PTC MathCad 7互動式數值計算系統軟體-數學分析軟體/新永資訊有限公司

PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體

PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體

  • PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體
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    PTC Mathcad Prime 是工程數學軟件的行業標準,使您能夠解決最複雜的問題,並共享您的工程計算。使用 PTC Mathcad Prime 7,工程計算變得更好。此版本在符號、文檔和可用性方面引入了關鍵增強功能。
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PTC MathCad 7 interactive numerical calculation system software

What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime 7?
Convert Legacy Mathcad Worksheets
PTC Mathcad Prime 7 provides a standalone legacy
worksheetconverter that you can install alongside
the application. You no longer need a separate
installation of the legacy Mathcad application
to use the conversion process.

Use Combo-box Input Controls to pre-define
variables Combo-boxes allow you to control
calculations in your worksheet with easy to
create drop-down menus of variable definitions.
Pre-define variables and variable values associated
with calculations in which you might want to consider
more than one variable. Once the variables are
opulated in the drop-down menu, you can easily
recalculate your equations by simply selecting
the desired drop-down option.

Increase usability with enhanced UI
PTC Mathcad Prime 7 allows you to save your worksheet
in a PDF format. Furthermore, the zoom, scroll and focus
functionalities have been enhanced for improved readability,
review and edit of Mathcad worksheets. We’ve also made
enhancements to major gridlines which can now be turned
on or off from the document menu.

API Guide
PTC Mathcad already includes an API that can be used to
seamlessly integrate Mathcad with other API enabled
third-party applications. This allows for worksheets can
be opened, variables changed, calculations run, and
results obtained and saved using the API commands
provided in PTC Mathcad. For optimal use of the API,
refer to the new API Guide included in PTC Mathcad
Prime 7 Help. The guide includes descriptions of all
the commands available in the API and is supported
by downloadable examples you can compile and run

Symbolics Enhancements
The latest release fully embraces and improves on the
new symbolic engine which was first introduced in PTC
Mathcad Prime 6. With this new symbolic engine, PTC
can now update and enhance symbolics in Prime. PTC
can now rapidly update and enhance Mathcad Prime
software, in response to customer feedback. This
release already contains over a dozen such user-
identified improvements.

PTC Mathcad Features
Create, Manage, and Communicate Your Design Intent With One Tool
Why use several types of software when PTC Mathcad has what you need?

Open up a worksheet and perform your engineering calculations using the math notation you’re used to. Add images, write some text, and put in graphs or plots. Your PTC Mathcad worksheet is more than just engineering calculation software or a professionally-formatted document: it’s the place where your design intent lives. Curious? The short videos below range from a brief overview to demos of specific software capabilities.
Content Protection
Control the degree of access and the visibility you want others to have with Area Protection and Locking.

Solving Systems of Equations
Quickly solve systems of linear, non-linear, and differential equations.
Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad
Ensure the design intent of your CAD model is documented, protected and accessible for future efforts.
Trig Equation Solver
PTC Mathcad provides engineers with a powerful solution for calculating and visualizing trigonometry.
Advanced Engineering Math
PTC Mathcad includes powerful capabilities such as specialized and pre-built functions for engineers to solve advanced engineering math.
Engineering Unit Converter
Keep unit consistency throughout all engineering calculations.
Advanced Numerics and Custom Functions
New functions that are up to 100 times faster provide extended capability and return the result in easier to work with format.
Comprehensive Documentation
PTC Mathcad allows you to present calculations and designs by integrating live math, text, plots and images in one comprehensive document.
Write and integrate your own functions, customizing your environment to meet your specific requirements.
3D Plots
Many complex models require 3D views to better understand these models and data. Create 3D polar, contour and surface plots.
Create templates that include all your content and simply use
that as the basis for your new worksheets.
PTC Mathcad for the CAD Engineer
PTC Mathcad allows CAD engineers to communicate engineering knowledge and design intent across the design lifecycle.
X–Y Plots
Visualize data and functions using X-Y plots.
Excel Component
Engineers have better options than to perform their engineering calculations in Excel spreadsheets. With PTC Mathcad, you can integrate your existing spreadsheet data directly into a math worksheet, with all of the benefits of using dedicated math software.


Platform Support

Microsoft: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit, Windows Server 2012 R2 (for use with Mathcad Server License only)

Available Disk Space
2.1 GB (600 MB for PTC Mathcad with one language installed, 1.5 GB for temporary space during installation) *

.NET Framework
4.6.2 or later version of .NET that Microsoft certifies is a replacement for 4.6.2

Internet Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later **

TCP/IP / Network Adapter

Pointing Device
Microsoft-compatible mouse or other pointing device

DVD drive

* When the installation process is complete, the installer removes all the temporary data.
** Internet Explorer 7.0 or later is recommended for full functionality of the Help system.


PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體

PTC Mathcad Prime 7 有哪些新增功能?
轉換舊版 Mathcad 工作表
PTC Mathcad Prime 7 提供了一個獨立的舊式工作表轉換器,您可以將其與應用程序一起安裝。您不再需要單獨安裝舊版 Mathcad 應用程序來使用轉換過程。


通過增強的 UI 提高可用性
PTC Mathcad Prime 7 允許您將工作表保存為 PDF 格式。此外,還增強了縮放、滾動和聚焦功能,以提高 Mathcad 工作表的可讀性、查看和編輯能力。我們還對主要網格線進行了增強,現在可以從文檔菜單中打開或關閉這些網格線。

API 指南
PTC Mathcad 已包含一個 API,可用於將 Mathcad 與其他支持 API 的第三方應用程序無縫集成。這允許使用 PTC Mathcad 中提供的 API 命令打開工作表、更改變量、運行計算以及獲取和保存結果。為了最佳地使用 API,請參閱 PTC Mathcad Prime 7 幫助中包含的新 API 指南。該指南包括 API 中所有可用命令的說明,並由可下載的示例支持,您可以自己編譯和運行。

最新版本完全包含並改進了最初在 PTC Mathcad Prime 6 中引入的新符號引擎。借助這個新的符號引擎,PTC 現在可以更新和增強 Prime 中的符號。PTC 現在可以根據客戶反饋快速更新和增強 Mathcad Prime 軟件。此版本已包含十多個此類用戶識別的改進。

PTC Mathcad 功能
當 PTC Mathcad 擁有您需要的軟件時,為什麼還要使用多種類型的軟件?

打開工作表並使用您習慣的數學符號執行工程計算。添加圖像,寫一些文本,並放入圖表或繪圖。您的 PTC Mathcad 工作表不僅僅是工程計算軟件或專業格式的文檔:它是您的設計意圖所在的地方。好奇的?下面的短視頻範圍從簡要概述到特定軟件功能的演示。

由 PTC Mathcad 提供支持的工程筆記本
確保您的 CAD 模型的設計意圖得到記錄、保護並可供將來使用。
PTC Mathcad 為工程師提供了用於計算和可視化三角函數的強大解決方案。
PTC Mathcad 包括強大的功能,例如專供工程師解決高級工程數學問題的專用和預建函數。
速度提高多達 100 倍的新函數提供了擴展功能,並以更易於處理的格式返回結果。
PTC Mathcad 允許您通過將實時數學、文本、繪圖和圖像集成到一個綜合文檔中來呈現計算和設計。
3D 繪圖
許多複雜的模型需要 3D 視圖才能更好地理解這些模型和數據。創建 3D 極坐標圖、等高線圖和曲面圖。
面向 CAD 工程師的 PTC Mathcad
PTC Mathcad 允許 CAD 工程師在整個設計生命週期內交流工程知識和設計意圖。
X-Y 圖
使用 XY 圖可視化數據和函數。
工程師有比在 Excel 電子表格中執行工程計算更好的選擇。借助 PTC Mathcad,您可以將現有的電子表格數據 直接集成到數學工作表中,並具有使用專用數學軟件的所有優勢。

PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體

PTC Mathcad Prime 是工程數學軟件的行業標準,使您能夠解決最複雜的問題,並共享您的工程計算。使用 PTC Mathcad Prime 7,工程計算變得更好。此版本在符號、文檔和可用性方面引入了關鍵增強功能。

PTC MathCad 7 互動式數值計算系統軟體

MathMagic Pro Edition v8.72 數學方程式編輯軟體

MathMagic 插件為您提供了用戶界面(一個菜單和一個工具按鈕),使您能夠在 InDesign 文檔中創建和編輯方程。 然後,它與外部 MathMagic Pro 應用程序無縫通信。 您可以使用 MathMagic Pro 應用程序非常快速地製作任何方程式,然後發送回 InDesign。MathMagic 插件允許您將方程式作為內聯圖形或 EPS 格式的浮動圖形對象放置在文本框中。創建後,所有方程都由 InDesign 處理,就像其他 EPS 圖形對像一樣。但是您仍然可以隨時通過雙擊來編輯這些方程。 MathMagic Plug-in 自動識別方程的基線,以便所有方程與文本行的基線很好地匹配,甚至它也允許您手動移動基線。

MathMagic Pro Edition v8.72 數學方程式編輯軟體

MOSEK 9.2 數學分析軟體

MOSEK Optimization Tools :大規模級別數學優化軟體  MOSEK Optimization Tools 是一款用來解決大規模級別數學優化問題的軟體。 MOSEK提供了特定解決線性編程、混合整數編程以及其他非線性轉換優化問題。

MOSEK 9.2 數學分析軟體