了對DbProvider工廠的支持,使數據連接器可以被允許通過這些DbProvider Factory配置使用外部ADO.NET數據連接器的應用程序和工具使用。我們還更新了數據連接器以支持Entity Framework Core 3.1,其中包括除其他功能外,還對數據源視圖進行了逆向工程
更多DataEngine Workbench數據源,CSV
使用Windows或Mac上的DataEngine Workbench桌面應用程序無需編碼即可創建和可視化查詢。在JavaScript應用程序中利用此工作台生成的腳本和JSON。從不同來源獲取數據以獲得更多見解。借助ComponentOne DataConnectors集成,現在您可以分析來自各種基於雲的數據源(例如支持OAuth的基於Kintone和OData的數據源)中的數據。Workbench應用程序還支持將查詢結果導出為CSV,這有助於在用戶和應用程序之間共享分析結果。

現在,我們用於Xamarin的整個Studio現在都支持Xamarin.Forms5。控件的版本沒有增加。但是,它們已經過Xamarin.Forms 5.0應用程序的測試和批准。

Essential XlsIO程式開發軟體

Essential XlsIO是一個.NET庫,可以讀取,寫入和修改Microsoft Excel文件。它具有類似於Microsoft Office Automation庫的完整對像模型。它可以在沒有安裝Microsoft Excel的系統上使用,使其成為一個出色的報表引擎。Essential XlsIO使用戶能夠在Windows窗體,ASP.NET,WPF,ASP.NET MVC和Silverlight應用程序中創建格式豐富的Microsoft Excel報表。

Essential XlsIO程式開發軟體


容器是一種基於Linux名稱空間的輕量級虛擬化技術。與虛擬機不同,容器與主機共享內核和其他服務。結果,容器可以非常快速地啟動,並且性能開銷可以忽略不計,但是它們不能提供虛擬機的完全隔離。 容器將整個應用程序用戶空間環境捆綁到一個映像中。這樣,應用程序環境既可移植又一致,並且與底層主機系統軟件配置無關。容器映像可以廣泛部署,甚至可以與其他人共享,並確信結果將可重現。 容器使開發人員,用戶和系統管理員的工作變得更加輕鬆。開發人員可以在容器中分發軟件,以提供一致的運行時環境並減少支持開銷。來自諸如NGC之類的存儲庫的容器映像可以幫助用戶在任何系統上快速啟動,並避免從源代碼進行構建的複雜性。容器還可以幫助IT人員控制環境模塊的複雜性,並支持不再與主機操作系統兼容的舊式工作負載。 容器運行時很多。最重要的兩個是Docker和Singularity。 在Docker Containers部分中進一步描述的Docker幫助普及了Linux容器,並被廣泛使用。 “奇異性容器”一節中進一步介紹了奇異性,它解決了在HPC環境中使用容器的一些挑戰,並且在大多數HPC中心都可以使用。


Teechart 2020 圖表物件製作軟體

TeeChart Pro 2020圖表組件庫提供數百種2D和3D圖形樣式,用於數據可視化,56種數學,統計和財務功能,您可以選擇無限數量的軸和30個調色板組件。

Teechart 2020 圖表物件製作軟體