Endeavour 1.8 分子結構軟體-生化統計分析軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Endeavour 1.8 分子結構軟體

Endeavour 1.8 分子結構軟體

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Endeavour 1.8 Molecular Structure Software

What's new in Endeavour 1.8
​​​​​​New "look and feel"

The design of the user interface has been polished, cf. the screenshot of version running RuS2 and BaMoCl6 examples from the

Tabbed multiple document window interface
The Multiple Document Interface (handling of more than one
structure document at a time) now has a tabbed interface. You
can easily click on the tabs to switch to the other document(s)
To view two (or more) document windows side by side, simply
drag the corresponding tab to the right. The semi-transparent
markers will show the target position, when you drop the tab
(i.e. release the mouse button).

Structure solution progress now in a docking

The structure solution progress graphics now appears in a
docking window, displaying graphs for multiple seed values
and/or documents at a time. The window can show multiple
progress graphs at a time, with the latest at top. Typically the
currently running calculation is on the top, below are former
calculations with previously used seed values. Progress graphs
can be shown not only for the active or a selected document but also for all currently open documents, i.e. to all tabbed document windows.
You can tear off the window (move the mouse pointer to the
window's title, press down the left mouse button and shift to a
different position) and leave it floating, or you can dock it at the
left side of the Endeavour application window. This window can
be closed by the Close button (the cross symbol in the top right). In this
case, the progress window can be displayed again by selecting
"Progress Window" from the View menu or by clicking the
Progress Window button in the Endeavour toolbar.
Note: This docking window replaces the former (Endeavour versions 1.0 through 1.7) floating "Progress Window" dialog window, which was only shown during a structure solution calculation.

R-factor and cost function value
Every progress graph (for a running structure solution calculation) can either show both R value and cost function value in one
graph or both values in two different graphs above each other.
You can use the "Collapse" or "Expand" button to switch between these two representations.

Improvements in the help system and documentation
A new HTML-based online help system replaces the outdated
(and not more supported under Windows Vista through 10)
"Windows Help" system.

One single manual and tutorial file containing the (now obsolete as separate PDF files) "Endeavour Kernel Scripting Reference",
"File Formats", and "Quickstart Tutorial", cf. "Help/Manual and

The latest settings (when you close Endeavour) are now stored
in the Windows Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal
Impact\Endeavour) rather than in the "Endeavour.ini" file in the "C:\Windows" directory.

Improvements in the structure solution process
Crystal structures containing molecules/rigid bodies can now
be solved directly in a space group other than P1, even if their
atoms must be placed on special positions.

Bug fixes
In addition, a variety of bugs has been fixed:

"Failed to launch online help" message: The outdated
   online help system basing upon "Windows Help" 
   (Endeavour.hlp) has been replaced by a new HTML-based
   online help system (Endeavour.chm).
• On some Windows 10 systems, Endeavour crashed when
   you clicked into a row, e.g. in the table of atomic parameters
   or in tables in several dialog windows.
• Weakening of the repulsion between two neutral atoms,
   if their distance was smaller than the minimum distance.
• Swapping of positions of rigid bodies was permitted even
   though they were fixed to a certain position (being only
   allowed to rotate). As a result, it looked like originally fixed
   molecules were moving.
• When you changed between different configurations
   (e.g. "Select configuration" command in the  configuration
   list context menu) and some of the atoms had S.O.F. < 1,
   these S.O.F. were not copied to the current structure
   parameters (i.e. appeared as 1 in the atomic parameters
   dialog, for instance).
• Results Report was not updated correctly when changing
   between configurations.
• Export of diffraction data in Ihkl format wrote Fhkl rather
   than Ihkl values into the output file.
• Several minor bugs have been fixed as well.



Personal computer with MS Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 operating system (does not run on Windows RT or Windows 10 S or Windows 10 in "S mode")
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher

64 MB of RAM
100 MB of free disk space
Graphics resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels with 32,768 colors ("High Color")

Endeavour 1.8 Molecular Structure Software

Endeavour 1.8中的新消息

用戶界面的設計已經過優化,參見。教程中運行 RuS 2和 BaMoCl 6示例的版本的屏幕截圖:

您可以撕下窗口(將鼠標指針移到窗口標題,按下鼠標左鍵並移動到不同的位置)並使其保持浮動,或者您可以將其停靠在 Endeavor 應用程序窗口的左側。該窗口可以通過關閉按鈕(右上角的十字符號)關閉。在這種情況下,可以通過從“視圖”菜單中選擇“進度窗口”或單擊“奮進”工具欄中的“進度窗口”按鈕來再次顯示進度窗口。
筆記:此停靠窗口取代了之前(Endeavour 版本 1.0 到 1.7)浮動的“進度窗口”對話窗口,後者僅在結構求解計算期間顯示。

R 因子和成本函數值
每個進度圖(用於運行結構解決方案計算)可以在一個圖中同時顯示 R 值和成本函數值,也可以在兩個不同的圖中顯示兩個值。您可以使用“折疊”或“展開”按鈕在這兩種表示之間切換。

一個新的基於 HTML 的在線幫助系統取代了過時的(在 Windows Vista 到 10 下不再受支持)“Windows 幫助”系統。

一個單獨的手冊和教程文件包含(現在作為單獨的 PDF 文件過時)“奮進內核腳本參考”、“文件格式”和“快速入門教程”,參見。“幫助/手冊和教程”。

最新設置(當您關閉 Endeavour 時)現在存儲在 Windows 註冊表 (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Impact\Endeavour) 中,而不是存儲在“C:\Windows”目錄中的“Endeavour.ini”文件中。

包含分子/剛體的晶體結構現在可以直接在 P1 以外的空間群中求解,即使它們的原子必須放置在特殊位置。


• “無法啟動聯機幫助”消息:基於“Windows 幫助”(Endeavour.hlp)
    的過時聯機幫助系統已被新的基於 HTML的聯機幫助系統
    (Endeavour.chm) 取代。
•  在某些 Windows 10 系統上,當您單擊一行時,Endeavor 會崩潰,
​    ​​​​​​例如在原子參數表中或在多個對話窗口中的表中。
•  如果兩個中性原子的距離小於最小距離,則減弱它們之間的排斥力。
•  即使剛體固定在某個位置(只允許旋轉),也允許交換剛體的位置。
​​​    ​​​​結果,看起來原來固定的分子在移動。
•  當您在不同配置之間進行更改(例如,配置列表上下文菜單中的“
    選擇配置”命令)並且某些原子的 SOF < 1 時,這些 SOF 不會
    復製到當前結構參數中(即在原子參數對話框中顯示為 1 , 例如)。
•  在配置之間進行更改時,結果報告未正確更新。
•  以 Ihkl 格式導出衍射數據將 Fhkl 而不是 Ihkl 值寫入輸出文件。
•  還修復了幾個小錯誤。

Endeavour 1.8 分子結構軟體


Endeavour 1.8 分子結構軟體

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